What is a Salary Freeze?

What is a salary freeze?

A salary freeze, also known as a pay freeze, is when a business makes the…

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What is an HR Database?

What is an HR database?

An HR database is a system where you store and manage data on your company’s…

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What is Ageism (Age Bias) in the Workplace?

What is ageism in the workplace?

Ageism in the workplace, also known as age bias, is when people discriminate against their…

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What does Kudos Mean?

What does kudos mean?

When you give someone kudos, you’re recognizing what they’ve achieved and showing your appreciation. Giving…

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What is an HRIS Director?

What is an HRIS director?

An HRIS director takes care of an organization's HRIS software, data, and processes. They work…

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What is Employee Loyalty?

What is employee loyalty?

Employee loyalty is when your people choose to continue working with you for a long…

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What is offboarding? - Offboarding-Glossary-banner-1.png

What is offboarding?

Offboarding is the process of disengaging an employee from their position within a company, a…

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What is a performance-based bonus?

A performance-based bonus is an extra compensation granted to a team member as a reward…

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compensation plan

What is a compensation plan?

A compensation plan is a payment package designed to attract and retain employees. A basic…

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HR strategy

What is an HR strategy?

An HR strategy is an organized set of HR methods designed to support high-performance work…

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What is people operations? - Glossary-3_People-operations.png

What is people operations?

People operations is the management and development of an organization’s workforce. Departing from traditional human…

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What is pay equity? - Glossay-1_Pay-equity.png

What is pay equity?

Pay equity refers to equal pay for team members performing “similar” job duties–—irrespective of gender,…

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Quiet Quitting

What is quiet quitting?

Quiet quitting refers to the phenomenon where employees fulfill only the duties specified in their…

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employee resource group (ERG)

What is an Employee Resource Group (ERG?)

An Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a group of people within an organization who voluntarily…

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What is a job description? - Job-description-global-image.png

What is a job description?

A job description is a written explanation that outlines the essential responsibilities and requirements for…

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