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Bring the best out of your people

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Run Seamless Cycles

Easily configure review cycles to align with your way of running performance reviews. Stay agile and in control when it comes to every aspect of the review process to ensure accurate, seamless cycles. With easy setup and an easier review process you’ll be waiting for the next performance cycle!

  • Seamlessly set up and preview new performance cycles 
  • Make adjustments throughout the cycle
  • Customize your settings, reminders, and messages
  • Determine whether reviews remain anonymous or not
  • Track progress and send reminders to boost answer rates
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View Your People Holistically

Gain a 360° view of your people, by incorporating their complete career timelines, bob activity, and multiple perspectives into the review process.

  • Collect reviews from every angle: self, manager, peers, and direct reports
  • Improve response quality by choosing to keep reviews anonymous
  • Create a culture of feedback by empowering your people to select their own peer reviewers


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Set Actionable Goals

Optimize the performance process by setting clear, attainable goals for employees as part of their growth plan.

  • Establish goals and growth plans to help employees progress and achieve
  • Increase employee-manager alignment
  • Align employee goals with team-,department-, and company-wide strategy
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Make sound decisions

Connect the dots so you can draw valuable insights when it comes to making the right people decisions, track progress and address issues early.

  • Slice and dice performance results to gain valuable insights
  • Analyze results in context with all question responses in one aggregated view
  • Easily review data and generate reports filtered by system-wide insights 
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With bob, peer reviews have been centralized in one system, making it much easier to track who’s taking which reviews, and when.
Gerry McHughOperations Manager, PaddleMORE SUCCESS STORIES

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