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Embed DEI&B in every step of the employee journey

DEI&B isn’t a one-time fix or buzzword

A single KPI dashboard for tracking your DEI&B efforts isn’t enough.
It must be ingrained into your company’s DNA and impact every action, decision, and plan you make. Bob was built for just this. With DEI&B embedded at its core, Bob helps you keep diversity and inclusivity top of mind and helps you create personalized experiences for your people throughout the employee lifecycle.
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Welcome a
diverse team

Hiring a diverse team offers fresh perspectives that boost innovation, productivity, and ultimately success. But it doesn’t stop there. When your people feel they belong and can bring their authentic selves to work, they’re more likely to want to stay and grow within your company. Having a platform to help you do this—no matter where your people work—is critical.

How does Bob help?

  • Build personalized preboarding and onboarding workflows that help new hires get acclimated, learn your culture, and meet their teammates.
  • Provide people with a wide range of options that reflect who they are and their preferences. Choose a preferred pronoun, gender identity, language, hobbies and superpowers, ethnicity, neurodiversity, and more.
  • Establish clubs where your people can find and connect to like-minded peers, creating a sense of belonging.


Bob is the heartbeat of the’s where everyone gets their information, and it drives behavior.
Nick Holmes
Nick Holmes Head of People and Culture at Distrelec GroupREAD THE CASE STUDY
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Build an
inclusive culture

Creating a transparent and warm company culture helps build loyalty and a sense of belonging among your people, working near and far. Welcome their feedback and provide a safe and anonymous space for them to speak up without fear. Help them feel recognized, celebrated, and an integral member of the team—from their first day and throughout their journey.

How does Bob help?

  • Create anonymous surveys that ask your people about their experiences at work and establish an open channel of communication.
  • Use Your Voice as a safe and anonymous space for your people to voice concerns and report misconduct.
  • Make Bob’s homepage a central place for engaging your people. Use Shoutouts and Kudos for communication and recognition. Create a culture of celebration and inclusion by marking milestones and welcoming new joiners.
  • Create work policies that consider your people, their location, and their individual needs so that everyone feels comfortable and included.


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Measure your impact

Ensure that your efforts in hiring and retaining a diverse workforce have a meaningful impact. Mapping out your people, monitoring headcount, and tracking KPIs help you identify trends, evaluate success, and assess compliance while uncovering hidden gaps or biases. Use data to inspire decisions that help ensure equal opportunities for everyone.

How does Bob help?

  • Use Bob’s KPI dashboards to slice and dice metrics like headcount, growth, retention, and absenteeism by age, gender, ethnicity, and more.
  • Ensure pay parity among your people by analyzing by gender, role, performance rating, and salary.
  • Receive alerts and take action on compensation, bonus, and equity allocation inconsistencies.
  • Create custom reports that analyze your DEI&B initiatives over time for due diligence and to share with leadership.


Bob is different today than it was two and a half years ago. Every time I go in, I see enhancements to the look and feel or a new feature. I love that. We are growing, and the tool is growing with us.
Inbar Dayan
Inbar DayanGlobal VP People at BigIDREAD THE CASE STUDY

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