Six HR titles fit for the new world of work - R-titles-for-the-new-world-of-work_-Global-image.png

Six HR titles fit for the new world of work

Today’s job titles are beginning to reflect the increased importance of the employee experience. These changes have created new functions and titles for the HR department that reflect the new skills that today’s HR leaders possess.

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How goal-setting in bob empowers employees to succeed - Goal-setting-for-success_-Global-image-1.png

How goal-setting in bob empowers employees to succeed

When we set ourselves a goal, both in our personal and professional lives, we actively plan to achieve something. The more seriously we take the goal, and the more planning involved, the more likely we will follow it to completion. In psychology, goal-setting is an essential tool for self-motivation and achievement. Goal-setting is also associated with higher levels of self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence.

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Will AI replace the “human” in HR? - Will-AI-replace-the-_human_-in-HR__-Global-image.png

Will AI replace the “human” in HR?

The question of whether AI will replace HR is admittedly a silly one. Machines can do a lot, but HR's role will always require human skill, knowledge, and above all, empathy.

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Suite vs. point solutions: 4 things to think about before you choose - Suite-vs-point-solutions_-Global-image.png

Suite vs. point solutions: 4 things to think about before you choose

With all of the systems available for HR teams, it's essential to assess the needs of your company and employees before choosing a solution. Here are four things to think about before settling on a point or suite solution.

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“The Great Resignation” is an even greater concern for mid-sized companies - Insights-for-mid-sized-companies_-Avoiding-the-Great-Resignation-Global-image.png

“The Great Resignation” is an even greater concern for mid-sized companies

This past August, Hibob conducted a national survey to understand the current sentiment of the U.S. workforce. Amid what industry experts are calling “The Great Resignation,” we wanted to understand what employees want, why they might leave their current jobs, and what HR leaders can do to prevent the “turnover tsunami” from taking their star employees.  The study uncovers the reasoning behind the rise in resignations and shows that mid-sized companies (50-1,000 employees) are more likely to see employees quit compared to small (1-50 employees) and large companies (1,000+ employees). …

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What is people analytics?

Why people analytics matter in HR

70% of company executives cite people analytics as a top priority. Here are three ways HR can employ people analytics to make better business decisions.

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CHROs making an impact

5 ways new CHROs can make an impact at work

A new CHRO has the power to drive change and make a meaningful impact at their new place of work, especially in areas that may not have been prioritized before.

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Meet bob's custom Workflows

Why your HR team needs automated workflows

Today's HR teams are tasked with a huge list of initiatives, making it hard to survive without automation. See how bob’s Custom Workflows keep your HR operations running smoothly while you scale and grow.

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Your voice

Your Voice: Why your company needs to provide a safe space for employees

In today’s modern workplace, HR leaders are responsible for ensuring that all employees feel happy and safe. Your employees may be silently suffering at work but not speaking up for fear of losing their jobs. They may have personal or general concerns regarding DE&I, harassment, or wellbeing in the workplace. They may feel singled out, overlooked, or have a specific complaint to lodge against a manager or colleague’s misconduct. Or, they may be privy to sensitive information regarding illegal or unsafe activity within the company but don’t know where to…

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Diversity and inclusion with Shani

Creating workplaces where everyone is free to be themselves

Why should companies care about diversity? How can managers support inclusion? Shani Shitrit—activist and educator (and proud bobber)—has the answers.

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Supercharge HR automation

Supercharge your HR processes with AI and automation

AI is fueling HR's transition from administrative to strategic—helping HR better recruit, onboard, and grow their people. Here's how to apply AI and HR automation to three areas of the employee lifecycle.

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amazing remote work cultures

8 tech companies with amazing remote work cultures

The pandemic has changed many things—especially the realities of working from home. Take a cue from these 8 tech companies that have gone all-in on remote work and created inspiring cultures in the process.

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Talking hybrid work

6 hybrid work lessons from Vita Mojo’s Head of People

We sat down (virtually) with Karthika to hear how Vita Mojo's HR team is approaching the future of hybrid work and why they're taking a two-month pause on employee surveys.

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Getting Ahead of The Great Resignation

Avoiding a collision course with "The Great Resignation"

Hibob’s CMO Rhiannon Staples sits down for a special session of HR Summer School where she talks about retention, engagement, and why flexibility needs to be a part of every company’s back-to-office strategy.

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How to brainstorm remotely

How managers can brainstorm with their teams

Pre-pandemic, when we relied on a traditional office environment, brainstorming with colleagues meant getting in front of a whiteboard and jotting down ideas or lively brainstorming exercises to get everyone thinking creatively. This free-flowing exchange of ideas is harder to master in a remote setting. If your organization is new to remote working, don't assume all team members know how to brainstorm virtually.  "Effective brainstorming is about clear context, a safe space for unexpected ideas, and emphasis on quantity over quality," advises Bruno Bergher, VP Product at Gladly. As a…

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