Finding the perfect HRIS

How to choose the best HRIS for your business

There are many HRIS options on the market, each of them offering its own advantages and disadvantages and best serving different types of organizations. To help you make the right choice on the first try, we’ve put together a complete guide to choosing the HRIS software that best fits your company’s needs.

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Priortizing mental health and wellbeing

How companies can proactively improve their people’s mental health

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and is dedicated to raising awareness about the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of our community members. Reducing the stigma surrounding those living with psychological or behavioral health issues is key to cultivating healthy communities and company cultures.

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L&D can keep people engaged

4 key ways for L&D and HR teams to keep people engaged and retain top talent

360Learning and HiBob recently teamed up to showcase several ways to overcome today's retention challenges. Read on to learn why fostering peer-driven collaborative learning, upskilling from within, developing an employer brand, and focusing on motivating and engaging employees are all key to employee retention.

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Modern HR for modern companies

Leading with a people-first strategy: understanding principles, policies, and priorities

We sat down with two of Australia’s HR leaders, Dr. Kirstin Ferguson and Kathleen McCudden, to better understand what people-first organizations require of today’s leaders and what strategies can help with addressing common HR challenges.

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Mental health awareness

Let’s talk about mental health in the workplace and what HR can do

Even before the pandemic, in 2019, the World Health Organization labeled employee burnout a medical condition. As the number of people struggling with mental health continues to increase, employers and HR need to be proactive in their approach to helping people cope. Here are some best practices HR can consider to move the needle on mental health.

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Equity sharing

Equity sharing: Mid-sized companies' key to winning top talent

In our latest guide, How to attract and retain top talent using a full-stack compensation strategy, we partnered with leading equity management platform, Ledgy, for a deep-dive discussion into how companies can build competitive compensation and equity sharing into people-centric cultures to set themselves apart from the competition.

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Signs you need a modern HRIS

4 reasons modern businesses need a modern HRIS

Strong company cultures are essential in the modern business world. They increase workplace satisfaction and help attract professionals whose values align with those of the business. They can even have a quantifiable impact on the business’s bottom line. But how do you measure the ROI of investing in your people? Modern HR tech.

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Best HR webinars Q1 2022

HiBob’s top 5 webinars of Q1 2022

Human resources is an ever-evolving industry. In order to be at the absolute top of your game, you need to keep up to date with all of the latest news. In the spirit of keeping you in the know, we’ve put together a list of some of HiBob’s best HR webinars from Q1 2022.

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Main image

How to incorporate Bob's performance rating in your next review cycle

There are many tools available for managing performance, and companies should choose those that best fit their culture and business goals. Ultimately, the process should be a positive one for all involved, empowering employees, driving productivity, and encouraging growth.

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HRIS ROI calculator

HRIS ROI calculator: Is an HRIS worth it?

When you actually do the math, you’ll probably find that the numbers concretely demonstrate that an HRIS is, in fact, worth it. This HRIS ROI calculator will show you how to determine the real dollar impact of an HRIS on your organization’s bottom line.

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Modernize your HR processes

How to solve company growing pains with an HRIS

Implementing a solid HRIS (human resource information system) is more important than ever before. HR leaders now have to find ways to onboard, offboard, and manage people who may work entirely in the office, fully remote across the globe, or in a hybrid capacity.

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Why CHROs make great CEOs

From CHRO to CEO: The case for the next step up in your career

Today, CHROs play an integral role in the upper echelons of the business structure. In fact, a CHRO often serves as a key adviser to the CEO—a trusted right hand that will make presentations to the board and focus on leadership and strategy implementation. But when it comes to the aspirations of CHROs, the main question is—why stop there?

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Great onboarding takes a village

10 tips for creating first-class onboarding processes

I’ve led onboarding program builds more times than I can count. What I’ve learned through these experiences is that creating a great onboarding program is hard. It takes time, immense cross-functional collaboration, and no matter how hard we try, the job is never done. As your company evolves, so must your onboarding program.

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Keeping cultures people-centric

The positive impact of people-centric approaches on the employee experience

“Who are you?” is a question that every professional receives at least once throughout their career, either during an interview, when meeting their manager for the first time, or when doing a company-wide intro upon starting a new job. The most common answer centers on professional achievements, skills, and experience. It's a well-known fact that candidates usually focus on their professional lives when replying to this question during the hiring process.

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4 ways to achieve workplace gender equity and equality

4 ways to achieve workplace gender equity and equality

Let's start with the good news. The fight for gender equity and equality is making progress worldwide. According to research we conducted last month on women’s equality, the majority of women across the US, UK, and Australia: -Feel comfortable at work and have never been made to feel less qualified because they're women -Were promoted or received a bump in pay and benefits in 2021 -Receive women-specific benefits from their companies

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