Simplify multi-national compliance with Bob: Navigating ESG laws

How Bob makes multi-national compliance simple

Bobs makes global expansion easier with a host of solutions for compliance laws and regulations.

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Staying ahead of multi-national compliance with HR tech

HR tech: Your key to multi-national compliance

HR tech is the key to ensure companies can be ready for any new legislation…

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The big bonus of streamlined global payroll in an all-inclusive HCM

The big bonus of global payroll in an all-inclusive HCM

Let’s take a look at the significant advantages of utilizing an all-inclusive HCM that integrates…

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Bob's Values feature at work: Cultivating superb company cultures

Cultivating exceptional company cultures: Bob's Values feature at work

Genuinely people-first company values show up in all moments of the employee lifecycle.

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Webinar lobby image

Embracing a culture built on trust and transparency

We hosted a webinar in partnership with UNLEASH about how bringing transparency and trust into…

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Get your strategic hiring head on with Bob Hiring & Workforce Planning - L-300-Blog-Bob-Hiring-and-WFP-Header-Banners-v1L-300-Blog-Bob-Hiring-and-WFP-Header-Banner-763x325px-Option2.png

Get your strategic hiring head on with Bob Hiring & Workforce Planning

What is the ultimate dream for more aligned and efficient processes? Connecting your workforce planning…

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Hiring? Here are 2024’s big recruiting challenges - L-100-Blog-Header-Banner-763x325px-Option2.jpg

Hiring? Here are 2024's big recruiting challenges

It should come as no surprise that the hiring market is tough. It has gone…

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Leading with employee data lobby image

Leading with employee data: A guide to strategic HR

HR professionals are now embracing a more strategic position within their companies, leveraging people data…

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Gen Z lobby image

5 things Gen Z needs in the workplace

Gen Z has a bad rap. In fact, 40 percent of employers avoid hiring Gen…

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Trans Day of Visibility 2024: Stand up for underrepresented people

Be vocal. Be visible. Stand up for underrepresented people everywhere.

As employers, we are responsible for being proactive and protecting our trans and non-binary team…

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Improving the digital employee experience

How to use people tech to improve the digital employee experience

This blog will take a deep dive into the hand HR Ops and HRIS directors…

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Incorporating AI into HR Practices

Prepare for the future of work: Incorporate AI into HR practices

With the rise of AI, it’s important for all to bear in mind that customers…

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How To Help Gen Z Leaders Succeed

4 ways to develop leadership skills in Gen Z managers

The first thing HR leaders can do to give Gen Z managers a boost is…

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10 Succession Planning Metrics You Need To Track

10 trackable succession planning metrics for any organization

Keeping promotions and talent in-house reduces the costs associated with recruiting and hiring talent externally.

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Why Skills Management Is Core Business Strategy

Why skills management is at the heart of modern business success

HR leaders must make the case for learning and development programs, proving ROI and demonstrating…

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