How to let someone go at work: Employee termination etiquette

The etiquette of letting people go

Infusing etiquette into the layoff strategy you implement at your organization and letting it guide…

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Transform HR with Influential HR | International HR Day

Up your HR game with Influential HR

This International HR Day, we’re introducing Influential HR as the way to up your HR…

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Simplify multi-national compliance with Bob: Navigating ESG laws

How Bob makes multi-national compliance simple

Bobs makes global expansion easier with a host of solutions for compliance laws and regulations.

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Staying ahead of multi-national compliance with HR tech

HR tech: Your key to multi-national compliance

HR tech is the key to ensure companies can be ready for any new legislation…

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The big bonus of streamlined global payroll in an all-inclusive HCM

The big bonus of global payroll in an all-inclusive HCM

Let’s take a look at the significant advantages of utilizing an all-inclusive HCM that integrates…

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Bob's Values feature at work: Cultivating superb company cultures

Cultivating exceptional company cultures: Bob's Values feature at work

Genuinely people-first company values show up in all moments of the employee lifecycle.

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Webinar lobby image

Embracing a culture built on trust and transparency

We hosted a webinar in partnership with UNLEASH about how bringing transparency and trust into…

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Get your strategic hiring head on with Bob Hiring & Workforce Planning - L-300-Blog-Bob-Hiring-and-WFP-Header-Banners-v1L-300-Blog-Bob-Hiring-and-WFP-Header-Banner-763x325px-Option2.png

Get your strategic hiring head on with Bob Hiring & Workforce Planning

What is the ultimate dream for more aligned and efficient processes? Connecting your workforce planning…

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Hiring? Here are 2024’s big recruiting challenges - L-100-Blog-Header-Banner-763x325px-Option2.jpg

Hiring? Here are 2024's big recruiting challenges

It should come as no surprise that the hiring market is tough. It has gone…

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Leading with employee data lobby image

Leading with employee data: A guide to strategic HR

HR professionals are now embracing a more strategic position within their companies, leveraging people data…

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Gen Z lobby image

5 things Gen Z needs in the workplace

Gen Z has a bad rap. In fact, 40 percent of employers avoid hiring Gen…

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Trans Day of Visibility 2024: Stand up for underrepresented people

Be vocal. Be visible. Stand up for underrepresented people everywhere.

As employers, we are responsible for being proactive and protecting our trans and non-binary team…

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Improving the digital employee experience

How to use people tech to improve the digital employee experience

This blog will take a deep dive into the hand HR Ops and HRIS directors…

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Incorporating AI into HR Practices

Prepare for the future of work: Incorporate AI into HR practices

With the rise of AI, it’s important for all to bear in mind that customers…

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How To Help Gen Z Leaders Succeed

4 ways to develop leadership skills in Gen Z managers

The first thing HR leaders can do to give Gen Z managers a boost is…

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