Your hybrid work questions answered: Best practices from HR experts - Hybrid-model-webinar-_blog-image.png

Your hybrid work questions answered: Hear what our HR experts had to say

Which hybrid work model is the best? How do you care for employee wellbeing outside of the office? 4 HR pros share their best practices on everything hybrid work.

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How to be a great HR leader

How to be a great HR leader in the new world of work

Hibob founder Ronni Zehavi sits down with HR thought-leader Josh Bersin to talk about the 4 must-have skills for future HR leaders.

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What drives Gen Z in the workplace?

A lot has been said about Millennials in the workplace. Now it’s Gen Z’s turn to shake things up. Here are five things you should know to help motivate them in the workplace.

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4 ways to celebrate Black History Month in the workplace

We’ve put together a list of ideas to help you create meaningful programming for Black History Month. With a little tweaking and a solid Internet connection (thanks Zoom!), these can all be adjusted to our current WFH reality.

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4 things to know before starting an Employee Resource Group

A generation ago, diversity in the workplace was a social movement. Today, it’s a business imperative. Get tips on how to start an ERG at your company, and create a more inclusive workplace where everyone can make a difference.

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Want to keep your best people? Start with a new approach to performance reviews - Better-performance-reviews-Blog-post-1.png

4 ways to transform your company’s culture of feedback

Keep your people engaged and motivated by encouraging feedback at every level of the organization, and not just at prescribed moments like a quarterly or annual review.

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5 reasons why you should commit to DE&I in 2021

Prioritizing DE&I in 2021

2021 is the year we prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). We’re going to build inclusive and equitable cultures that honor all of our people and their diverse backgrounds; redesign our recruiting policies to make sure they’re built to support equitable hiring; stamp out structural inequities from our compensation structure, and support employees in their unique journeys. Throughout 2020 we explored diversity, equity, and inclusion in HR. These are our most important learnings. 1. Investing in DE&I pays off Diverse teams perform better. They make better decisions, collaborate more effectively,…

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5 HR challenges for fintech companies - Attract-engage-retain-Blog-post.png

5 HR challenges for fintech companies

In stark contrast to traditional financial companies such as banks and old-school insurance companies, fintech companies are innovators and disruptors that are revolutionizing the financial services industry.  With technology at the very core of these companies, HR needs to keep up with modern HR practices and platforms when attracting, engaging and retaining talent. With this in mind, we have defined 5 challenges faced by HR professionals working in fintech:  1. Hiring and retaining the best talent As the fastest-growing segment of the workforce, and as digital natives possessing the technological…

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Announcing bob’s integration with ADP Workforce NowⓇ - hibob-and-adp-integration-_-Blog-img.png

Announcing bob’s integration with ADP Workforce NowⓇ

Payroll is the definition of “necessary evil.” It’s arguably HR’s most important task, but the manual inputs and endless spreadsheets make it a painful one. Payroll is definitely an important part of the CFO/CPO working relationship. As part of bob’s quest to make HR tasks easier and more rewarding, we are happy to announce bob’s integration with ADP Workforce Now payroll services, and that the Hibob Connector for ADP Workforce Now is now available on ADP Marketplace. Integrating payroll into an HRIS lets you create a seamless, one-platform workflow that…

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2020 highlights in bob - TOP-FEATURES-2020-_Blog-post.png

2020 highlights in bob

To survive in 2020, we needed to learn to adapt fast. We left work one Friday afternoon in March—you know the rest of the story. Most of us haven’t been back since. To navigate this sudden, multi-continent transition to full-time working from home, we relied on bob’s remote-forward features, such as Shoutouts for communicating critical information, Kudos posts for keeping up morale, and Task Lists and personalized onboarding for easy onboarding. 2020 has been a pivotal year for the bob platform. We’ve incorporated remote and hybrid needs into every aspect…

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5 tips for increasing retention - 5-tips-for-retention-_Blog-post.png

5 tips for increasing retention

Great businesses are built by and with great people. If you can't hold onto your talent, you'll feel it in your bottom line. With the world in flux and the future uncertain, we need to keep our people as happy as possible. Employee retention is a key concern for HR, especially while working remotely during a plague. Here are five tips that will help you increase retention, starting now. Five tips for retaining top talent 1. Encourage friendliness across ranks A friendly hello, especially from an unexpected (and higher-up) colleague,…

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The importance of learning and development for your company culture - learning-and-development-_Blog-post-1.png

The importance of learning and development for your company culture

Learning and development (L&D) is a specialized HR function, empowering employees to gain skills to drive their business performance and, ultimately, their company’s performance. Learning and development programs include: Skill-based trainingCourses and seminarsConferences Learning and development is an essential part of the employee lifecycle which helps employees feel empowered and creates opportunities for growth in the workplace. Let’s discuss: The connection between learning and development and employee satisfactionHow learning and development can increase retentionIncorporating learning and development into company cultureHow to support employee learning and development using bob  The importance…

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5 types of employee benefits + 3 surprising statistics - employee-benefits-_Blog-post.png

5 types of employee benefits + 3 surprising statistics

Employee benefits vary across levels, industries, and countries, so it's no wonder it's hard to master the concept! While benefits are supposed to be nice-to-haves, they can be make-or-break for many candidates, especially when healthcare and pension are involved. To help you and your people navigate discussions about benefits and perks, we've explained five of the most common types of benefits. We've also shared three surprising learnings from our report about employee benefits that might help you and your people get what you really want. Five types of employee benefits This…

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Metrics that matter for employee retention - Metrics-that-matter-retention-Blog-post.png

Metrics that matter for employee retention

Employee retention is, always has been, and probably forever will be a top concern for HR, recruiters, and management. With its associated costs and cultural impact, keeping retention rates high is a way for organizations to save on recruiting and onboarding costs while increasing employee loyalty and trust. Planning an effective retention strategy needs to go beyond analyzing retention rates and explore the factors impacting retention: culture, recognition, personal development, compensation, and loyalty. Let’s explore some of the metrics most impacting retention: eNPSCareer path ratioSalary changeDiversity metrics eNPS for retention…

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Remote holiday party ideas for 2020 - Happy-holidays-Blog-post.png

Remote holiday party ideas for 2020

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom. Hey! Not nearly as catchy as the original—I know. But in this weird world of sweatpants and all Zoom everything, we need to redesign the holiday season to fit our social distanced reality. Let’s look at this as an opportunity to reimagine the holiday season and spirit. How can we make our company celebrations more inclusive for everyone? The boozy Christmas parties of seasons past were fun, sure, but for those…

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