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We know that when you grow your people, you grow your business. That’s why we created a platform that puts individual employee growth front and center.

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Our platform was built for everyone. With bob, managers, C suite and teams alike view people as more than just numbers or ID cards, so decisions made about them can be personalized and holistic.

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Create the future world your best people want by enhancing your company’s unique culture. Go beyond the required by delivering the inspired, through a complete set of engaging tools that bring tribes together.

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Gets thebiggerpicture

See your world with new clarity and insight by mapping out your organization and making data-driven decisions about your people.


Automate your paperwork through an intuitive way of managing docs and workflows.

Streamline the process of tracking time off and work hours via desktop and mobile.

Unlock performance to gain a deep understanding of attitudes and feedback for better decision-making.

Empower your people through clubs, superpowers, shoutouts, and anonymous reporting.

bob helps us to manage our people, our talent and our culture in an effective and supportive way
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