What is core HR?

Core HR is an umbrella term used to refer to three distinct things:

  1. The primary functions of a human resources department
  2. Basic data captured about employees
  3. The software used to enable the above two

What are the advantages of core HR?

Core HR software offers organizations many benefits, including:

  • Serving as a centralized location for storing and viewing essential data related to people, payroll, enrollment, compliance, and more
  • Streamlining and automating core HR processes
  • Saving time by digitizing paperwork
  • Improving internal communication 
  • Increasing productivity by enabling employee self-service
  • Maintaining the organization of important documents and information
  • Offering privacy and security 
  • Gathering valuable insights through data analytics

What functions does core HR include?

Although every core HR software is different, some functions the software typically includes are:

  • Storage of people data
  • Employee directory and organization chart
  • Employee self-service for updating details, requesting time off, enrolling in benefits, etc.
  • Document sending and signing
  • Storage of HR documents such as contracts, handbooks, and policies
  • Dashboards for visualizing data

What information does core HR typically include?

One of the most critical functions of a core HR platform is to store important information  HR professionals can use to complete various tasks, including talent management, workforce planning, learning management, and more.

Some of the information core HR software usually stores includes:

  • Individual employee information such as job title, job description, birth date, social security number, and more
  • Payroll information such as tax withholding and salary
  • Enrollment data for benefits
  • Documentation for training
  • Sick days and vacation days
  • Employee demographics 
  • Compliance information
  • Work hours and absences

What should core HR software included?

If you’re looking to invest in core HR software, we recommend looking for the following elements:

  • Easy-to-use, user-friendly interface
  • Implementation support
  • Helpful, available customer service
  • High security standards
  • The ability to scale as your company grows
  • Features addressing all of the core HR functions you need most such as employee information, payroll data, compliance, and analytics

Why should core HR be incorporated into modern HR strategy?

As HR departments evolve and take on a more strategic role in the modern organization, it becomes increasingly important to streamline and automate the more basic, repetitive HR tasks and processes to free up HR professionals’ time and bandwidth. Core HR software is essential for keeping up with core HR tasks such as payroll and compliance as efficiently and effectively as possible.