Meet bob introductions

The platform that grows people

bob grows with you, adjusting and adapting for new joiners while retaining culture as you scale your company.

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Your Voice

Streamline time and attendance management for employees, managers, and HR.

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Integrations with bob Hibob

bob's integrations with your favorite platforms

Our seamless integrations with today’s top workplace apps mean that you can get more done faster with minimal risk of human error.

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Time and Attendance feature Hibob

Time and attendance management

Streamline time and attendance management for employees, managers, and HR.

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Onboarding using Hibob

Personalized onboarding

Streamline and personalize new hire processes with tailored onboarding experience.

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Non-binary features Hibob

Addressing non-binary employee needs

Let your people self-identify their gender to create an inclusive culture.

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MS teams integration with Hibob

Microsoft Teams

HR actions completed in your flow of work. Our integration with Teams saves time and increases engagement.

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Hibob the collaboration tool


Hibob meets you where you are, in your natural flow of work. Make the HR experience even better for you and your people by connecting bob with your favorite collaboration tool.

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Hibob mobile app

bob's mobile app for Android and iOS

Hibob’s mobile app brings you a whole lot of bob, on the go. Stay in touch with a seamless HR experience built for every screen.

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Hibob Compensation Management

Compensation management in bob

Set the right rewards for your people and retain your talent using Hibob’s flexible, intuitive global compensation management solution.

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