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Create personalized experiences for all of your people throughout their journey.

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Make time for 1-on-1s

Facilitate check-ins for managers to drive meaningful discussions with their employees

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People analytics

People Analytics

The complete flexibility to build, understand, and share your data story for strategic decision-making.

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Managing global workforces - Managing-global-workforces-main-image.png

Managing global workforces

With Bob, you can manage the intricacies of a global workforce while creating tailored, localized…

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Prepare for investment - DueDiligence-investment-main-image.png

Prepare for investment

Bob ensures that your people data is organized, accessible to all stakeholders, consistent, and accurate—reducing…

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Payroll hub

Payroll Hub: Take the pain out of payroll

Get payroll and benefits administration done quickly and confidently with Payroll Hub, the most efficient…

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Your Voice lobby image

Your Voice: Prioritizing cultural safety

Bob ensures that your people data is organized, accessible to all stakeholders, consistent, and accurate—reducing…

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Performance Management - Performance-2.0-main-image.png

Performance management

Empower employees to take an active role in their growth and transform the performance review…

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One pager Meet Bob - Meet-bob-main-image-4.png

The platform that grows people

Bob grows with you, adjusting and adapting for new joiners while retaining culture as you…

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Time and Attendance feature HiBob

Time and attendance management

Streamline time and attendance management for employees, managers, and HR.

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One pager Personalized onboarding - Personalized-onboarding-main-image.png

Personalized onboarding

Streamline and personalize new hire processes with tailored onboarding experience.

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One pager Non-binary gender inclusion - Non-Binary-Gender-main-image.png

Addressing non-binary employee needs

Let your people self-identify their gender to create an inclusive culture.

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MS teams integration with HiBob

Microsoft Teams

HR actions completed in your flow of work. Our integration with Teams saves time and…

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HiBob Collaboration Product Brief - Collaboration-main-image.png


HiBob meets you where you are, in your natural flow of work. Make the HR…

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HiBob mobile app to take Bob with you on the go

HiBob's mobile app for Android and iOS

HiBob’s mobile app brings you a whole lot of Bob, on the go. Stay in…

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