Compensation bandsCompensation bands

Compensation bands

Establish company-wide consistency and pay transparency

Now is the time to prepare to meet local compliance challenges around pay regulations.  Start your journey with internal efforts to create, standardize, and adjust compensation bands (coming soon), creating company-wide consistency and compliance with local regulations. Scale efficiently by using compensation bands in a compensation event or for workforce planning. Get the data you need to drive smarter hiring, retain top talent, and drive DE&I initiatives, closing any pay gaps when necessary. 

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Single intuitive platformSingle intuitive platform

Single intuitive platform

All your people data in one place

Managing a compensation plan requires multiple stakeholders and considerations, including employees’ performance, salary, tenure, and the last time they received a bonus or raise. 

Streamline your process with Bob by keeping all stakeholders—such as HR, finance, C-levels, and managers— on the same page. Easily access updated data on salary, tenure, and performance, providing the full picture for making meaningful, equitable decisions.

Plus, with all of your people data already stored in Bob, you don’t have to worry about working with endless spreadsheets and IT to gain access to what you need. Consider your compensation process simplified.

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Using HiBob's compensation management tool has helped me and my team to save 50% of our time previously dedicated to compensation review
Claudia Ginex
Claudia GinexDirector of People at GIG
Compensation managementCompensation management

Flexible configuration and localization

Compensation management the way you like it

Bob was built with flexibility in mind for fast-growing, global companies with dynamic or non-traditional organizational structures.  

Simplify the allocation of base pay, bonus, and equity plans across your international teams through multiple currency management, localized currency views, and local salary benchmarks*. Define role permissions and perform bulk actions to ease the process. 

Manage any number of currencies and pay periods and include everyone who needs to be part of the process—from regional HR to site managers and C-levels.

*externally sourced, not included in Bob

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Easy salary reviewsEasy salary reviews

Easy salary reviews

It’s that time of year

Time for salary reviews? Move into an easy, efficient, accurate salary review process with Bob.

Plan and set up salary reviews with a set of recommendations, alerts, and guidelines to empower managers to make smart compensation decisions. Track progress to know where things stand at all times while keeping HR, finance, C-suite, and managers on the same page. 

With an intuitive, powerful, and engaging consumer-style UI, it’s easy for HR, C-suite, and managers to plan and execute compensation processes for your company.

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Simple bonus and equity allocationSimple bonus and equity allocation

Simple bonus and equity allocation

Seamlessly allocate rewards among your people

Allocating bonuses and equity is easy with Bob. Forget spreadsheets and emails, Bob’s compensation worksheets make it simple to review and distribute bonuses directly within the platform. 

Want to share company equity among designated employees or the entire company? Define a budget and decide how you want to allocate bonuses, whether based on performance or company-wide. 

Managers can even view data and personalized guidelines on each employee and collaborate in real-time with approvers, from directors to finance.

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Drive with dataDrive with data

Drive with data

Empower your managers to make smart decisions

Give your managers the data they need to make sound compensation decisions in a sleek and simple UI. Help them to easily identify high performers, flight risks, issues with pay parity, and employees who are due for an increase.

Making smart compensation decisions is easy with Bob’s comp worksheets: managers get information on each team member’s compensation history, along with guidelines, eligibility rules, recommendations, and even external salary benchmarks. In-worksheet collaboration with other stakeholders further helps the decision-making process, the impacts of which are seen instantly through live insights and alerts.

When you handle compensation in Bob, managers have everything they need to drive pay parity across teams.

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