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Bob solves the complex needs of your dispersed and global teams

G2 Website: 995 reviews, score: 4.5 stars; Capterra website: 144 reviews, score: 4.6 stars.

Cross-platform HR solutions for the way you work

How you work
How you work
Bob streamlines and automates HR processes saving you precious time
How you lead
How you lead
Bob empowers everyone in your org, from employees to managers to C-levels
How you succeed
How you succeed
Bob helps you build a warm, inclusive culture that helps retain your people
Bob's module - Strategic Hiring Bob's module - Strategic Hiring
Strategic Hiring
Optimize planning and hiring in one powerful system
Recruiting and hiring the best people should be your most effective process. Bob helps you with a strategic package of workforce planning, recruiting, onboarding, and more in a single platform, consolidating your tech stack and optimizing your ROI.
Bob's module - Culture Bob's module - Culture
Build a company culture that unites and delights
Building a warm company culture can be a challenge, especially when your teams work globally, hybrid, and remote. Bob provides a central place to engage, helping your people stay connected. Sustain a culture that’s open, embraces diversity, and empowers your people to be their authentic selves.
Bob's module - HR Automation Bob's module - HR Automation
HR Automation
HR automation that’s as agile as you are
As an HR professional, admin can take up hours of your day, leaving you with limited time for focusing on your people. Bob’s HR automation makes it easy—from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between—to set up reusable workflows for any process with tasks that cover every detail.
Bob's module - DEI&B Bob's module - DEI&B
Embed DEI&B in every step of the employee journey
Tracking DEI&B isn’t enough. It must be ingrained into your company’s DNA and impact every action and decision you make. Bob has DEI&B embedded at its core, helping you keep diversity and inclusivity top of mind and create personalized experiences for your people.
Bob's module - Pay Transparency Bob's module - Pay Transparency
Pay Transparency
Take a proactive approach to pay transparency
Pay transparency helps you stay compliant and differentiates your business in a tight labor market while building a culture of fairness and retaining top talent. Bob helps you on your pay transparency journey, with tools for pricing jobs, defining pay ranges, assessing pay gaps, and more.

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Thousands of HR leaders around the world use Bob to drive engagement, productivity, and business success.
We looked into many HRIS platforms but chose Bob because it’s the simplest to use and most flexible for our needs. The other systems have their own way of managing HR, but with Bob, we can run HR as we choose
Gil Lev
Gil LevHead of Global HR FiverrFULL CASE STUDY
Bob is different today than it was two and a half years ago. Every time I go in, I see enhancements to the look and feel or a new feature. I love that. We are growing, and the tool is growing with us
Inbar Dayan
Inbar DayanGlobal VP People BigIDFULL CASE STUDY

HiBob wins four Lighthouse Research
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