What is humanity in the workplace?

Humanity in the workplace is expressed through the innate, shared, human values, and unique talents and perspectives which employees contribute. Humanity is dynamic, and encompasses the natural, human, need for:

  • Purpose
  • Growth
  • Acceptance
  • Camaraderie
  • Recognition
  • Fairness
  • Safety
  • Work-life balance

Why should HR leaders care about humanity in the workplace?

The constant increase in Artificial Intelligence, combined with a stressful or even toxic corporate culture, can leave many employees feeling that they must leave their personality outside the workplace walls. This is a major turnoff for employees, so it’s clear that humanity in the workplace is fundamental to:

What can HR do to strengthen humanity in the workplace?

Humanity in the workplace is incumbent upon how comfortable employees feel expressing their ideas, doubts, fears, and questions to colleagues and superiors. HR leaders can reinforce humanity by implementing these practices:

  • Encourage genuine feedback. HR leaders can meet with employees and managers privately to discuss their progress, goals, satisfaction, and comfort levels. It’s vital to ask them to share their perspectives, actively listen, and respect their responses. This shows that HR leaders value the unique suggestions of each person, no matter what their job or status is.
  • Recognize accomplishments. HR leaders can implement fun and motivating ways of recognizing employee achievements. Whether it’s celebrating together at a pub after hours, simply saying, “Thank you for your ____________,” or including regular shout-outs in team meetings, acknowledging employees’ accomplishments builds morale and encourages growth.
  • Build up psychological safety. HR leaders can nurture a psychologically safe work-culture in which everyone aspires to work with integrity and feels comfortable to make mistakes, ask questions, and voice opinions. HR can offer training to help employees work through fears and learn to support each other in the workplace
  • Build relationships. Strong relationships are built on trust. HR leaders can encourage managers and employees to use meetings not just as a time to make decisions, but also as opportunities to get to know each other and bond over discussing personal goals, hobbies, or passions.

How can humanity in the workplace improve company culture?

Humanity in the workplace is the foundation of a healthy company culture. Companies that welcome employees’ diverse contributions help create a healthy environment for human expression. This acceptance of each employee as they are leads to a vibrant and thriving company culture made up of humans who are eager to do their best and unafraid to perform with integrity in the workplace.