What is preboarding and why is it important? | HiBob

What is preboarding and why is it important?

Preboarding is the step before onboarding, when new hires get to meet the organization and take care of some bureaucratic details before their first day.

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What is on-demand pay? | HiBob

What is on-demand pay?

On-demand pay is a way for people to receive payment for their work as they earn it, rather than waiting for the end of the current payroll cycle.

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People-focused businesses: The changing role of CFOs - The-changing-role-of-CFOs_Lobby-image.png

People-focused businesses: The changing role of CFOs

In this guide, we’ll explore how organizational changes to finance and HR have driven a changing role for CFOs, and look at what modern finance executives need to consider as they prepare their businesses for change.

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Remote work tools main image

8 remote work tools for managing a remote workforce

Gone are the days when being an employee meant going to the office five days a week. The modern workplace has embraced more flexible working models, including the hybrid work model and remote-first working model, enabling today’s workforce to divide their time between working from home and in the office or working exclusively from home, promoting better work-life balance.  Why you need a remote employee management toolkit While working remotely has many advantages, such as increased flexibility, no commute, and the freedom to work in your pajamas, there’s also a…

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Secure your data

Data security and compliance: How we deliver a safe and secure HR platform

At HiBob, we take data security seriously. We uphold the highest information security and privacy standards for our HR platform, Bob, as part of our commitment to providing an exceptional user experience for over 3,000 customers.

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Workforce Planning Templates

Simplify your planning process: Workforce planning templates

Explore our free workforce planning templates below and find those most suited to your specific uses.

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CIPD Festival of work

Say HI to Bob at the CIPD Festival of Work 2023

Attending the CIPD FOW and want to say HI to Bob? Stop by booth E11 to see how Bob creates a work experience your people will love by giving HR, managers, and employees the tools to connect, develop, and grow.

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HR Wellbeing Webinar on demand

#SayHiToHR wellbeing: Taking care of the humans in human resources

Watch the webinar recording to hear from our expert speakers in a mix of keynote and fireside-style discussions on HR wellbeing.

Nucleus Research: SugarCRM Achieves a 226% ROI with HiBob - SugarCRM-Achieves-a-226-ROI-with-HiBob_Lobby-image.png

Nucleus Research: SugarCRM Achieves a 226% ROI with HiBob

Customer Relationship Management software provider, SugarCRM, achieved a 226 percent ROI upon its implementation of HiBob and recovered its initial investment in the technology six months after deployment. Nucleus found that upon the implementation of HiBob, Sugar was able to reduce its year-over-year software and support costs by more than 15 percent, avoid SOC 2 non-compliance risk, and achieve productivity increases across its HR and finance departments. The use of the system also facilitated a renewed sense of company culture across its global, remote-first workforce.

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Incorporating AI into HR Practices

Prepare for the future of work: Incorporate AI into HR practices

With the rise of AI, it’s important for all to bear in mind that customers and business partners value genuine connections with human beings.

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Toxic Work Environments and How to Fix Them

When cultures of productivity become toxic and how to fix them

In order to be able to prevent, address, and fix toxic work environments, it’s essential to be able to recognize them.

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Addressing complexities associated with people operations in US-based multi-national companies - People-Management-Complexity-Report_US_Lobby-image.png

Addressing complexities associated with people operations in US-based multi-national companies

Global operations offer numerous benefits for companies in an array of verticals, including access to talent, supply chain flexibility, and more.  Yet managing people in different countries poses many legal, cultural, and logistical complexities for HR professionals. Our study shows that HCM platforms used by US-based multi-national companies are insufficient for addressing the complexity of global people management comprehensively and holistically. HR leaders are looking for alternative solutions to support various needs. 

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HR’s Role in Employee Wellbeing

From burnout to balance: Navigating the role of HR in employee wellbeing

HR professionals and line managers may feel like they’re taking on the role of a therapist in addition to their other responsibilities.

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Self-Care and Wellness Tips for HR Leaders

#SayHiToHR Wellbeing: Tips from HR leaders on self-care and wellness

We asked HR leaders across the HiBob community how they invest in their own wellbeing, and what self-care practices they can pass on to their fellow HR colleagues.

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Why engaging your people is the key to boosting retention - Why-engaging-your-people-is-the-key-to-boosting-retention_Lobby-image.png

Why engaging your people is the key to boosting retention

A dual strategy to boost retention and improve your employee engagement can pay dividends in the long term.

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