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How hipages cut HR admin time by 30% and boosted people engagement with Bob

hipages wanted to find an HRIS to help further engage their people across their four sites, encourage collaboration and innovation company-wide, and provide accurate people data for reporting and analysis. They also wanted a single source of truth that could integrate with their tech stack, including Slack, Google Workplace, Confluence, and Greenhouse, to streamline their processes and avoid double data entry. After reviewing over 30 HR systems, Bob ticked all the boxes, and hipages couldn’t be happier.

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Monitoring Remote Employees

Acceptable practices for monitoring remote employees in the modern world of work

The joint HiBob-CIPD study shows that 40 percent of bosses are uncomfortable with collecting more personal information than is necessary for monitoring their people’s performance and wellbeing.

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Workforce planning demo day_Webinar

Workforce planning demo webinar with Bob

As the threat of recession looms, the economy faces a downturn that will affect the job market, consumer spending, and overall business operations. Many businesses will be forced to cut costs and stop hiring altogether. During these difficult economic times, workforce planning becomes an essential part of any business strategy.  However, workforce planning can be tedious, complicated, and labour-intensive. Much of the work is manual and, in most cases, not data-driven or measurable. Bob’s Workforce Planning module simplifies the process so business leaders can work efficiently while engaging and collaborating…

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Find and Keep the Right tech talent

How to recruit and retain talent in the competitive tech marketplace

Tech professionals prioritize their growth and seek out development opportunities in keeping with their desired path. This reality adds greater urgency to the current employer critiques (of everything from salary and benefits to the company’s impact) on everyone’s minds—and turns up the pressure to retain people.

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Executing your business strategy with Bob’s Workforce Planning - Pre-event_ANZ-Demo-Day-Webinar-Series_Webinar_LP-banner_1200X627PX-1.png

Executing your business strategy with Bob’s Workforce Planning

Join our live webinar and learn how Bob can help you implement your workforce planning strategy

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Making DEI&B a priority year-round

While taking the time to acknowledge the women in our lives and the work that has been done to get us to where we are is always a beautiful thing, it’s also critical we ensure that celebrating Women’s History Month isn’t just something we tick off our to-do lists.

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Live in 40 days: How Payapps Limited saves hours every month on onboarding and payroll using Bob

Payapps Limited ran HR manually, using Sharepoint, spreadsheets, Dropbox, and email, which wasn’t efficient—just updating the company org chart could take hours. They wanted to implement a single HR platform to help them provide a great employee experience for onboarding and performance management, provide real-time people analytics, and scale with them as they grew.

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How TourRadar saves 40 hours per week by automating HR processes in Bob

As a company with a global workforce, TourRadar wanted to implement an HCM to centralize their people data, reduce the risk of manual error and automate and streamline HR processes throughout the employee lifecycle.

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Women in the Workplace 2023: An In-Depth Study

Celebrating professional women in the modern workplace

In February 2023, we conducted our second annual in-depth study on professional women in the modern workplace.

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IWD 2023: Professional women in the modern UK workplace  - UK-IWD-2023-Lobby-image.png

IWD 2023: Professional women in the modern UK workplace

As International Women’s Day 2023 approaches, HiBob has once again demonstrated its commitment to celebrating this important event. Continuing our tradition, HiBob commissioned an online national survey in honor of the significance of this special day. Conducted in January 2023, it comprises responses from 2,000 full-time female and male professionals aged 25 and older who worked in a hybrid or in-office workplace in 2021 and 2022.

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IWD 2023 Australia

IWD 2023: Professional women in the Australian modern workplace

In recognition of International Women's Day 2023, HiBob has commissioned, for a second year running, a nationwide online survey that aims to track and measure the gender gap in the workplace. A focal point of this year's study, the survey took place over January 2023 and included responses from 1,000 professional women working in Australia today. All respondents were aged 25 and older and were employed full-time in a hybrid or in-office work environments in 2021 and 2022.

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Demo: Modernising HR with Bob - Demo_Modernising-HR_Webinar_featured-image-1.png

Demo: Modernising HR with Bob

Save your seat to learn how Bob is modernising HR, creating a seamless HR operation under one digital roof.

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HiBob at the Remote Working Expo 2023

If you are attending the Expo, be sure to stop by the bob booth and say HI to bob.

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Women in the Workplace: Creating a More Equitable Future - Women-in-the-Workplace-AU_LP-banner_1200X627PX-1-1.png

Women in the Workplace: Creating a More Equitable Future

We're hosting an in-person panel and networking event in Sydney - join us!

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HR-IT Collaboration Improves Employee Experience

Where HR and IT meet: creating a positive employee experience

Using automation frees up HR and line managers to focus on optimizing the onboarding process, creating a better and more streamlined employee experience.

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