How to Improve Manager Effectiveness

Checking in: How to improve manager effectiveness

Good communication is the most powerful tool a manager has to enhance team performance.

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What Is the Bradford Factor and How Do You Calculate It?

The Bradford Factor explained: Meaning and how to calculate

The Bradford Factor is based on the theory that shorter, more frequent absences are more detrimental to an organization than longer, less frequent ones.

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Inspiring Employee Empowerment Examples That Really Work

Employee empowerment examples: Inspiring ways to empower your people

When your team is brimming with purpose and motivation, it makes a difference in everything they do.

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5 Ways Bob Helps You Demonstrate Business Value

From efficiency to retention: 5 ways Bob helps you demonstrate business value

Let’s look at how investing in an HR solution like Bob helps you demonstrate actual business value.

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Proactive Pay Transparency

Building fair and equitable workplaces with proactive pay transparency

In the modern world of work committing to pay transparency is fundamental to building a fair workplace.

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Bob's new look lobby image

The Great Bob Makeover: streamlining HR for modern organizations

As VP Design (Product) at HiBob, I am dedicated to providing our customers with a superior user experience (UX), ensuring that Bob’s look and feel continue to evolve in line with market needs and trends. Our friendly and welcoming design differentiates us from other HCMs and is essential to defining who we are as a company and the unique product we provide for our customers.

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Building the exceptional: HiBob raises $150M in new funding round - HiBob_Series-D-funding_Lobby-image.png

Building the exceptional: HiBob raises $150M in new funding round

HiBob has raised $150M in new funding led by Farallon Capital, Alpha Wave Global, and existing investors.

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Thriving in a Multicultural Workplace: Unlocking the Power of Cultural Awareness - Michael-Landers_EMEA_webinar_Loby-image-2.png

Thriving in a Multicultural Workplace: Unlocking the Power of Cultural Awareness

The need for Cultural IQ has never been greater. Don't miss this opportunity to strengthen your leadership skills and make a lasting impact.

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The ROI Of Investing In People

The profitability of people-centric HR programs

Your people are the driving force behind your company. Therefore, investing in people is investing in your success.

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Predictive HR Analytics

What is predictive HR analytics?

Predictive HR analytics is a tech tool that HR uses to analyze past and present data to forecast future outcomes.

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What Is HR Transformation?

What is HR transformation?

Human resources transformation is when an organization makes significant changes to its people management approach. This means changing HR policies, processes, systems, and technologies—or a combination of these—to make sure that the organization’s HR practices help it achieve its goals. In the changing world of hybrid work, HR transformation is proving to be more of a necessity than a luxury—it helps businesses stay competitive and retain top talent. Businesses can use HR transformation to improve performance, growth, profits, and satisfaction in the workplace. What are the components of HR transformation?…

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Employee Experience Design: Transform your onboarding to a retention engine - Onboarding-by-design_Loby_image-1.png

Employee Experience Design - Transforming your onboarding to a retention engine

While there’s a common understanding that onboarding is critical, designing the right experience can be quite complex.

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Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy Template

Simple attendance management: PTO policy template

In this guide, we’ll take you through the various aspects of a PTO policy, how they can help, and what they achieve.

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Navigating the Hybrid Work Landscape

The productivity puzzle: How to navigate hybrid work

While remote work is labeled the scapegoat for low productivity, the data says the opposite.

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Keeping Your Workforce’s Skills Relevant in the Age of AI

Human skills to focus on in the age of AI to keep your workforce professionally relevant

A modern workforce planning strategy asks what skill gaps you need to fill and how investing in AI upskilling can drive long-term business transformation.

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