HMRC New Starter Checklist: What It Is & How To Use It [2024]

What is the HMRC new starter checklist?

Ensure that your employees are assigned the correct tax code and pay the correct amount…

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HRIS ROI calculator: Is an HRIS worth it?

HRIS ROI calculator: Is an HRIS worth it?

This HRIS ROI calculator shows you the real dollar impact of an HRIS on your…

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The Complete LMS RFP Template To Choose The Right LMS


Use this comprehensive LMS RFP template to identify the right learning management system for your…

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How To Calculate LMS ROI (And Improve It) | HiBob

Calculate and improve your LMS ROI

Learn to increase your LMS ROI and support your company's learning and development goals.

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Inclusive language: Empowering everyone, every day

How inclusive language empowers everyone

Let’s work together to make sure our language and how we use it meets the…

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Workplace stress management and prevention

How to avoid workplace stress and boost your people’s wellbeing

Proactively addressing stress can significantly reduce absenteeism, improve retention rates, and nurture a happier, healthier…

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What is continuous learning? | HiBob

Continuous learning

Encouraging a culture of continuous learning ensures team members stay engaged and grow professionally.

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What is absence management?

What is absence management?

HR leaders can cut down on the impacts of absenteeism and unplanned absences with effective…

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What is company culture? Benefits and strategies for 2024

What is company culture?

Learn how a company's culture can shape how team members interact, make decisions, and drive…

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Employee onboarding process: Complete 2024 guide

Employee onboarding process

Fine-tune your employee onboarding process in 2024 to enhance morale, improve employee retention, and increase…

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Exit interview template: 34+ exit interview questions to ask in 2024

Cultivating positive work cultures: Exit interview questions template

Learn the benefits of conducting exit interviews, what to watch out for, and what questions…

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Attendance Policy Template: Create An Employee Attendance Policy

Free step-by-step guide: Employee attendance policy template

With clear conversations and careful planning, you can make an employee attendance policy that meets…

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Guide to CSR Reporting in UK & EU: Key Laws & Best Practices

Everything you need to know about CSR reporting in the UK and EU

The responsibility for handling CSR, especially the portions pertaining to social responsibility, falls on HR’s…

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Understanding the new UK flexible working law (2024) | HiBob

Does the new UK flexible working law meet modern needs?

Recent changes in employment law have reshaped the business landscape in the UK and beyond.…

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