Fall into hybrid work: Creating attractive and productive workplaces - Fall-into-hybrid-work_Workable-webinar_featured-image-1.png

Fall into hybrid work: Creating attractive and productive workplaces

This shift to remote and hybrid work leaves a lot of decisions for HR leaders to make. How will you empower your employees in this new working model?

Elevate employee experience

3 ways HR tech can improve the employee experience

When organizations get employee experience right, they can achieve twice the customer satisfaction and innovation, and generate 25% higher profits, than those that don't.

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Working across time zones

HR best practices for working across time zones

Navigating different time zones is an inescapable reality for the workforce right now. Here's how to preserve collaboration and keep communication alive and effective, no matter where your team is located.

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Remote work life

How to keep your remote and hybrid workers connected

How can HR keep employees connected—to each other, to the big picture, and to the company culture—when everyone’s spread apart? Start with these three tips.

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The new world of work guide to employee empowerment - The-new-world-of-work-guide-to-employee-empowerment-lobby-image.png

The new world of work guide to employee empowerment

As the world of work begins to shift to a new, post-pandemic model, every organization has the opportunity to embrace those changes. With a renewed focus on the employee experience, it's essential to understand how employee empowerment will help drive your organization's success.

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bob and Slack intergation

Bob’s Slack integration is here to make your (work) life easier

We want to meet employees where they work, so they can enjoy all of the bob features without logging on to a different platform or even a separate tab. Get to know all the great features of our integration with Slack.

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What is headcount?

Headcount is the number of people working in a company or in a department at any given time. Headcount, unless otherwise specified, includes everyone: full-time, part-time, temporary, and contract workers. The headcount metric enables HR professionals to: Monitor and improve workforce planningSupport efficiency and productivity among personnelForecast workforce developments Why should HR leaders care about headcount? Headcount is usually unnecessary for small companies with just a handful of employees. Yet firms with hundreds or thousands of staff should take headcount seriously. Measuring headcount throughout different periods enables HR leaders to…

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Performance Map

A performance map is a chart that visually portrays employees’ performance to help leaders analyze their potential and capabilities. The performance map, like the 9-box grid, illustrates strengths and weaknesses. However, while the 9-box model is based solely on performance and potential, performance mapping allows leaders to choose any two factors and customize the grid.   Effective performance maps should: Spur dialogue concerning employee performanceProvide a clear visual depiction of job performanceStreamline the organization process and presentation of performance scores  Why should HR leaders care about performance maps? The performance map…

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Industry Spotligh: Companies going public

Five HR analytics for public companies and those filing for IPO

The long road to IPO requires determination, innovation, and an understanding of these five HR metrics that speak volumes about the health and viability of your company.

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working like a product team

How do you solve the hybrid work puzzle? Think like a product team

“Instead of looking at what others around us were doing, we approached the hybrid work puzzle like we do anything in the People Team—by working like a Product Team.” - Thomas Forstner, Head of People and Talent at Juro.

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Managing global workforces - DueDiligence-investment-main-image.png

Prepare for invesment

bob ensures that your people data is organized, accessible to all stakeholders, consistent, and accurate—reducing friction throughout the due diligence process.

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Creating the perfect hybrid work HR tech stack - Creating-the-perfect-hybrid-work-HR-tech-stack-lobby-image.png

Creating the perfect hybrid work HR tech stack

We must adapt our workplace models and our mode of working to meet these new remote-driven operations. Having the right tech stack is one way to ensure that you can keep operating smoothly while also supporting employees, engaging with them, and creating a successful employee experience.

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How to use goals to motivate your workforce

The secret to motivating your hybrid workforce? Goals

Staying motivated while WFH can be challenging. Here’s how to create a goal-setting process that will help your people push past productivity dips and reignite their focus and drive.

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Prioritizing career development and internal mobility throughout the employee lifecycle - Prioritizing-career-development-and-internal-mobility_featured-image.png

Prioritizing career development and internal mobility throughout the employee lifecycle

With career development on top of every employee’s mind, how can HR optimize the internal mobility and career development process across the employee lifecycle?

Using bob to identify your company’s top performers and influencers - Using-bob-to-identify-your-companys-top-performers-and-influencers-lobby-image.png

Using bob to identify your company's top performers and influencers

While performance reviews are beneficial for identifying top performers, they are not the only method used by companies. bob offers several ways for HR and managers to get to know their employees better and understand their contributions to the company.

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