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How The Energy Collective uses Bob to boost engagement and track people data across their global teams

The Energy Collective is a global retail energy and technology business that sells electricity and broadband using proprietary data analysis technology. After growing rapidly across four sites in Australia, New Zealand, and India, and creating a more complex organizational structure, The Energy Collective still managed everything to do with its people with spreadsheets and emails. They wanted to find an HR platform to help them nurture their caring and fun corporate culture across all of their sites and gain value from their employee data.

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Why Surveys Are the Key to Keeping Your Business Lean

How to use surveys to understand your people, boost productivity, and save money during economic downturns

Alongside one-on-one meetings, anonymous surveys are one of the best ways of gauging morale, identifying issues, and planning your strategy for building confidence and reassuring your people.

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Keeping political discussions in the workplace conflict-free

The importance of keeping sociopolitical conversations authentic and conflict-free at work

As company leaders, the key is to ensure that political discourse in our workplaces remains healthy and civil.

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Take the pulse of your business: employee satisfaction survey templates - Satisfaction-survey-templates_-lobby-image.png

Take the pulse of your business: employee satisfaction survey templates

When modern working professionals feel respected and valued in their organization, it shows in ways that extend far beyond the quality of their work. In today's global hybrid and remote working world, engaged and empowered people bring a positive attitude and energy to the workplace. They're happy, secure, and satisfied in their roles. They'll put themselves forward to learn more, build great relationships with their colleagues, and relish their place on the team. Thriving work cultures like this attract top talent, encourage career development, and see great retention rates. So…

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Employee attendance policy template - Employee-Attendance-Policy-Template_-lobby-image.png

Employee attendance policy template

Are you and your people back in the office? Is your company taking a hybrid approach? Or is the work from home (WFH) setup working well for you? While some companies are regrouping into physical office spaces again—with people remembering the joys of a takeaway coffee on the daily commute—others are embracing a more flexible approach. Whatever your decision, as your people enjoy a better work-life balance, it’s not unusual for challenges to arise. Reducing the real-life contact with managers and colleagues afforded by office work can mean that some…

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Supercharge DE&I in the workplace and measure your progress with Bob’s dashboards - DEIB-dashboards_Lobby-image.png

Supercharge DE&I in the workplace and measure your progress with Bob’s dashboards

DE&I initiatives don’t stop at hiring. They must be top of mind and continuously monitored, ensuring that you treat all your people in a fair and unbiased way and don’t discriminate according to age, gender, ethnicity, disability, or any other reason.

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Airtasker case study lobby image

How Airtasker saves hours of admin time every month using Bob’s automation and people analytics

Airtasker is a publicly-traded online marketplace based in Sydney, Australia. Until recently, Airtasker used Google Docs, Google Sheets, Dropbox, and a host of other tools for conducting HR processes, but this wasn't efficient. They understood that they needed to implement an HRIS to automate and streamline their HR processes, such as onboarding and offboarding, and provide a personalized experience for their people, while also saving time.

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Support Global Managers

5 ways HR can support managers in global workforce management

To ensure employee engagement and satisfaction in today’s global, remote, and hybrid workplace, it’s up to HR leaders to provide middle managers with the support and training they need to handle the multicultural workforce and its challenges.

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What is the hybrid working model?

The hybrid working model is a work style that enables employees to blend working from different locations: home, on the go, or in the office.

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What is a salary review?

A salary review is the evaluation process managers conduct to determine if their teams’ salaries fairly and accurately reflect their work performances and changes in the cost of living.

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What is an HR functions list?

An HR functions list is a guide that defines the core responsibilities of HR professionals, summarizes their priorities, and clarifies their mission.

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Celebrate Black History Month

8 ways to celebrate Black History Month in the workplace

February is Black History Month (BHM), when the US celebrates African Americans’ contributions and achievements throughout history. This is an opportunity for HR to collaborate with their people to promote an understanding of the month's history by creating thoughtful programming that celebrates Black cultures and fosters inclusivity.

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Tackling Merit Increases in 2023

To give, or not to give? Navigating the 2023 merit pay dilemma.

When it comes to deciding on merit increases, business leaders may find themselves facing a dilemma. On the one hand, wage freezes and bonus cuts can seem like the best way to preserve the business’s bottom line. On the other hand, strategic compensation incentives are crucial for retaining the key talent you’ve fought so hard to find over the last few years.

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Working Across Time Zones

HR best practices for global teams working across time zones

Navigating different time zones is an inescapable challenge for modern workforces. With companies becoming increasingly global and diverse and remote work well and truly on the rise, HR professionals need a finely tuned toolkit for keeping their teams connected and productive when spanning multiple time zones.

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Internal mobility: key to recession-proofing business

How investing in internal mobility can recession-proof your business

Investing in internal mobility is one of the most effective ways to reduce turnover and improve employee retention.

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