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7 Signs Your Performance Review Needs a Facelift

When performance reviews are done right, everybody wins. The problem is, it can be challenging to get it right. Does your company's performance review need some fine-tuning?

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Your hybrid work questions answered: Best practices from HR experts - Hybrid-model-webinar-_blog-image.png

Your hybrid work questions answered: Hear what our HR experts had to say

Which hybrid work model is the best? How do you care for employee wellbeing outside of the office? 4 HR pros share their best practices on everything hybrid work.

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How to be a great HR leader

How to be a great HR leader in the new world of work

Hibob founder Ronni Zehavi sits down with HR thought-leader Josh Bersin to talk about the 4 must-have skills for future HR leaders.

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Building a company culture that excels, surprises, and delights, even remotely - iStock-1152809217-1-aspect-ratio-349-149.jpg

Building a company culture that excels, surprises, and delights, even remotely

Like many distribution companies, Distrelec had been operating with a more traditional approach to HR—seeing it as a service provider rather than a strategic partner. COVID-19 and a recent digital and cultural transformation became a catalyst for rebranding the HR team to the People and Culture team.

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Avoiding turnover and improving the employee experience Webinar - Avoiding-turnover-webinar-_future-webinar-banner.png

Avoiding turnover and improving the employee experience Webinar

How can you ensure your employee experience translates to remote work and reduces employee turnover? Register for our panel discussion with a group of HR experts to learn more.

Ask us anything about the hybrid model - Hybrid-model-webinar-_past-webinar-blog-image-1.png

Ask us anything about the hybrid model

The hybrid model is the future of work. Combining working from home and working from the office, it gives employees, managers, and HR the ability to build a unique system that works for everyone.  Yet, it’s not that simple. Combining two working styles—and workplaces—is challenging, and every function has its own important role to play. We want to help HR pros navigate these new challenges, so we scheduled an Ask Us Anything session about making the hybrid model work for your workplace, as well as to dispel some common misunderstandings…

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understanding people analytics

An HR guide to understanding people analytics

Big data is no longer just for marketing or R&D; analytics are applied to improving outcomes and raising the bar in every area of business, including human resources.

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What drives Gen Z in the workplace?

A lot has been said about Millennials in the workplace. Now it’s Gen Z’s turn to shake things up. Here are five things you should know to help motivate them in the workplace.

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onboarding company culture

New hires need culture-focused onboarding

We can’t expect employees to be in step with our unique cultures from day one. Onboarding new employees into the culture, and implementing ongoing cultural training for incumbent employees, is an important way to keep your organization’s values front and center.

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Managing bonuses remotely

An HR guide to managing bonuses remotely

As we are still battling the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, this year is an opportune time to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication, despite very challenging circumstances. Even if your company hasn’t offered bonuses in the past, this gesture can go a long way in showing appreciation to your teams.

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4 ways to celebrate Black History Month in the workplace

We’ve put together a list of ideas to help you create meaningful programming for Black History Month. With a little tweaking and a solid Internet connection (thanks Zoom!), these can all be adjusted to our current WFH reality.

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4 things to know before starting an Employee Resource Group

A generation ago, diversity in the workplace was a social movement. Today, it’s a business imperative. Get tips on how to start an ERG at your company, and create a more inclusive workplace where everyone can make a difference.

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Want to keep your best people? Start with a new approach to performance reviews - Better-performance-reviews-Blog-post-1.png

4 ways to transform your company’s culture of feedback

Keep your people engaged and motivated by encouraging feedback at every level of the organization, and not just at prescribed moments like a quarterly or annual review.

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Creating a more collaborative global HR team with bob - WeTransfer-49-aspect-ratio-349-149.jpg

Creating a more collaborative global HR team with bob

WeTransfer went live with bob in April 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic while all employees were working remotely. Since then, the company has pivoted to a hybrid organization, enabling its employees to choose where they work, whether from home or the office.

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5 reasons why you should commit to DE&I in 2021

Prioritizing DE&I in 2021

2021 is the year we prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). We’re going to build inclusive and equitable cultures that honor all of our people and their diverse backgrounds; redesign our recruiting policies to make sure they’re built to support equitable hiring; stamp out structural inequities from our compensation structure, and support employees in their unique journeys. Throughout 2020 we explored diversity, equity, and inclusion in HR. These are our most important learnings. 1. Investing in DE&I pays off Diverse teams perform better. They make better decisions, collaborate more effectively,…

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