LMS Implementation Essentials: Planning, Checklist, and More

From planning to integration: Your LMS implementation checklist

This guide covers everything you need to know for successful LMS implementation—from planning to integration.

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Employee Goal Setting Template: Examples and Best Practices

Elevate performance: Employee goal setting template

Learn how employee performance metrics supports effective goal setting as part of a performance management drive and day-to-day.

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Pay transparency: Going beyond compliance - Pay-transparency_webinar_Sharing_image_1200-banner.png

Pay transparency: Going beyond compliance

There is great untapped opportunity around transparency for companies. So, what does it mean to establish, communicate, and report pay transparency effectively within your organisation?

Navigating the future: Embracing pay transparency as modern HR leaders - Unleash-World_ֿSarah_recording_2023_NO-CTA_1200-banner.png

Navigating the future: Embracing pay transparency as modern HR leaders

Access the exclusive recording of Sarah's spotlight session at Unleash World 2023. Be part of the conversation that is shaping the future of work.

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How Diversity Hiring Can Help Close the Skills Gap

How multi-cultural and diversity hiring can help close the skills gap

Challenge some long-established recruiting practices and think outside the box to reach the talent you need.

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Mastering HR-Manager Accountability

Empowering through accountability: Building strong HR-manager relationships

Accountability at work is a cornerstone of building trust and productive cross-departmental teams.

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A seat at the table: HR’s vital role in modern businesses - HR_s-vital-role-in-modern-businesse_Lobby-image-aspect-ratio-349-149.png

A seat at the table: HR's vital role in modern businesses

Today, HR holds a critical role in the modern workplace—and that role is still evolving.

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Human resource planning (HRP): Definition, processes, and tools

Human resource planning (HRP): Meaning, process, and examples

In this blog post, we take a deeper look into what HRP means and why it’s so important to your organization’s HR strategy. We’ll also share a step-by-step walkthrough for you to effectively carry out your own HRP, as well as some commonly used tools to help you improve your HRP processes from the get-go.

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What Is HR Operations?

What is HR operations?

HR operations is the backbone of the HR department, ensuring various HR processes and systems run smoothly.

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What is performance management?

What is performance management?

Performance management is a comprehensive method of tracking employees' work performances and developing their skills so they can contribute optimally to department and company objectives.

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Employee Retention Plan Template: Successfully Retain Top Talent

Successfully retain top talent: Employee retention plan template

An effective employee retention plan isn’t just about keeping people from leaving: It’s about creating an environment where they want to stay and grow professionally.

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Attrition Risk Indicator: Identify Your High-Risk Employees

Attrition risk: How to identify your high-risk employees

Let’s take a deeper look at attrition, how you can spot it early, and the things you can do to avoid it.

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7 Innovative HR Initiatives For 2024 | HiBob

Innovative HR initiatives: 7 inspiring examples for success in 2024

Let’s take a look at some of the best HR initiatives, and examine the key components for success to inspire you for 2024.

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Young Generation in Tech 2023: Spotlight on the Netherlands - YGIT_Netherlands-report_2023_Lobby-image.png

Young Generation in Tech 2023: Spotlight on Netherlands

HiBob partnered with VC investor firm Eight Roads again this year to gauge how Gen Z and young millennial tech employees in Netherlands experience the world of work and to note any changes in attitudes from last year.

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Succession Planning Templates: Simplify Your Succession Strategy

Simplify your succession strategy: Succession planning templates

Thoughtful succession planning isn't just a safety net, but a blueprint for future success.

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