3 tips for recovering from Zoom fatigue

“Zoom fatigue:” it’s real. We all know that frustrating exhaustion that hits at the end of a long video call (or maybe even in the middle), making you feel like you just put your personality in a blender and forgot it was there for the last hour or two.If video calls are making you exhausted more than usual then you might be falling prey to Zoom fatigue, the mental exhaustion associated with online video conferencing. Now that so many of us are working from home full-time, this exhausting phenomenon is…

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Defining the hybrid WFH/office model + 3 ways to make it work

Offices might be starting to open up again, but that doesn’t mean people are running to get back to their desks. Some people enjoy working from home or aren’t ready to get back to the office after COVID-19, and some local ordinances prohibit offices from opening up at 100% capacity. No matter what the reason is, organizations are learning to take it slow during their reopening process. For some organizations, the fast transition to working from home has turned into a long-term projected WFH model, with companies like Square, Facebook,…

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5 tips for dealing with stress while working from home

I’ve been working from home for years, no problem. But working remotely during a pandemic? Oooooh boy. That’s a tough one. Government-enforced solation, health-related concerns, a constant stream of negative news, plus the stress inherent to working from home, have combined to form a big mushroom cloud of anxiety. Due to those immediate modifications including isolating workers due to social distancing, existing stress have been magnified alongside the new ones that have popped up. Many of the stress-busters we know from regular office life don’t apply to WFH, especially for…

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give a warm welcome

The two most important emails you’ll send during onboarding

Onboarding is a make-or-break period for your new hires, and it seems like a lot of us aren’t doing it right. Only 12% of employees say their companies are doing a great job of onboarding new employees. Yikes. If we want to maximize retention and engagement from day one (or even before), we need to start paying attention to onboarding processes. Each step should be planned out to help employees quickly make friends and feel connected to your organization. Part of creating this connection is managing regular communication. With multiple…

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How to keep your extroverts happy while working from home

Whether working from home is your dream finally come true or your worst nightmare, it seems like we’ll be working from home for a while. With the light at the end of the tunnel slowly dimming, how can we keep our passion, our interest, our thirst to succeed alive while sitting on the couch in a tiny apartment? It’s not always easy, to say the least, but it’s possible. Here are some useful tips for keeping your extroverts happy while working from home. Keep your face-to-face game on When no…

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What is onboarding + 9 unbelievable onboarding statistics

It’s the key to job satisfaction. It’s the foundation of professional success. It’s critical to retention and loyalty. It’s onboarding.  Onboarding is the period at the beginning of a new role when you get to meet your team, understand your role, and get embedded into your company’s culture. The onboarding process’s proven impact on retention makes this period critical for any HR team or people manager concerned with retaining great talent. Let’s answer a few questions and help you get your new hires on the road to success. What does…

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Meet bob introductions

The platform that grows people

bob grows with you, adjusting and adapting for new joiners while retaining culture as you scale your company.

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are you ready?

Plan your back-to-the-office strategy using this survey template

To plan our return to the office, we need the support of our people. The post-COVID return is an emotional issue, touching on family, health, and mental wellness. To understand how your people feel and what they need while maintaining confidentiality, we recommend using surveys: private, anonymous, and honest.  Using surveys, you can keep your finger on the pulse without putting people on the spot. Your back-to-work survey can include open-ended questions to encourage more open and nuanced communication, in addition to Likert scale and multiple-choice questions. To help you…

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back to the office survey template

Coming back to the office survey template

Back-to-the-office survey template Support your people and help them feel more comfortable by using survey insights to guide your organization’s recovery plan.While it is essential to listen to employees, it is equally important to respect their privacy and maintain confidentiality. Keep your finger on the pulse without putting people on the spot by using surveys that deliver real-time feedback to inform your back to work strategy. Your back to work survey can include open-ended questions to encourage more open and nuanced communication in addition to Likert scale and multiple-choice questions.…

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Is WFH the next must-have skill for tech workers?

The unexpected change in working environment arrived came into effect almost overnight, but it’s a common consensus that it won’t be going away anywhere nearly as quickly—if at all. According to job-finding platform Indeed, the most valued skills in a resumé today include time management, communication, and interpersonal skills. As businesses globally both allow and prepare for future remote working scenarios, the importance of mastering the work-from-home skillset is becoming one of the most sought-after of them all. Let’s discuss: What the WFH skillset entailsWhat great work-from-home skills look likeHow…

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How Waves went fully-digital (and remote) with bob and MS Teams

Waves Audio is a leader in audio and music technology with more than 320 employees spread across six sites worldwide, including Israel, the US, and Europe. In 2019 the company committed to a strategic investment in HR technology and began their search for an HRIS that would enable them to manage their employees across sites.

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How remote recruiting helps build diverse teams

While 67% of American employees say diversity and inclusion are important to them in their job search, only 45% say their organization prioritizes diversity. The value of diversity in the workplace, however, cannot be overstated. In our newly-remote world of work, we’ve been handed an unexpected advantage: a diverse hiring pool. Diversity in the workplace has a striking impact on workplace effectiveness: Companies with above-average diversity scores saw 45% higher innovation-related revenueA 10% increase in Blau’s gender diversity index led to a 7% increase in market valueDiverse management teams generate…

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remote performance reviews template

Remote performance review checklist

2020: the year of remote work. This is the year that most of us were sent home. It was an unplanned experiment, but so far it seems to have gone pretty well. People are happy working from home—so we’re going to have to be happy managing remotely. Like it or lump it, managing remotely means conducting remote performance reviews. What used to be a private meeting, may over coffee and a snack, is now happening over a video call. While the new video call medium might not be problematic for…

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Integrations with bob Hibob

bob's integrations with your favorite platforms

Our seamless integrations with today’s top workplace apps mean that you can get more done faster with minimal risk of human error.

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Time and Attendance feature Hibob

Time and attendance management

Streamline time and attendance management for employees, managers, and HR.

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