What is a culture fit?

A culture fit refers to the compatibility between a company’s culture and its workforce. A culture fit implies that the employee accepts the organization’s:

Why should HR leaders care about a culture fit?

Candidates in today’s work climate often want more than compensation. They aspire to work in jobs that align with their passions, lifestyle, and beliefs.

Moreover, people attuned to the company culture often find more meaning in their work, get along with their co-workers better, and perform higher-quality work, ultimately contributing to increased engagement and retention

What can HR leaders do to promote a cultural fit between the organization and its people?

HR leaders can incorporate these simple tactics to facilitate a culture fit between companies and employees:

  • Be transparent about the company culture. The company mission statement, employee handbook, work style, and business objectives are the collective building blocks of an organization. By default, they determine the company culture. Portraying the company culture honestly shows new hires precisely what the company is about, and people who know what they’re in for will be more likely to stick around in the long run. 
  • Hire people based on merit. Unethical hiring practices catalyze nasty lawsuits and poor brand reputation. When a company hires people based on their qualifications–their hard and soft skills–the company can incorporate high-performing professionals with desirable traits such as resilience, a healthy attitude, and leadership qualities. 
  • Convey the culture to job candidates. HR leaders can attract appropriate professionals by starting with the basics: job descriptions. When companies write thorough job descriptions that introduce the company, explain the job expectations, and convey the work style, people can vibe if the position and the culture are an appropriate match for their needs, goals, and values.  
  • Gradually introduce employees to the culture. HR leaders can help new hires acclimate by building an onboarding program that clarifies expectations such as behavioral conduct, social norms, and dress code. HR can maintain this trajectory of successful employee integration by offering training and development programs for people to improve their collaborative, organizational, and problem-solving skills.

Why should culture fit be a part of modern HR strategy?

Incorporating culture fit into the HR strategy allows HR to recruit and hire people who appreciate the company culture. This employee-employer alignment sets the stage for a harmonious work environment conducive to high-performance work, productivity, efficiency, and innovation.