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Understand your business
and the people who make it

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Engagement Surveys

  • Use real-time analytics to understand employees’ attitudes and perceptions
  • Give your employees a platform for ongoing feedback
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Employee Lifecycle Feedback

  • Track employee milestones and lifecycle events in real-time
  • Complete your feedback architecture and create a culture of being heard
  • Improve satisfaction and employee engagement with a 360 approach to employee experience
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Talent Groups

Allow your directors, managers or all your employees to provide you with input on their peers so you can answer questions like: Who are your ambassadors? Who embodies your company’s values?

  • No more labeling employees and comparing them by a single metric
  • Start asking some interesting questions – quickly and elegantly
  • See who gets endorsed and view diversity & risk-factor insights
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Surveys - attitude-and-satisfaction-check.pngSurveys - attitude-and-satisfaction-check.png

Attitude and Satisfaction Checks

  • Explore views on things like company communications, training, benefits and more
  • Base management decisions on evidence, not assumptions
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Surveys - results-and-insights.pngSurveys - results-and-insights.png

Results and Insights

  • Clever and flexible results dashboard
  • Slice and dice results for deeper insights by team, site, gender, and length of service, for example
  • Easy to look at patterns and possible correlations
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We've worked closely with bob to shape the system to our needs. Lately, we've begun to focus on revolutionizing our review process, which needed to be 100% personalized.
Lilit HagemeierHead of People, ZoozMORE SUCCESS STORIES

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Build the strategy to:<br>bring employees back to the office
Build the strategy to:
bring employees back to the office

Many businesses urgently need to resume operations, but it will likely take some time to strike a balance between output and wellbeing. Working together, managers, human resources leaders, and team members can make coming back to work safer while enhancing connectivity and collaboration.

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Back-to-the-office survey template
Back-to-the-office survey template

Before bringing your team back to the office: Want to gauge your team’s feelings about the COVID-19 period? Want to understand the effect of working from home and the impact on coming back? Check out our 19 fully tested survey questions below that you can use for your company.

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