All you need to know about Bob
hibob faq
How much does HiBob cost?

HiBob has different pricing plans that depend on the number of employees in your company and the features you choose to implement. All pricing packages include Core HR and Digital Admin. Click here to get your custom pricing plan.

Does HiBob do payroll?

HiBob makes payroll easy, seamlessly integrating with the leading payroll providers. Simply input all of your payroll data into Bob as the single source of truth, and sync with your payroll provider to automatically update, creating a more straightforward, accurate payroll process.

Which apps does HiBob integrate with?

HiBob integrates with a wide range of tech partners, enabling you to use Bob in your flow of work. Bob’s integrations include the leading applicant tracking systems (ATS), team collaboration tools, cloud-based identity, and access management services, API developer tools, workflow tools, e-learning platforms, and more.

Does HiBob have time tracking?

Yes! With Bob’s time and attendance, employees can seamlessly clock in and out, edit their timesheets, and submit them for approval. Holidays and PTO are easily requested and tracked with Bob.

Does HiBob have performance reviews?

HiBob’s performance management module helps to bring the best out of your people. Stay in control of every aspect of the review process to ensure accurate, seamless cycles. Gain a 360° view of your people by incorporating their complete career timelines, Bob activity, and multiple perspectives into the review process. Request a demo here.

How secure is HiBob?

HiBob takes data security seriously. We put security measures and maintain policies and procedures to comply with required data security standards and continue to take all the necessary measures to improve our information security level. HiBob is ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27018:2019, SOC1 Type 2 and SOC2 Type 2 certified. We share personal information with 3rd parties only per our Privacy Policy, and store the data on a trusted service provider, Amazon Web Services, which is ISO 27001 certified and one of the world’s leading cloud-based services. The data is stored in Ireland and Germany, allowing you to meet European regulations. Sensitive data is encrypted using an individual per-customer AES 256 based encryption key.

How customizable is HiBob?

HiBob is a fully customizable platform. Reports and worksheets can be customized to show your data just the way you want to see it, and fields and employee records can be customized for different sites. Bob’s configurations also enable you to create tailored and automated workflows and approvals.

What does HiBob do?

HiBob’s people management platform helps modern and dynamic companies bring out the best in their employees. The role of HR has grown beyond the traditional roles of headcount and managing human capital. HR teams are now invested in building a company culture that engages and retains employees while cultivating an empowering and pleasant place of work.
Bob is central throughout the employee life cycle as the single source of truth for all people-related data and insights. From hiring to onboarding, performance management to compensation management, with Bob, you can create fully customizable workflows that save time and increase accuracy. Bob also helps to build company culture, encouraging collaboration and engagement among your global teams.

How do I get set up with HiBob?

It’s easy to get onboarded with Bob. In just a few simple steps, we help you migrate your data, define your policies and settings, set up your workflows, task lists, and reports, and review additional features that allow you further automate and simplify your workflow.

What are the main features of HiBob?

HiBob’s people management platform embraces the new world of work. Whether your teams are working onsite, remotely, or hybrid, Bob enables you to seamlessly onboard, develop, and retain talent, ensure employee wellbeing, promote engagement and build a remote culture. Bob drives global, two-way communication and enables you to quickly adapt to change.

Is Bob an HRIS?

Bob is more than an HRIS for HR leaders. Bob is a people management platform for all the people in your organization, enabling HR, managers, and employees to engage and communicate.

Does HiBob support global teams?

Yes! HiBob was designed to support modern multi-national companies. Bob is available in several languages and enables you to set workflows and policies such as holidays according to location. Bob also supports local currencies, which makes it easier when managing compensation across sites.