HR guide to non-binary gender inclusion

HR leaders guide for non-binary gender inclusion

While acceptance of trans individuals is improving, both in legislative and cultural spheres, non-binary individuals…

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Emotional intelligence training: Enhancing people management

Emotional intelligence training: the path to exceptional people management

There's a growing recognition of the critical role played by the softer, more nuanced skills…

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Navigating today’s HR landscape: Skills & competencies blueprint

Today's HR hero: a skills and competencies blueprint

When organizations incorporate three new HR dimensions into their business strategy, they usually enjoy above-average…

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Strategic HR automation: Elevating HR to maximize business goals

Support business goals with smart HR automation strategies

For HR teams, automation can free up your resources to concentrate on higher-level tasks that…

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Develop Better Leaders With This New Manager Onboarding Checklist

Elevate your teams with a new manager onboarding checklist

This new manager onboarding checklist can help you develop the next generation of talented people…

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11 challenges with Gen Z: Workplace strategies to maximize Zoomers’ potential - GenZ_L200_Lobby-image.png

11 challenges with Gen Z: Workplace strategies to maximize Zoomers' potential

To engage Gen Z successfully in the workplace, improve retention, and keep them happy, it’s…

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A Guide To The Employee Experience

Shaping the future of work: Cultivating exceptional employee experiences

Great employee experience management uses design thinking to empathize with people.

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Low budget. High inflation. Motivate your people in a volatile economy. - Low-Budget.-High-inflation.-Motivate-your-people-in-a-volatile-economy._Lobby-image-aspect-ratio-349-149.png

Low budget. High inflation. Motivate your people in a volatile economy.

The state of the world we find ourselves in post-pandemic starkly contrasts the world we…

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Top 5 HR Goals And Objectives For 2024

Top 5 HR goals for 2024

These five HR industry goals serve as guiding principles to help global HR leaders like…

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Core HR Software and the Game-Changing Reasons You Need It

Drive business success with Core HR at the center of your tech stack

Core HR isn’t just about data management—it’s about drawing on centralized information to create a…

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A seat at the table: HR’s vital role in modern businesses - HR_s-vital-role-in-modern-businesse_Lobby-image-aspect-ratio-349-149.png

A seat at the table: HR's vital role in modern businesses

Today, HR holds a critical role in the modern workplace—and that role is still evolving.

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Task Lists

From onboarding to promotions: Mastering HR automation with Bob’s Task Lists

We created Task Lists in Bob to support people-first cultures, help you stay organized, and…

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AI Policy Template: Creating AI Guidelines as Company Policy

Merging man and machine: How to create an effective AI company policy

As the power and influence of AI continue to march forward, organizations find themselves at…

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Proactive Pay Transparency

Building fair and equitable workplaces with proactive pay transparency

In the modern world of work committing to pay transparency is fundamental to building a…

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The ROI Of Investing In People

The profitability of people-centric HR programs

Your people are the driving force behind your company. Therefore, investing in people is investing…

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