The ROI Of Investing In People

The profitability of people-centric HR programs

Your people are the driving force behind your company. Therefore, investing in people is investing in your success.

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Your guide to gender pronouns in the workplace

From ey to ze: The HR guide to gender pronouns

For the modern HR leader, understanding the nuances and the importance of correct pronoun usage is paramount to fostering a healthy and inclusive workplace

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People-focused businesses: The changing role of CFOs - The-changing-role-of-CFOs_Lobby-image.png

People-focused businesses: The changing role of CFOs

In this guide, we’ll explore how organizational changes to finance and HR have driven a changing role for CFOs, and look at what modern finance executives need to consider as they prepare their businesses for change.

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Why engaging your people is the key to boosting retention - Why-engaging-your-people-is-the-key-to-boosting-retention_Lobby-image.png

Why engaging your people is the key to boosting retention

A dual strategy to boost retention and improve your employee engagement can pay dividends in the long term.

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DEI&B Strategies Based on Benchmarking

Making strategic decisions: Benchmarking DEI&B progress over time

More than DE&I metrics is how organizations harness diversity and whether or not they reshape their power structures to accommodate diverse people and perspectives.

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Supporting a global workforce lobby image

Supporting a global workforce: How HiBob uses Bob

Like most of our over 3,000 customers, we’re a multi-national organization. We have offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Berlin, and Lisbon. We currently employ 700+ Bobbers who work according to a hybrid working model, combining working from the office and home or fully remote from other areas around the globe. We use Bob for the day-to-day management of our international teams throughout the employee lifecycle, from preboarding to offboarding and everything in between.

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Preparing for everything: Your HR tech stack during a recession - Your-HR-Tech-Stack-during-recession_Lobby-image.png

Preparing for everything: Your HR tech stack during a recession

Today’s digital workplaces require integrated applications: by bringing systems together, you can make it easier for people to collaborate, share information, and get work done. Here, we’re going to explore exactly what makes the perfect modern tech stack, and the main things to consider when facing up to today’s economic challenges.

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The key to a recession-proof business: spotting and growing leaders from within - Spotting-growing-leaders_Lobby-image.png

The key to a recession-proof business: spotting and growing leaders from within

Keeping your budget lean and maximizing the productivity of your teams is key to surviving the turbulent climate in which we find ourselves. For most businesses, that means that promoting your existing talent into leadership positions is likely to be an effective strategy.

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The secrets to effective remote onboarding - The-secrets-to-effective-remote-onboarding_Lobby-image.png

The secrets to effective remote onboarding

With traditional onboarding programs built around a physical office, how can you build a strategy that works effectively for remote workers? Let’s dive into some of our finest remote onboarding tips.

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Back-to-Office Strategies

An HR guide to back-to-office strategies

The question for businesses now is how do we facilitate a positive return to the office? Although going back to work in person is often referred to as “return to work,” make no mistake: People have been working productively regardless of their location.

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employee empowerment

The key to global employee empowerment

With many global businesses now embracing a remote model, managers simply no longer have a choice but to enable and empower their employees. By embracing those changes, and putting a renewed focus on the employee experience in your management style, you can help drive your organization’s success.

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The power of Bob to the CFO lobby image

Getting executive buy-in: The power of Bob for the CFO

As partners in strategic business decisions, the CFO and HR have an important role to play when choosing an HCM. This guide explores how an HCM like Bob supports CFOs as well as CPOs in the modern workplace. We’ll cover data and insights for strategic decision-making and reporting, ensuring compliance for public companies, running compensation cycles, and ultimately increasing efficiency and saving time.

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Top 5 HR Goals for 2023

Top 5 HR goals for 2023

To meet the needs of today's workforce, employers need to determine what to focus on for the coming year and plan accordingly.

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HR guide in uncertain times: How to keep your people motivated - How-to-keep-your-people-motivated_Lobby-image.png

HR guide in uncertain times: How to keep your people motivated

This guide will explore proven approaches to inspiring motivation through culture and management and ways to create a workplace that lends itself to this goal. We’ll also dive into proven motivation-building techniques that can help you through these challenging times and address technology's role in supporting this.

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A guide for bridging the global gap - Bridging-the-global-gap_lobby-image.png

A guide for bridging the global gap

What ties us to our coworkers isn’t shared desk space: it’s a shared mission. With teammates spread across a city, country, and even the globe, we’re faced with new communication challenges. How do we adapt and bridge the gap?

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