Human Capital Management strategies

How to build successful human capital management strategies

In an agile business environment, HR leaders and senior management are becoming ever more resourceful when planning flexible strategies for attracting, retaining, and developing the best talent. At the heart of these approaches lie human capital management strategies. These days, HR’s responsibilities have expanded significantly. Whereas in the past, HR teams might have focused on employee issues, pension plans, and timesheets, these days, they cover so much more. From work culture and benefits to performance management and learning and development programs, HR leaders and managers are now responsible for the…

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One-on-one meetings

One-on-one meetings: Driving a positive workplace culture

What’s the clearest sign of a healthy workplace culture? In one word: communication. Open, honest, and constructive communication within and between teams is the glue that connects people to your company’s mission, objectives, and values and builds strong relationships that drive productivity. It helps your people feel trusted and valued, motivated and engaged. And in today’s competitive recruitment landscape, a healthy workplace culture and flexible environment have become key elements in attracting and retaining top talent. Professionals want to work for employers who listen to them, empower them, develop their…

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HR Metrics that Matter

A guide to HR metrics that matter

HR Metrics are measurements that determine the effectiveness of your human resources initiatives. Once you’ve determined your critical goals for recruiting and retention and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B), you can use HR metrics to take a data-driven approach to track and assess your progress and challenges.

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Workforce Planning and the CPO-CFO Relationship

Workforce planning: The importance of the CPO-CFO relationship

Creating a workforce planning process that works for everyone across your organization takes close collaboration with other teams, especially finance. When HR and finance leadership align on budgeting, cost-to-hire, forecasting, and payroll, the workforce planning process becomes smoother and aligned with the business’s current and future needs.

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Saving time and effort: HR audit checklists - HR-Audit-Checklist_-lobby-image.png

Saving time and effort: HR audit checklists

HR audits are an essential means of understanding what’s really happening in your department by reviewing, revisiting, and interrogating your practices, processes, and systems.

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Supercharge your teams’ collaborations: Employee directory template - Employee-directory-template_-lobby-image.png

Supercharge your teams’ collaborations: Employee directory template

An employee directory is one of the first steps you can take to protect your business culture. Not only does it make communication and connection easier within your company, supporting personal networks, but it is also the foundation of a healthy work culture that champions collaboration and mutual support.

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Keep track of your most important metrics: HR report templates - HR-reports

Keep track of your most important metrics: HR report templates

It seems that everyone is talking about ‘people-centric cultures’ these days. In a competitive recruiting environment, professionals have more choice than ever. Job openings continue to grow in the U.S., and people can pick companies based on more than just their salary offers. As a result, businesses are racing to modernize their cultures, adopting healthier approaches to flexible work and hybrid work, and supporting the growth, development and happiness of their people. HR leaders understand that doing so not only improves employee welfare, productivity, and retention rates but also creates…

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Up Your Progressive HR Game

Up your progressive HR game

The pace of change is only getting faster. It's more important than ever to check in with yourself as much as possible and reflect on your personal and professional passions. Make it a point to carve out time for yourself every couple of months to stop and appreciate what went well and examine what was difficult.  For progressive HR leaders, it’s essential to not only look at the people needs of your organization, but it’s also critical that you examine the ways you want to up your game as an…

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Must-have features: HRIS requirements checklist - HRIS-requirements-template_-lobby-image.png

Must-have features: HRIS requirements checklist

This HRIS requirements checklist will take you through all the must-have features of HRIS, why they’re important, and what to look for when doing your research.

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Employee exit interview template: Creating a positive work culture - checklist_-Exit-interview_-lobby-image-2.png

Employee exit interview template: Creating a positive work culture

How do you say goodbye? Parting ways with employees can be a tricky, even emotional affair. Depending on the context, it can feel like the cleanest thing is to limit communication and move forward with a replacement hire. However, an employee exit presents a golden opportunity to learn about your company, and in the longer term improve your retention and employee experience. The way you go about saying farewell says a lot about your company culture, and the effort you make to create a happy and healthy environment for everyone.…

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Bullet Train Hyperautomating Workforce Management

Hyperautomate workforce management with HR tech

Workforce management approaches closely resemble those of human resource management (HRM). While HRM focuses on investing in the entire employee lifecycle, WFM focuses on productivity. The goals of WFM are to improve communication, resource use, and work products in ways that enhance productivity while also boosting employee engagement.

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Forging a feedback culture

Stop waiting, start asking: Forging a feedback culture

Unless you’ve been living the exception, “The Great Re-Evaluation” continues to pose some critical challenges to organizations wondering how to stem the tide and ensure they keep their talent close and committed. Many are focused on how to create a clear and compelling cultural narrative, doubling down on themes like how to become more adaptive and innovative.

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Top 5 employee onboarding templates - Hybrid-work_Checklist_-lobby-image-2.png

Top 5 employee onboarding templates

So you’ve finalized your exciting new hire. You’ve been through the rough and rigorous hiring process and experienced some ups and downs. But now everything is finally falling into place.  But wait, the hiring process doesn’t stop here. There’s a connecting road ahead to onboard this new employee.  As HR leaders, you will be fully aware of how properly onboarding a new employee is key to making sure that they start off on the right foot, and to ensuring their continued success.  But first things first, what exactly is onboarding? …

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Employee offboarding checklist and template - Offboarding-template_-lobby-image.png

Employee offboarding checklist and template

All good things come to an end.  There will inevitably come a time in the course of business when an employer and employee part ways. Whether it’s a mutual shake of the hand and a wish of good luck or otherwise, it’s always best to say farewell in the best way possible.  Offboarding employees can be a tricky process. But instead of saying goodbye, we like to think that in most cases, it may be more pertinent to borrow the German phrase auf wiedersehen, as this can be loosely translated…

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All the essentials: Employee handbook template - Employee-handbook-template_-lobby-image.png

All the essentials: Employee handbook template

Your employee handbook is the bible of your business. It’s the document that outlines your culture, your mission, your policies, and your expectations. Essentially everything that makes you, you.  This is why creating the perfect employee handbook is such an important task. No matter the size of your company, having a well-written, structured handbook is key.  With this in mind, we’ve drawn up an outline for the ultimate employee handbook. We’ve given you the structure of what should be in an effective employee handbook so that you can have the…

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