Your Voice: Anonymous Reporting ToolYour Voice: Anonymous Reporting Tool

Anonymous reporting tool

Prioritize cultural safety

Create a safe space for your people to voice personal or general concerns such as DE&I, harassment or workplace misconduct, or illegal/unsafe company activity without fear of retribution. All concerns raised in Your Voice, including the employee’s identity, are kept completely anonymous using leading encryption technology. 

Your Voice is located at the bottom of the Bob homepage and is easy to access on web and mobile. In just a few clicks employees can share their concerns and select the category that best fits their case—ensuring that the report is routed to the correct case representative.

Empower your people to speak up and be heard. 

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Even though we are working remotely, we try to maintain our vibe. Having a tool like Bob helps us keep the communication going while everyone is remote.
Nanna Kvist
Nanna KvistHR Coordinator at Lunarread more
Your Voice: privacy and complianceYour Voice: privacy and compliance

Privacy and compliance

Safe and anonymous reporting

Protect whistleblowers and comply with the EU Whistleblower Directive by providing your people with a safe and secure way to report illicit activity or workplace misconduct. 

Your Voice is protected with leading encryption technology and is accessible only to password holders so that your people are always protected.

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Your Voice: simple case managementYour Voice: simple case management

Simple case management

Everything in one place

Use the case management dashboard to set up case categories and designate representatives to take care of each type of case. Keep track of open cases, send automated reminders to ensure that all concerns are addressed, and archive or delete cases. 

View Your Voice KPIs for a high-level view of the number and type of cases reported and the average resolution time. Measure trends and outcomes with ease.

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