Employee development plan template

Driving success through learning: Templates for employee development plans

An employee development plan, or an EDP, is a strategic document outlining your team members’ career development.

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Pay equity audit template

Ensuring fair compensation: Pay equity audit template

With these tools, you can easily navigate the pay equity audit process and ensure your business is fair and transparent for all.

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HR Job Description Samples and Checklist for Recruiting HR

HR job descriptions and checklist: Recruiting the best HR professionals

Discover comprehensive HR job description samples and a helpful checklist for efficient HR recruitment. Find the ideal HR for your team.

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How to conduct a DE&I audit

Evaluate diversity and inclusion with our DE&I audit checklist

Use our free DE&I checklist to get started on your own audit, and find out what you can do to make your workplace a fairer, happier, and more productive place.

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Workforce Planning Templates

Simplify your planning process: Workforce planning templates

Explore our free workforce planning templates below and find those most suited to your specific uses.

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Compensation Analysis Template

For your business: a compensation analysis template

In this guide, we’ll outline the primary benefits of an effective compensation strategy, and explain in detail how to go about carrying out your own salary analysis. We’ll also work through a free compensation analysis template that you can use to get started on your research.

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Must have features: IT and operations checklist for HCM evaluation - IT-questions-for-HCM-evaluation_Lobby-image.png

Must have features: IT and operations checklist for HCM evaluation

What are the things that matter to IT and operations when bringing in a new HR tool? What factors should your HR leaders consider on behalf of these teams when choosing a new platform? We’ve compiled a checklist to help answer these questions when evaluating an HCM.

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Take the pulse of your business: employee satisfaction survey templates - Satisfaction-survey-templates_-lobby-image.png

Take the pulse of your business: employee satisfaction survey templates

When modern working professionals feel respected and valued in their organization, it shows in ways that extend far beyond the quality of their work. In today's global hybrid and remote working world, engaged and empowered people bring a positive attitude and energy to the workplace. They're happy, secure, and satisfied in their roles. They'll put themselves forward to learn more, build great relationships with their colleagues, and relish their place on the team. Thriving work cultures like this attract top talent, encourage career development, and see great retention rates. So…

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Employee attendance policy template - Employee-Attendance-Policy-Template_-lobby-image.png

Employee attendance policy template

Are you and your people back in the office? Is your company taking a hybrid approach? Or is the work from home (WFH) setup working well for you? While some companies are regrouping into physical office spaces again—with people remembering the joys of a takeaway coffee on the daily commute—others are embracing a more flexible approach. Whatever your decision, as your people enjoy a better work-life balance, it’s not unusual for challenges to arise. Reducing the real-life contact with managers and colleagues afforded by office work can mean that some…

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Human Capital Management strategies

How to build successful human capital management strategies

In an agile business environment, HR leaders and senior management are becoming ever more resourceful when planning flexible strategies for attracting, retaining, and developing the best talent. At the heart of these approaches lie human capital management strategies. These days, HR’s responsibilities have expanded significantly. Whereas in the past, HR teams might have focused on employee issues, pension plans, and timesheets, these days, they cover so much more. From work culture and benefits to performance management and learning and development programs, HR leaders and managers are now responsible for the…

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One-on-one meetings

One-on-one meetings: Driving a positive workplace culture

What’s the clearest sign of a healthy workplace culture? In one word: communication. Open, honest, and constructive communication within and between teams is the glue that connects people to your company’s mission, objectives, and values and builds strong relationships that drive productivity. It helps your people feel trusted and valued, motivated and engaged. And in today’s competitive recruitment landscape, a healthy workplace culture and flexible environment have become key elements in attracting and retaining top talent. Professionals want to work for employers who listen to them, empower them, develop their…

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Saving time and effort: HR audit checklists - HR-Audit-Checklist_-lobby-image.png

Saving time and effort: HR audit checklists

HR audits are an essential means of understanding what’s really happening in your department by reviewing, revisiting, and interrogating your practices, processes, and systems.

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Supercharge your teams’ collaborations: Employee directory template - Employee-directory-template_-lobby-image.png

Supercharge your teams’ collaborations: Employee directory template

An employee directory is one of the first steps you can take to protect your business culture. Not only does it make communication and connection easier within your company, supporting personal networks, but it is also the foundation of a healthy work culture that champions collaboration and mutual support.

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Keep track of your most important metrics: HR report templates - HR-reports

Keep track of your most important metrics: HR report templates

It seems that everyone is talking about ‘people-centric cultures’ these days. In a competitive recruiting environment, professionals have more choice than ever. Job openings continue to grow in the U.S., and people can pick companies based on more than just their salary offers. As a result, businesses are racing to modernize their cultures, adopting healthier approaches to flexible work and hybrid work, and supporting the growth, development and happiness of their people. HR leaders understand that doing so not only improves employee welfare, productivity, and retention rates but also creates…

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Must-have features: HRIS requirements checklist - HRIS-requirements-template_-lobby-image.png

Must-have features: HRIS requirements checklist

This HRIS requirements checklist will take you through all the must-have features of HRIS, why they’re important, and what to look for when doing your research.

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