When it comes to your teammates and employees, however, forgetting the little things isn’t an option. While none of our brains are perfect, there are occasions where managers and HR can’t mess up, such as introducing new hires, celebrating birthdays, and addressing personal and professional milestones. 

So what do you do?

You rely on your tech stack. We haven’t built an army of thinking robots yet. Still, we have several tools (yes, including bob) that can help us do better work, mitigate human error, and increase productivity.

To help you stay on top of things and your teammates feel valuable, we created Task Lists: An automation feature in bob that allows you to build chains of events, one triggering another, so you can set it, forget it, and still keep everyone happy. Meet some of our favorite Task Lists, built for people-first cultures.

Task List dictionary

Before we get started on Task List templates, let’s go through the terminology.

Task List Dictionary

Task List templates

We’ve chosen a few of the office’s most common people occasions and made them into templates:

  1. Birthday wishes
  2. Promotions and internal movement
  3. Remote onboarding
  4. Office-based onboarding
  5. Offboarding

We’ve noted which tasks are for admin, managers, and employees using these symbols:

Assignee to task

1. Birthday wishes

Task List name: Birthday wishes |
Scheduling criteria: 5 days before an employee’s birth date |
Target group: All employees

Birthday Wishes Task List – 1.1-1.2
Birthday Wishes Task List – 1.3-1.4
Birthday Wishes Task List – 1.5

2. Promotions and internal movement

Task List name: Internal change |
Scheduling criteria: Trigger manually after a promotion or internal mobility |
Target group: All employees

Internal Mobility Task List – 2.1-2.2
Internal Mobility Task List – 2.3-2.4

3. Remote onboarding

Task List name: Remote onboarding |
Scheduling criteria: Selected once the employee works remotely |
Target group: All employees

Remote Onboarding Task List – 3.1-3.2
Remote Onboarding Task List – 3.3-3.4
Remote Onboarding Task List – 3.5-3.6
Remote Onboarding Task List – 3.7-3.8
Remote Onboarding Task List – 3.9-3.10
Remote Onboarding Task List – 3.11-3.12
Remote Onboarding Task List – 3.13-3.14
Remote Onboarding Task List – 3.15-3.16

4. Office-based onboarding

Task List name: Onboarding |
Scheduling criteria: 14 days before the start date |
Target group: All employees

Office-based Onboarding Task List – 4.1-4.2
Office-based Onboarding Task List – 4.3-4.4
Office-based Onboarding Task List – 4.5-4.6
Office-based Onboarding Task List – 4.7-4.8
Office-based Onboarding Task List – 4.9-4.10
Office-based Onboarding Task List – 4.11-4.12

5. Offboarding

Task List name: Offboarding |
Scheduling criteria: 5 days before termination |
Target group: All employees

Offboarding Task List – 5.1-5.2
Offboarding Task List – 5.3-5.4
Offboarding Task List – 5.5-5.6
Offboarding Task List – 5.7-5.8
Offboarding Task List – 5.9-5.10
Offboarding Task List – 5.11-5.12
Offboarding Task List – 5.13-5.14

Automation is the future

We used to have notebooks, and we used to have Calendar pings. Now we have Task Lists keeping us in order.
By setting up customizable Task Lists, you can keep your HR processes organized without endless reminders and sticky notes. Imagine what you can do with all the time you’ll save.