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Live in 40 days: How Payapps Limited saves hours every month on onboarding and payroll using Bob

Payapps Limited ran HR manually, using Sharepoint, spreadsheets, Dropbox, and email, which wasn’t efficient—just updating the company org chart could take hours. They wanted to implement a single HR platform to help them provide a great employee experience for onboarding and performance management, provide real-time people analytics, and scale with them as they grew.

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How TourRadar saves 40 hours per week by automating HR processes in Bob

As a company with a global workforce, TourRadar wanted to implement an HCM to centralize their people data, reduce the risk of manual error and automate and streamline HR processes throughout the employee lifecycle.

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How Xref saves hours every month in admin time and creates reports in minutes using Bob

As a publicly-listed company, Xref is required to report to regulators and therefore needs access to accurate and real-time data. They sought an HCM that would meet this need while also being flexible, customizable, and able to run reports.

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How The Energy Collective uses Bob to boost engagement and track people data across their global teams

The Energy Collective is a global retail energy and technology business that sells electricity and broadband using proprietary data analysis technology. After growing rapidly across four sites in Australia, New Zealand, and India, and creating a more complex organizational structure, The Energy Collective still managed everything to do with its people with spreadsheets and emails. They wanted to find an HR platform to help them nurture their caring and fun corporate culture across all of their sites and gain value from their employee data.

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How Airtasker saves hours of admin time every month using Bob’s automation and people analytics

Airtasker is a publicly-traded online marketplace based in Sydney, Australia. Until recently, Airtasker used Google Docs, Google Sheets, Dropbox, and a host of other tools for conducting HR processes, but this wasn't efficient. They understood that they needed to implement an HRIS to automate and streamline their HR processes, such as onboarding and offboarding, and provide a personalized experience for their people, while also saving time.

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How ManyPets supports 600+ remote workers and saves two days per month on payroll

ManyPets is a disruptor in the pet insurance space, dedicated to making the world a better place for pets and their parents. Over the past few years, the company has seen exponential growth, scaling from 30 to over 600 employees in three global locations while also moving to a remote-first model. As ManyPets grew, it became clear that the simple local HRIS they had been using wasn’t sufficient for their needs.

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How ANYMOVE streamlines and localizes processes using Bob’s HR automation to save up to 13 hours a week - AnyMove-Lobby-image.png

How ANYMOVE streamlines and localizes processes using Bob's HR automation to save up to 13 hours a week

As a small and scaling company, they needed an intuitive HR platform that could automate processes and save their small people and culture team time by breaking the cycle of spending 30 to 40 hours a week just on admin tasks and paperwork.

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How Zavida Coffee Roasters uses Bob to modernize processes and boost engagement among a traditional workforce

As a traditional company employing factory workers—some of whom have been with the company for 30 years—everything at Zavida was paper-based and manual. With a one-person HR team managing all things HR across two sites and the company in a growth phase, it was clear they needed to modernize and streamline their HR processes.

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How Bob helps The&Partnership automate HR and boost engagement across their complex org structure

As a subsidiary of a giant parent company, T&P wanted to implement their own HR platform to help manage their people and processes as they scaled, increase engagement, and create a sense of belonging for their employees spread across 30 sites.

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How Australian Wool Innovation saves 1.5 days in admin time per month managing global time off

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) is a not-for-profit organization with 145 employees in 12 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe, and the USA. They wanted to find a new HRIS that was global, fully customizable, and above all, able to support time off worldwide.

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How Melio consolidated their HR tech stack and streamlined processes in just 31 days

As Melio company scaled—growing over 200 percent in headcount in one year—their initial search for a new org chart tool quickly became a quest for a new HRIS. They realized they needed a “one-stop-shop” solution to manage everything HR, and after being wowed by a demo and HiBob’s professional and helpful team, they chose Bob and went live in just 31 days.

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How VaynerMedia uses Bob as their “one-stop-shop” for employee experience Upping their performance management game Back when they were a company of 800 employees, VaynerMedia managed their performance reviews using Google Docs, which was neither efficient nor effective. As the company grew, VaynerMedia’s People and Experience Team’s number one priority was to find a solution that would help them run seamless review cycles for their global teams. Running seamless performance reviews using Bob Using Bob, VaynerMedia runs its performance reviews in one centralized system that is easy to use and documents the entire process for all stakeholders—from the People…

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Live in 35 days: How Novatti uses Bob to boost engagement, stay compliant and streamline onboarding

Creating a fully hybrid working model  While Novatti had always supported remote work, the pandemic drove several of its people to move overseas and work from different locations where Novatti didn’t have an office. Seeing how well this worked and wanting to empower their people, the company decided to create an official hybrid working policy that also allowed their people to work from anywhere. However, this brought some challenges. How could they create a sense of community and belonging with their people dispersed across the globe? Fostering a community feel…

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How Fiverr uses Bob for the entire employee lifecycle

An HRIS to support the employee lifecycle Fiverr sought a powerful HRIS that would support their people from onboarding and throughout the entire employee lifecycle. They also needed a flexible and configurable platform so that their HR team could manage all their core HR processes as they wanted to. Bob is at the core of Fiverr’s HR  Fiverr uses Bob for managing all HR-related processes in the employee lifecycle, including their daily and cyclical tasks such as performance reviews and time off.  As a growing company, hiring talent is paramount…

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How Extreme Reach saves hours in data entry and boosts company-wide engagement with Bob

After acquiring a company and growing 43 percent in headcount, Extreme Reach understood that it was time to replace their multiple point solutions with a single powerful HR platform. They wanted a solution that could integrate with their HR tech stack, provide a good user experience, boost engagement, and create a unified company feel for their 1,100 employees across 49 sites.

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