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How Australian Wool Innovation saves 1.5 days in admin time per month managing global time off

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) is a not-for-profit organization with 145 employees in 12 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe, and the USA. They wanted to find a new HRIS that was global, fully customizable, and above all, able to support time off worldwide.

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How Melio consolidated their HR tech stack and streamlined processes in just 31 days

As Melio company scaled—growing over 200 percent in headcount in one year—their initial search for a new org chart tool quickly became a quest for a new HRIS. They realized they needed a “one-stop-shop” solution to manage everything HR, and after being wowed by a demo and HiBob’s professional and helpful team, they chose Bob and went live in just 31 days.

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How Extreme Reach saves hours in data entry and boosts company-wide engagement with Bob

After acquiring a company and growing 43 percent in headcount, Extreme Reach understood that it was time to replace their multiple point solutions with a single powerful HR platform. They wanted a solution that could integrate with their HR tech stack, provide a good user experience, boost engagement, and create a unified company feel for their 1,100 employees across 49 sites.

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Live in 35 days: How Novatti uses Bob to boost engagement, stay compliant and streamline onboarding

Back when they were a smaller company with 130 employees, Novatti ran HR manually using spreadsheets, Word docs, and email. But as they grew, this was no longer sustainable, and it became clear that they needed an HR platform to help them streamline their processes, provide a central source for people data, and increase engagement across their sites.

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How Save the Children Italia modernized performance management and saved hours on core HR with Bob

Save the Children Italia has grown significantly during the past four years, both in headcount and projects. To support this growth, they wanted to find a modern HR platform that could replace their spreadsheets and manual processes, help them modernize performance management, and create a sense of community with their employees working remotely and in the field.

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How Heroes saves two working days a month using Bob’s automated workflows and integrations

Back when they were a company of just 15 people working out of London, Heroes decided to implement an HRIS for storing their people data. However, after a short time, they realized that it didn’t serve their needs and growth plans. They wanted an HR platform that was global, flexible, scalable, and able to integrate with their favorite tech tools. They found Bob and fully onboarded in just one month.

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How Elation Health grew over 50% in one year using Bob’s Core HR and Performance Management

To support their rapid growth, Elation Health wanted to replace the HRIS they had been using with a robust HR platform that could provide them with a fully customized performance management process, help build company culture, and support their people in multiple geographies. Following a detailed analysis of several platforms, Elation chose Bob.

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Why Auror chose Bob to streamline People Experience, from Auckland to Denver - Auror-lobby-image.png

Why Auror chose Bob to streamline People Experience, from Auckland to Denver

Based in Auckland and with additional sites in Melbourne and Denver, Auror wanted to find an HR platform that was truly global and could support their needs Down Under. After seeing Bob, they knew that they’d found the platform they’d been looking for.

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Why Vita Mojo chose Bob over point solutions to support their people and growth

As part of their growth strategy, Vita Mojo's People Team looked for a powerful HR platform that could provide them with solid people data for strategic decision-making, support 360-degree performance reviews, and help to align and engage their dispersed teams. Instead of implementing several different tools, they wanted one platform that could do it all. They found all that and more in Bob.

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How BigID uses Bob to stay on top of KPIs and boost engagement, recognition, and collaboration

BigID used spreadsheets and managed HR manually as a smaller company, but it wasn’t sustainable as they grew. The company looked for a powerful HR platform that could automate their day-to-day processes, provide real-time employee insights, and help manage and measure employee KPIs. They implemented Bob and haven’t looked back.

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How saves hours every payroll cycle using Bob’s Payroll Hub was an early adopter of Bob. As a small start-up that was scaling rapidly, it became clear that they needed to replace their manual HR processes and spreadsheets with an HRIS.

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How Skroutz saved a week in  HR admin time with Bob’s compensation management - Skroutz-lobby-image.png

How Skroutz saved a week in admin time by streamlining and automating HR with Bob

Skroutz is the leading online marketplace in Greece, with 560 employees working out of their headquarters in Athens. The company started as a price comparison tool, employing 120 and with a People department of one. However, during the last few years, the company changed course and has grown significantly, including doubling its headcount during the COVID-19 pandemic as people turned to shopping online.

read more > lobby image wanted a more powerful and user-friendly HRIS, so they switched to Bob understood the significance of having an HRIS for managing its people and HR processes and historically used a well-known US-based HRIS to run its HR operations. However, over time, their HR began to explore other platforms in the hopes of finding something more user-friendly, and with a robust talent module for running reviews and surveys. They looked into many different platforms and chose Bob.

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How Xplor used change management to launch Bob to its 2,200 employees - Xplor-lobby-image.png

How Xplor used change management to launch Bob to its 2,200 employees

Xplor Technologies is a global platform integrating software and payments solutions, and commerce accelerating technologies for businesses. Xplor was formed in March 2021 through the merger of payments companies TSG, founded in 1994 in New Zealand, and Clearent, a payments company based in the US.

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How AlgoSec uses surveys and onboarding workflows for the best employee experience - Algosec-lobby-image.png

How AlgoSec uses surveys and onboarding workflows for the best employee experience

AlgoSec is a leader in security management for enterprises. Based in New Jersey, the company also has offices in Atlanta, Israel, Belarus, and India, as well as employees working remotely from an additional 15 countries worldwide. During the last three years, AlgoSec has grown significantly, doubling its headcount and expanding to additional regions. This growth drove the company to implement an HRIS, which would enable them to scale, become more data-driven, and offer a higher level of support to their employees located around the world.

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