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G2 Website: 995 reviews, score: 4.5 stars; Capterra website: 144 reviews, score: 4.6 stars.

Unified people data

Hiring management

Job marketing

Candidate experience

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Unified people data

Gain strategic insights about your people

Say bye to fragmented data silos and hi to being strategic in your hiring and workforce planning, with complete data on your people from plan-to-hire to retire. Use our recruitment software to uncover insights on where your most successful hires come from—whether a specific job board or a referral—to help you beat the war on talent and hire and retain the best people.

One of the key reasons that we moved to Bob from our previous HRIS, is it didn't give us easy access to the data that was contained within. And certainly didn’t give us any insights. The visibility that we now have across our entire business and especially our largest investment—our people—is second to none.
James Solomons
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Hiring management

Streamline applicant tracking

Manage the entire hiring process in one place, from creating new job openings, scheduling interviews, and evaluating candidates with custom scorecards to sending offer letters. Check a candidate’s status within your workflow without missing a beat, improve your time-to-hire, and enjoy Bob’s consistent user experience that aligns your new roles with your existing job catalog. Enjoy all the tools you need for hiring success.

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Job marketing

Build a strong candidate pipeline

Cast your net wide to attract the best talent by marketing your open positions on the 2,300+ global job boards connected to Bob’s hiring software. Incentivize your people to refer friends and former colleagues by creating an internal job referral program and sharing job opportunities on your website’s career page. Get the word out there with the click of a button.


Learn how to

Engage your people and supercharge your practices

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Candidate experience

Provide a memorable first touchpoint

Ensure the best first impression with a seamless hiring experience that puts candidates first. Provide a taste of your unique company culture by branding comms according to your company’s look and feel. New hires—and even those who don’t make the cut—will become your company’s future advocates based on their positive experience.

What is Bob Hiring?

Bob Hiring rounds out Bob as an all-in-one solution, providing a full picture of your people from plan-to-hire to retire.

Why choose Bob Hiring over another ATS?

Using Bob Hiring, you can manage the entire hiring process from within Bob, including creating job openings, scheduling interviews, and sending offer letters. And what’s more, you can align your new roles with your existing job catalog for a seamless hiring experience.

Does Bob Hiring connect to different job boards for marketing new roles?

Yes it does! Bob’s recruitment software connects to 2,300+ global job boards, so you can attract the best talent globally.