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Industry: Marketing and advertising agency
Sites: 6
Employees: 1,000+
“I researched different HRIS for about 18 months—I was searching for a system that would give me what I like to call a baseball card of information…extremely user-friendly, good looking, and able to give me the information I needed in just one or two clicks. When I saw bob it was a slam dunk! It was attractive, easy to use, and I felt like I was in a place that I could stay for a while.”
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Claude Silver
Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia
Industry: Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Sites: 6
Employees: 300
"When people started using bob we got really positive feedback, like, 'now I can see my team's schedule,' 'I can see people in the Org Chart,' 'it's really easy to use,' and, 'now I finally know who these people are.' bob has also created discussions around Clubs and Hobbies which have opened new opportunities for people to connect."
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Romain Delebecque
Director, Employee Experience at SmartRecruiters
Industry: Security management
Sites: 5
Employees: 400
“AlgoSec grew from a small, family-oriented company to a global company, and we had to drive much faster. HR needed a more robust infrastructure to support our growth and provide us with reliable people data.”
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Rinat Kuper
Executive VP Human Resources at AlgoSec
Industry: Customer relationship management (CRM) platform
Sites: 3
Employees: 250
“There are many platforms that specialize in one specific area of HR, whether performance or onboarding. We wanted an innovative platform that did a bit of everything, supported our overall goals, and would grow with us.”
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Alyssa Henriques
Senior Manager, People Operations at Kustomer
Industry: Payment technologies
Sites: 15
Employees: 950+
“I strive to implement automation in every possible aspect of HR and bob helped us to achieve this. I also felt that there was a great fit between the culture of our company and the culture of bob, with its innovative, young, and fresh approach.”
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Shemer Katz
SVP HR, Digital Payments and MD Israel at Nuvei
Industry: Global online marketplace
Sites: 6
Employees: 545
“As a publicly held company, I need to present HR data every quarter to the compensation committee and the Board. bob makes it simple, providing all of the data that I need in an easy-to-understand format.”
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Sharon Steiner
CHRO at Fiverr
Industry: Financial Services
Sites: 4
Employees: 700
“The cost-saving benefit from the integration between bob and our ATS systems is simple to prove. We needed one less person in our payroll team that was assigned to set up new hires, and this equals a 25% decrease in costs for the HR team.”
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Diego Solveira
Head of People at Uala
Industry: Digital transformation agency
Sites: 2
Employees: 80+
“I love that bob has the capabilities to do so many different things in one platform. You also have the bonus of added integrations with external platforms such as Slack and ATS. There are fun parts for staff too, such as kudos, which gives it that fun twist that people enjoy.”
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Danny Bluestone
Founder, and CEO, Cyber-Duck
Industry: Fintech
Sites: 4
Employees: 240+
“We saw a need to implement an HRIS to support our rapid growth. But it needed to be intuitive, non-rigid, and align with Lunar as a company with a modern approach to HR. We also sought a platform that would integrate with all of our other systems. We found all that in bob.”
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Nanna Kvist
HR Coordinator at Lunar
Industry: Distribution company
Sites: 14
Employees: 400+
“bob has given me more time back to deliver the really innovative, value-added projects. Now I no longer spend hours on reporting and pulling data from different sources, as bob is the single source of truth.”
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Nick Holmes
Head of People and Culture at Distrelec Group
Industry: Internet services
Sites: 5
Employees: 200+
“There were multiple reasons why we implemented an HRIS… we were becoming a more data-driven company, and we wanted to automate processes such as onboarding and offboarding. But, our biggest pain point was not having an effective solution for monitoring time off. With different holidays and different working hours, our teams were having a hard time finding out who was working when.”
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Taylor Barnhill
HR Business Partner at WeTransfer
Industry: Staffing and recruting
Sites: 5
Employees: 300
"bob is like another member of our team helping us meet the needs of a growing business. It's not just a tool for our HR team, but also one which involves and engages all our employees."
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Chris Brown
VP People and Culture at Zenjob
Industry: AI
Sites: 1
Employees: 51-200
“We love bob for the user-friendly interface and simplicity. We onboarded all of our employees remotely during the COVID19 outbreak and lockdown. Our employees use bob and its integrations easily and smoothly.”
Customers - anna-chyrir-image-copy.png
Anna Chyrir
Lead HR Manager at Banuba
Industry: Software company
Sites: 1
Employees: 51-200
“bob's new mobile app hit the market with push notifications and solid integrations. It is exactly what I wanted for our internal communications and to share important events. Well done!”
Customers - jonathan-laor.png
Jonathan Laor
Founder and CEO of Applicaster
Industry: Mobile
Sites: 2
Employees: 1,001-5,000
“We went for Hibob because of their focus on employee engagement and user experience, and their passion for companies to grow their culture with the people who make the companies happen”
Customers - queena.png
Queena Long
HR and Admin Specialist
at OnePlus
Industry: Computer Software
Sites: 4
Employees: 201-500
“Hibob’s integration with Microsoft Teams has made our daily work more productive. With key HR actions accessible through a widely-used tool, Teams, our employees’ and managers’ lives are much easier and happier!”
Customers - oded-siton.png
Oded Sitton
Project manager at WAVES
Industry: Real Estate
Sites: 2
Employees: 11-50
“We’ve got everyone to use shoutouts. The dev team will post to bob if the site is developing. Marketing will post blogs onto bob. We’re getting a lot more people to go onto bob lately via shoutouts.”
Customers - katie-allen.png
Katie Allen
Talent Aquisition Manager
at Bricks Group
Industry: Automotive
Sites: 5
Employees: 201-500
“For a fast growing flat organization like us, seeing the org chart automatically updated all the time is pretty awesome”
Customers - sanders-bias.png
Sander Bais
Head of HR at New Motion
Industry: Online Marketing
Sites: 2
Employees: 51-200
“In one week, 100% of ArchiTechs were trained on how to use bob with 100% engagement of the platform”
Customers - JOOBEE-YEOW_iTech-Media.png
Joobee Yeow
Head of People & Experience
at iTech Media
Industry: Fashion retail
Sites: 2
Employees: 201-500
“We wanted something that is cloud-based and very easy to access, and to actually reflect our culture in terms of the look and feel as well, because I think it will increase usage.”
Customers - daniel-alund.png
Daniel Alund
Chief People Officer
at Happy Socks


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