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Your time, your rules

Create and assign custom policies

Customize bulk time off policies for different levels, sites, and sets of employees. Create unlimited plug-and-play policies with automatic approvals. Never print another attendance log again.

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Jankel started as a small family business, but as we grew, we realized that we had to have an HRIS system in place rather than the manual Excel sheets and time cards we had been using
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Don’t go chasing managers

Streamlined requests and approvals

Managers, employees, and HR can request and approve time off in their flow of work via push notifications from Slack, Teams, and the bob app, all logged in a convenient calendar view.

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The bigger attendance picture

Easy time off tracking

Track and manage your and your peoples’ time off with a convenient calendar view that helps you keep track of your team’s whereabouts. Simplify tracking with automated reports and historical data.

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