Make a good first impression

New Start

With bob, onboarding is a top priority. New starters can get a feel for the business before the first-day nerves kick in.

  • Cut down on admin time
  • Set clear tasks and workflows
  • Welcome new joiners to your tribe

Streamline Admin

New starters deal with the data before they join. No form filling, no spreadsheets, no hassle.

  • Personal info
  • Policy docs
  • Introduction to colleagues

Set Tasks

By using bob’s automated tasks function, you’ll watch your new starter get oriented in the most efficient way ever. It’s all in order before their first day.

  • Set up customized workflows broken down by tasks
  • Prepare IT and other departments to collaborate harmoniously

Join the Club

bob’s clubs features are informative, useful and nice to look at.

  • Introduce new joiners via Shoutouts
  • Discover shared interests and superpowers
  • Culture section features fun facts and stats

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