Automated onboarding cards, create templateAutomated onboarding cards, create template

Automated onboarding flows

Streamline the onboarding process

Bob’s onboarding flows help streamline the onboarding experience for new employees, stakeholders and HR alike, helping HR to provide a positive onboarding experience for new employees. Using Bob’s onboarding checklists, you can ensure that every task and touchpoint is covered at exactly the right time, and that no detail is overlooked.

Set up your onboarding flows and tailor them to meet your global workforce needs. Create tasks for managers, IT, and peers to ensure that your new hire has everything they need from day one and throughout the onboarding period. The number of onboarding flows is unlimited.

Automate your onboarding workflows so that once created, they are ready for more new joiners in just a few clicks.

We knew we were growing and were looking for a platform that would help us to streamline onboarding for the employee and enhance the employee experience.
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Onboarding flow, welcome email, dateOnboarding flow, welcome email, date


Start your new hire’s journey before day one

Don’t wait until your new employee’s first day to welcome them to the company and start the onboarding process. Instead, set up a preboarding workflow for new hires by uploading all of their documents to Bob so they can complete their details and get all paperwork out of the way.

Add a task list for IT to organize all necessary equipment and one for the new hire’s manager to check-in. That way, all the tedious tasks are taken care of and your new employees can use their first day to get to know their teammates.


Automated onboarding

Is a click away

Introduction to our company, profile imageIntroduction to our company, profile image

Culture and engagement

Showcase your people and your company culture

Make a great first impression by introducing new joiners to your company and its unique culture. Give them a headstart on engagement by posting company photos and a welcome video to watch before they start via Bob.

Bob gives all new employees a place to learn and explore the company, its culture, and its people. Start introducing new employees to their co-workers, including their unique interests and hobbies, using the People Directory. Present your company’s structure, its departments, teams, and who reports to whom using Bob’s Org Chart.

Company shoutout, BirthdaysCompany shoutout, Birthdays


Make it official

Give your new employees a warm welcome, and announce their arrival company-wide using Bob’s Shoutouts.

Post a photo and share some fun facts with the rest of the team. Welcoming new hires publicly will give them a sense of belonging and help them to foster new relationships within the company. Make Shoutouts part of the onboarding workflow to ensure that all new hires receive the welcome they deserve. Bob’s Shoutouts also integrate with Slack and MS Teams, so you can meet people in their flow of work and ensure no one misses your new employee welcome.

Task list, New taskTask list, New task

Personalized onboarding

Add a personal touch

Onboarding doesn’t need to be a one size fits all process. Have specific training for your dev team and different tasks for your marketing team? What about specific rules and regulations for your global locations? No problem.

With Bob’s employee onboarding software, you can set up all onboarding tasks ahead of time and then create a customized onboarding workflow using only the tasks that fit the talent profile. All of Bob’s workflows are easily automated, so you can just schedule it and let Bob do the rest.