What is a salary band?

What are salary bands?

Salary bands, also known as pay ranges or pay scales, are ranges of salaries for…

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Job pricing

What is job pricing?

Job pricing is how you establish the right compensation or salary for a specific job…

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What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? | HiBob

What is an employee assistance program (EAP)?

Employee assistance programs, or EAPs for short, are work-based programs designed to identify and assist…

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What is an HRIS Analyst? | HiBob

What is an HRIS analyst?

In essence, an HRIS analyst is the logistical superhero who manages, maintains, and supports this…

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What are Employee Files? | HiBob

What are employee files?

Employee files, also known as employee personnel files, are detailed records that contain essential job-related…

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What is job enrichment? - 20230601-HiBob-June-Glossary-Main-Banner-Job-enrichment-1-BW-aspect-ratio-349-149.png

What is job enrichment?

Job enrichment is a motivational strategy that focuses on making the work people do more…

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What is Employee Enablement? | HiBob

What is employee enablement?

Employee enablement means empowering employees with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to do…

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What is a Hiring Freeze? | HiBob

What is a hiring freeze?

A hiring freeze is when a company stops hiring new employees. During a hiring freeze,…

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What is preboarding and why is it important? | HiBob

What is preboarding and why is it important?

Preboarding is the step before onboarding, when new hires get to meet the organization and…

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What is on-demand pay? | HiBob

What is on-demand pay?

On-demand pay is a way for people to receive payment for their work as they…

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What is Continuous Feedback?

What is continuous feedback?

Continuous feedback is a process where you give feedback to employees (and receive it from…

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What is Internal Mobility?

What is internal mobility?

Internal mobility is the movement of employees within a company to new roles or positions.…

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What is a Salary Freeze?

What is a salary freeze?

A salary freeze, also known as a pay freeze, is when a business makes the…

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What is an HR Database?

What is an HR database?

An HR database is a system where you store and manage data on your company’s…

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What is Ageism (Age Bias) in the Workplace?

What is ageism in the workplace?

Ageism in the workplace, also known as age bias, is when people discriminate against their…

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