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What is work from home?

Work from home implies that an employee primarily works from the company office, and occasionally works from home, yet only for specifically designated time periods.

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What is remote work? - Remote-work-Glossary-banner-2.png

What is remote work?

Remote work is a work-style that takes place outside of the customary office setting, usually from a home office or coworking space, and is based upon constant communication with coworkers, managers, and clients, by phone, email, and videoconferencing.

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What is employee onboarding? | HiBob

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of incorporating a new employee into a company and familiarizing them with the company culture and policies, so they can become an effective and contributing member of the team.

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What is humanity in the workplace?

Humanity in the workplace is expressed through the innate, shared, human values, and unique talents and perspectives which employees contribute. Humanity is dynamic, and encompasses the natural, human, need for:

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What is empathy in the workplace? - Empathy-in-the-workplace-Glossary-banner-3.png

What is empathy in the workplace?

Empathy in the workplace is the ability to be understanding towards colleagues and sensitive to their unique perspectives, work styles, and ideas.

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What is compensation management software? - Compensation-management-software-Glossary-banner-2.png

What is compensation management software?

Compensation management software is a dedicated planning system that streamlines employee data and budget planning to create optimum employee compensation packages.

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What is employee attrition?

Employee attrition is the naturally occurring, voluntary departure of employees from a company. Employee attrition involves leaving a job for:

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What is an applicant tracking system? - Applicant-tracking-system-Glossary-banner-1.png

What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software that simplifies the recruitment process by helping HR sort through job applicants and selects the most suitable candidate. This sophisticated filing system organizes and stores applicants’ information in a centralized database, managing the entire recruitment process in one system.

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