What is Cost-of-living adjustment (COLA)?

A Cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is a company-wide compensation increase that corresponds to a rise in…

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What is employee net promoter score (eNPS)?

Employee net promoter score (eNPS) is a metric that assesses employees’ job satisfaction by measuring…

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What is an employee handbook?

An employee handbook is a manual that guides employees through their employment journey by explaining…

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What is Career Path Ratio?

What is a career path ratio?

Career path ratio is an HR metric used to calculate an employee’s rate of growth,…

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What is a company code of conduct?

A company code of conduct is a formal document that explains acceptable workplace behavior and…

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What is a talent pool?

A talent pool is a selection of outstanding candidates or employees, trained to fill positions…

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What is an attendance policy?

An attendance policy is a document that defines company rules of employee attendance, to reduce…

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What is employee burnout?

Burnout is the emotional and or physical exhaustion employees experience due to long term, incessant,…

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What is unpaid leave?

Unpaid leave refers to time off from work during which an employee retains their job,…

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What is Remote Onboarding?

What is remote onboarding?

Remote onboarding is the process of incorporating a new employee into a company and familiarizing…

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What is a salary review?

A salary review is the evaluation process managers conduct to determine if their teams’ salaries…

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What is workplace stress? - Workplace-stress-Glossary-banner-1.png

What is workplace stress?

Workplace stress refers to the physical, mental, or emotional reactions of employees when coping with…

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Work-from home-Glossary-banner

What is work from home?

Work from home implies that an employee primarily works from the company office, and occasionally…

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What is remote work? - Remote-work-Glossary-banner-2.png

What is remote work?

Remote work is a work-style that takes place outside of the customary office setting, usually…

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What is employee onboarding? | HiBob

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of incorporating a new employee into a company and familiarizing them…

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