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5 HR challenges for fintech companies

In stark contrast to traditional financial companies such as banks and old-school insurance companies, fintech companies are innovators and disruptors that are revolutionizing the financial services industry.  With technology at the very core of these companies, HR needs to keep up with modern HR practices and platforms when attracting, engaging and retaining talent. With this in mind, we have defined 5 challenges faced by HR professionals working in fintech:  1. Hiring and retaining the best talent As the fastest-growing segment of the workforce, and as digital natives possessing the technological…

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2020 highlights in Bob

To survive in 2020, we needed to learn to adapt fast. We left work one Friday afternoon in March—you know the rest of the story. Most of us haven’t been back since. To navigate this sudden, multi-continent transition to full-time working from home, we relied on bob’s remote-forward features, such as Shoutouts for communicating critical information, Kudos posts for keeping up morale, and Task Lists and personalized onboarding for easy onboarding. 2020 has been a pivotal year for the Bob platform. We’ve incorporated remote and hybrid needs into every aspect…

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5 tips for transitioning your compensation management process to HR tech - 5-smart-compensation-management-tips-Blog-post.png

5 tips for transitioning your compensation management process to HR tech

Compensation management is one of the most important parts of people management—and the stakes are high. One misdirected email and you’re toast. When discretion is of utmost importance and there’s no room for error, you need to make sure you’re working with tools that keep your information safe, organized, and error-free. That’s why spreadsheets are a no-go for compensation management. To run something as tricky as compensation management, you need HR tech. It’s not easy to transition legacy processes, though—we know it takes thought and effort. Use the following five…

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Do you ‘like’? Social Media & HRTech at Work

This article from guest author, Marian Bloodworth, is part of a series of posts on digital HR & the human connection - an exploration of the issues & trends around online HR tools, social media channels, and the desire for a positive culture in the workplace. Businesses are increasingly using social media platforms and HR technology at work - especially those organisations keen to see greater employee engagement through increased levels of connectivity. For employees used to managing their personal lives via social media and technology, it makes perfect sense.…

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