When we founded HiBob in late 2015, we had a vision of changing the modern world of work. We knew that the cumbersome, rigid, and time-consuming technology we used previously to manage people could not be the same technology that powered businesses of today and in the future. We aimed to make our platform, Bob, an HCM that was all-encompassing and easy to use for not just HR but also managers and employees. 

At HiBob, we provide cutting-edge HR tech capabilities specifically designed for modern, mid-sized businesses that want to put their people at the center of everything they do. Our commitment to this vision has not wavered, and in fact, our platform only continues to grow. That’s why I’m beyond excited to share the next step in building Bob into a global ‘all-in-one’ HCM leader with our acquisition (subject to closing conditions) of UK payroll provider Pento. 

Welcoming Pento into the HiBob village is exactly aligned with our strategy. Following the release of our Payroll Hub in 2021, this is the next step in our payroll offering. Pento’s innovative, self-service approach to payroll is a breath of fresh air compared to the traditional, manual processes prevalent in the industry. This, together with the company’s proven track record and significant number of customers already using Bob as their HCM, underscores a powerful and natural fit between companies.

Why integrate payroll into an HCM? 

The connection between HCM and payroll has always been strong. However, as many of us know, it becomes complex when you employ people in many countries. Our customers claimed that when the two systems are not integrated, payroll can be tedious, error-prone, and inefficient—ultimately creating a poor experience for HR, finance, payroll teams, and employees. 

Data consistency is one of the biggest perks of an integrated HCM and payroll system. When payroll is integrated into your HCM you don’t have to worry about manual data entry or errors because any updates made in your HCM will automatically reflect in the payroll system. This means payroll calculations will always be based on the most up-to-date information. 

Plus, integrated systems also make reporting and analytics so much more robust. HR and finance teams can generate comprehensive reports that combine HR and payroll data, providing key insights into workforce trends, labor costs, and other critical metrics that help you make informed decisions.

And don’t forget about how integration streamlines the onboarding and offboarding process. With integrated systems, new joiners are seamlessly onboarded into the payroll system, and departing employees are promptly removed. This ensures that employees are paid accurately and on time without any errors.

What does it mean for HiBob and you?

Integrating Pento’s technology into Bob is an extension of our payroll agenda, which began with Payroll Hub, our centralized dashboard for managing payroll in Bob. By integrating Pento’s technology, we are doubling down on offering native payroll for specific geographies, starting in the UK. 

On the day-to-day level, it means that HR teams and managers, finance, and payroll professionals will be able to streamline their operations and enhance their workflows. It will also create a better employee experience, delivering information on time and eliminating costly errors that can impact employee satisfaction. This is a significant step towards modernizing payroll services for companies across the UK. 

Our plan is to offer an integrated solution for the UK in 2024, which we will then expand to other geographies to support even more of our global customers. Meanwhile, our Payroll Hub will continue to provide a simplified, secure, and efficient connection between Bob and payroll systems across the globe.

Welcome to the HiBob village

We chose Pento because of our shared outlook, values, and mission. Both HiBob and Pento are dedicated to providing trailblazing HR technology that genuinely enhances the lives of HR leaders and employees. We’re both people-centric companies that prioritize flexibility, equity, happiness, and the wellbeing of our people. 

I’m excited to welcome the Pento team to our village and extend my utmost gratitude to their leadership, to our Bobbers, and to our amazing customers. I look forward to continuing to change the modern world of work together.

Ronni Zehavi

From Ronni Zehavi

Ronni has over 25 years of experience in multinational, hi-tech companies. Prior to setting up HiBob, he was an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Silicon Valley based Bessemer Venture Partners. He's the strategic advisor and co-founder of Team8 Cyber Security and CEO of Cotendo, a content delivery network which was acquired by Akamai for $300m.