Inspiring Employee Empowerment Examples That Really Work

Employee empowerment examples: Inspiring ways to empower your people

When your team is brimming with purpose and motivation, it makes a difference in everything…

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Navigating the Hybrid Work Landscape

The productivity puzzle: How to navigate hybrid work

While remote work is labeled the scapegoat for low productivity, the data says the opposite.

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Employee Performance Metrics You Need to Track

Top 12 employee performance metrics to track

As HR professionals know, employee performance metrics are more than just simple numbers on a…

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L&D and Performance Management

The importance of learning and performance management

Continuous performance management combined with ongoing L&D is an incredibly effective way to engage and…

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Interview Feedback Examples

Inspirational candidate interview feedback examples

Interview feedback is integral to the recruitment process, but figuring out phrasing can get tricky.…

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Performance management best practices

5 performance management best practices

In this article, we’ll share five performance management best practices that will help your organization…

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Main image

How to incorporate Bob's performance rating in your next review cycle

There are many tools available for managing performance, and companies should choose those that best…

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Performance review questions

17 performance review questions you should be asking

An effective performance review is invaluable for HR professionals, managers, and employees to align expectations,…

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It’s time to fall into Fall: tips for motivating your people this season - How-to-motivate-your-people-this-Fall_-Global-image.png

It’s time to fall into Fall: tips for motivating your people this season

Employee motivation is a key driver for HR leaders and managers alike. Motivation in the…

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How goal-setting in Bob empowers employees to succeed - Goal-setting-for-success_-Global-image-1.png

How goal-setting in Bob empowers employees to succeed

When we set ourselves a goal, both in our personal and professional lives, we actively…

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Performance mapping in Bob

How to use performance mapping as part of your performance management program

The 9-box model is effective for identifying high performers. But getting a clear picture of…

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