Digital Employee Experience: Strategies, Software & Transformation

Decoding digital employee experience: Strategies and solutions

Create a digital experience that engages your people and helps them perform at their best.

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Career Pathing: Foster Employee Growth Through Paths & Mapping

Navigating strategic career pathing for dynamic employee growth

Career pathing creates a roadmap for your people to fulfill their career aspirations.

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Attrition Risk Indicator: Identify Your High-Risk Employees

Attrition risk: How to identify your high-risk employees

Let’s take a deeper look at attrition, how you can spot it early, and the…

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7 Innovative HR Initiatives For 2024 | HiBob

Innovative HR initiatives: 7 inspiring examples for success in 2024

Let’s take a look at some of the best HR initiatives, and examine the key…

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Keeping People Engaged in the Big Stay 2023

The Big Stay: The secret to boosting your engagement and retention

The Big Stay has taken the place of the Great Resignation. People are finally deciding…

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How to Improve Manager Effectiveness

Checking in: How to improve manager effectiveness

Good communication is the most powerful tool a manager has to enhance team performance.

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What Is the Bradford Factor and How Do You Calculate It?

The Bradford Factor explained: Meaning and how to calculate

The Bradford Factor is based on the theory that shorter, more frequent absences are more…

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How to meet Gen Z's career expectations

Managing career expectations for Generation Z

To build a thriving Gen Z workforce, modern organizations need new approaches to people-focused business…

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Apprenticeships, Mentorships, and Reskilling

Apprenticeships, mentorships, reskilling, and fighting the labor shortage

Businesses seeking to build a robust workforce with the skills they need now and in…

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HiBob retaining top talent main image lobby image

6 ways Bob helps retain top talent during uncertain times

With Bob’s features and modules, you can engage and motivate your people, providing a winning…

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How Feedback Helps Retain People During a Recession

How feedback and open communication help retain talent in turbulent times

This article explores how trust, transparency, and open communication with your people during a recession…

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