HR Tech: The Key To Achieving Pay Equity

HR tech: The key to achieving pay equity

HR leaders have the power to clarify the difference between pay equity and transparency for…

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Optimizing Your Employee Benefits

Employee benefits: How to get the most out of your compensation packages

Some benefits might look great on paper, but your people might not need or use…

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Talking Compensation lobby image

How Bob helps you create a compensation strategy to attract and retain top talent

Companies worldwide have made compensation discussions a top priority, due in part to a rising…

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Glad you’re here: Welcoming Pento to the HiBob village - Pento-x-HiBob_Blog_Lobby.png

Glad you’re here: Welcoming Pento to the HiBob village

When we founded HiBob in late 2015, we had a vision of changing the modern…

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To give, or not to give? Navigating the merit increase dilemma. - Merit-pay_Lobby-image.png

To give, or not to give? Navigating the merit pay dilemma.

To better understand how to approach merit increases or freezes, it’s worth looking at some…

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Top US Payroll Companies

List of top payroll systems in the US

Making sure your people get paid on time is critical for businesses. It shows your…

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Pay Transparency Laws

Pay transparency: Insights from HR leaders

We spoke to HR leaders here at HiBob to outline what you can expect from…

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Flexible Benefits for Progressive Recruitment

Progressive recruitment: How flexible benefits packages can help

We’re going to explore some of the most progressive benefits businesses offer today and break…

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Bob’s Compensation Benchmarking Powered by Mercer

Attract and retain talent with Bob’s Compensation Benchmarking Powered by Mercer

At HiBob, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a modern HR platform that…

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Benchmarking and How to Talk Comp With Your People

Benchmarking and how to talk comp with your people

One way companies can begin to navigate compensation discussions with their people is by having…

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ESOP blog main image

How to attract and retain tech talent with an equity stock ownership plan (ESOP) 

We know that attracting and retaining top talent is the biggest challenge for Australian early-stage…

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