Personalized Onboarding Experiences Make a Difference

First impressions count! How Bob creates personalized onboarding experiences new hires won’t forget.

Providing your people with a successful onboarding experience is essential for employee satisfaction and retention,…

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Automate onboarding tasks

How to automate onboarding tasks using Task Lists

Bob’s people-first Task Lists feature helps automate your processes and minimize human error so you…

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Great onboarding takes a village

10 tips for creating first-class onboarding processes

I’ve led onboarding program builds more times than I can count. What I’ve learned through…

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DIJGTAL's Bob Olympic Games

Gamifying Bob onboarding: Queue the Bob-Olympics

Earlier in 2021, my innovation-led design and marketing agency, DIJGTAL, began the journey of setting…

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onboarding best practices

Four onboarding best practices (that work for remote hires too)

Creating an excellent onboarding process requires trial and error, but the payoff in terms of…

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Great onboarding email templates - Get-onboarding-emails-right_Lobby-image.png

Great onboarding email templates

To help navigate the how and what of onboarding, we've put together this series of…

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Remote onboarding checklist: Doing it right and getting employees to stay - Remote-onboarding-checklist-Blog-post.png

Remote onboarding checklist: Doing it right and getting employees to stay

The first 90 days of a new job are critical to long-term success, both for…

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Make your onboarding experience Instagrammable using our five steps to sharing success

5 steps to make your onboarding experience perfect for Instagram

We bet your company’s onboarding experience is one of a kind. In fact, it’s most…

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Personalized onboarding

Say hi to our new personalized onboarding experience

At HiBob, we know that creating an engaged and committed team starts with successful onboarding…

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Better onboarding ahead

Using technology, HR can make a great impact on onboarding people

Most companies today are welcoming new hires without a strategic onboarding plan in place. Those…

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