Personalized Onboarding Experiences Make a Difference

First impressions count! How Bob creates personalized onboarding experiences new hires won’t forget.

Providing your people with a successful onboarding experience is essential for employee satisfaction and retention, as research by the Brandon Hall Group shows. In fact, they found that organizations with a strong onboarding process increase their retention of new hires by 82 percent and productivity by an incredible 70 percent.

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Automate onboarding tasks

How to automate onboarding tasks using Task Lists

Bob’s people-first Task Lists feature helps automate your processes and minimize human error so you can focus on building relationships with your people instead of getting buried in mountains of administrative work.

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Great onboarding takes a village

10 tips for creating first-class onboarding processes

I’ve led onboarding program builds more times than I can count. What I’ve learned through these experiences is that creating a great onboarding program is hard. It takes time, immense cross-functional collaboration, and no matter how hard we try, the job is never done. As your company evolves, so must your onboarding program.

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DIJGTAL's Bob Olympic Games

Gamifying Bob onboarding: Queue the Bob-Olympics

Earlier in 2021, my innovation-led design and marketing agency, DIJGTAL, began the journey of setting up our team on Bob (full disclosure, I don’t own DIJGTAL, I have the pleasure of working for them ☺️). It wasn’t long into the process that our leader of the integration—Growth and Ventures Director, Donna White, an HR/Talent veteran of 15 plus years—figured out a pretty ingenious way to onboard our entire team at the same time.  DIJGTAL holds offices in Sydney, Vancouver, and Los Angeles (also soon to be opening a new office…

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onboarding best practices

Four onboarding best practices (that work for remote hires too)

Creating an excellent onboarding process requires trial and error, but the payoff in terms of employee experience is huge.

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Great onboarding email templates - Get-onboarding-emails-right_Lobby-image.png

Great onboarding email templates

To help navigate the how and what of onboarding, we've put together this series of employee onboarding email templates to help save you time and give your new hires a warm welcome wherever they're based.

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Remote onboarding checklist: Doing it right and getting employees to stay - Remote-onboarding-checklist-Blog-post.png

Remote onboarding checklist: Doing it right and getting employees to stay

The first 90 days of a new job are critical to long-term success, both for you and your employees. A well-planned-out remote onboarding process can be the make-or-break for new hire retention; in fact, 64% of new hires report leaving a job because of unsatisfactory onboarding. In Michael D. Watkins’ bible to onboarding for employees titled The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter he writes, “Good initial decisions founded on the right kind of learning...bolster your personal credibility. As people come to trust…

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Make your onboarding experience Instagrammable using our five steps to sharing success

5 steps to make your onboarding experience perfect for Instagram

We bet your company’s onboarding experience is one of a kind. In fact, it’s most likely jam-packed with unique aspects that make it perfect for public display on Instagram. There’s always room for more festivities and other “getting to know you” elements, though, and that’s what we’re here to help with!  Your new hires should have an onboarding experience to remember. Plus, the experience itself when posted online should contribute to your employer branding strategy; this means enhancing hiring efforts, drawing new recruits, and strengthening retention at a record rate.…

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Personalized onboarding

Say hi to our new personalized onboarding experience

At HiBob, we know that creating an engaged and committed team starts with successful onboarding and within our HR platform, Bob, we believe it’s a core value and key function of the overall employee experience. We care about starting people off on the right foot and making them feel at home even before they have even entered the workplace. After all, the value of onboarding is insurmountable and is directly correlated with retention rates, as we’ve found that 64% of new hires leave after a negative onboarding process.   We hear…

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Better onboarding ahead

Using technology, HR can make a great impact on onboarding people

Most companies today are welcoming new hires without a strategic onboarding plan in place. Those that are in place typically lack engagement and excitement, along with clarity. They also have the same onboarding process for any new hires with no personalization. To put it simply, the onboarding process needs a reboot. A great onboarding experience is one that impacts other areas of the company and the components that drive its success - company culture, employer branding, workplace happiness, productivity, and employee motivation are all included. So, how do we amplify…

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