Hibob did it again: $150MM raised in Series C funding round - 150MM_Funding_Blog_Global-image.png

Hibob did it again: $150MM raised in Series C funding round

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job, but it is the most rewarding. Like seafaring explorers, entrepreneurs lead expeditions into completely uncharted territories. We deal with uncertainty, take huge risks, dare to think big, and break boundaries. It is only with a clear vision, strong DNA, reliance on past experience, and the amazing teams that support us that we can succeed.  I’m incredibly proud to announce that we’ve raised $150 million in Series C funding. This round was led by General Atlantic, with participation from existing investors, including Bessemer…

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Hibob named a leader in G2’s Fall 2021 Grid Report for core HR - Leader-in-G2s-Fall-2021-Grid-Report-for-Core-HR_-Global-image.png

Hibob Named a Leader in G2’s Fall 2021 Grid Report for Core HR

Over the past six months, Hibob customers have taken to G2 Crowd to share their experience with our product, service, and support.

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bob and Slack intergation

Bob’s Slack integration is here to make your (work) life easier

We want to meet employees where they work, so they can enjoy all of the bob features without logging on to a different platform or even a separate tab. Get to know all the great features of our integration with Slack.

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Putting employee experience first is what Hibob’s all about - Put-employee-experience-first-blog-image.png

Putting employee experience first is what Hibob's all about

Josh Bersin's annual report, HR Technology 2021: The Definitive Guide, highlighted the need to put employee experience first. Read our CEO, Ronni Zehavi's, thoughts on the future of work and how Hibob does just that.

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Announcing bob’s integration with ADP Workforce NowⓇ - hibob-and-adp-integration-_-Blog-img.png

Announcing bob’s integration with ADP Workforce NowⓇ

Payroll is the definition of “necessary evil.” It’s arguably HR’s most important task, but the manual inputs and endless spreadsheets make it a painful one. Payroll is definitely an important part of the CFO/CPO working relationship. As part of bob’s quest to make HR tasks easier and more rewarding, we are happy to announce bob’s integration with ADP Workforce Now payroll services, and that the Hibob Connector for ADP Workforce Now is now available on ADP Marketplace. Integrating payroll into an HRIS lets you create a seamless, one-platform workflow that…

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2020 highlights in bob - TOP-FEATURES-2020-_Blog-post.png

2020 highlights in bob

To survive in 2020, we needed to learn to adapt fast. We left work one Friday afternoon in March—you know the rest of the story. Most of us haven’t been back since. To navigate this sudden, multi-continent transition to full-time working from home, we relied on bob’s remote-forward features, such as Shoutouts for communicating critical information, Kudos posts for keeping up morale, and Task Lists and personalized onboarding for easy onboarding. 2020 has been a pivotal year for the bob platform. We’ve incorporated remote and hybrid needs into every aspect…

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Hibob raises $70MM to define the future of HR

2020: the year HR took the wheel

COVID-19 highlighted the importance of powerful, skilled HR leadership, and there’s no better time than now to begin transforming the HR function. As we navigate unprecedented times and transitions, HR’s role has proven itself to be mission-critical for business success. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we had to rely on HR tech tools to pivot once-colocated teams to fully-distributed teams over the course of a few days, or even overnight.  We’re excited to announce our $70 million Series B round led by investors SEEK and IGP, bringing us to a…

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Championing cultural safety with Nirit Peled-Muntz, Hibob Chief People Officer - QA-with-an-HR-expert-Nirit-Peled-Blog-post.png

Championing cultural safety with Nirit Peled-Muntz, Hibob Chief People Officer

We all want to feel safe and supported at work—and, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we need to feel safe and supported in order to be productive. Cultural safety incorporates physical and emotional safety, acknowledging that when either one is missing, we can’t be expected to perform optimally. We spoke with Hibob’s Chief People Officer, Nirit Peled-Muntz, about her work to ensure a physically and emotionally safe environment for Hibob’s employees as the pandemic and social volatility continue. Hibob: How do you handle sensitive discussions at work, such as…

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Working from home productively with Hibob Chief People Officer Nirit Peled Muntz - HR-leader-Nirit-_-Blog-img.png

Working from home productively with Hibob Chief People Officer Nirit Peled Muntz

When your team goes remote overnight, how do you rebuild communication practices and protocols to keep people productive, informed, and safe? Nirit Peled Muntz, Hibob’s CPO, sat down with us to share a bit of the Hibob journey towards remote work and creating a sustainable hybrid remote work model. Read on for the secrets to keeping employees productive, aligned, and secure. Hibob: What are you doing to keep your team engaged and motivated right now? Nirit Peled Muntz: At Hibob currently all employees are working from home, so we have…

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Hibob and MS Teams

Hibob and Microsoft Teams enhance workplace collaboration with a smart integration

Driving employee engagement across global sites and within diverse departments is a crucial component of this modern working world. At Hibob, our people are on the frontlines of the rapidly changing world of work and we’re consistently innovating our product to keep moving towards this workplace revolution. It’s no secret that the value of collaboration tools is unprecedented, especially when embedded into the company culture. Company-wide updates, various ad-hoc groups to finalize projects, groups to share updates, private messaging, and business processes all need to be executed in a manner…

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Culture with bobbers: kickin’ it in quarantine - culture-with-bobbers-Quarantine_-Blog-img.png

Culture with bobbers: kickin’ it in quarantine

We’ve all been placed in a digital position that requires video chats instead of conference room meetings and virtual pilates over in-house yoga. However, remote culture is what you make of it and when you’ve plotted your perfect work from home routine, it isn’t a total drag. You get to wear what feels comfortable and your pets are glad you’re home, right?  Still, it can be hard to escape the COVID-blues. We’re all in this together, and bobbers are also kickin’ it quarantine style! So, this month - we want…

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First Week Working From Home at Hibob

What we learned from
our first week WFH

The future of work has finally thrust one of its favorite trends upon us: working from home. We all started out feeling a little lost or confused, partially due to our daily routines being turned upside down and having to create a new one from scratch. Working from home may have been a foreign concept to traditional 9-5 employees, but we’re all steadily getting acclimated to the remote culture and crafting new schedules perfectly suited to our work from home needs.  At Hibob, HR began by getting in touch with…

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Hibob is providing business continuity during COVID-19 pandemic

How is Hibob responding to COVID-19 pandemic?

During this difficult time, it’s only natural for your employees to be depending on you for COVID-19 updates and best practices in response. This is why here at Hibob, we want you to know that you can count on us, as well. Providing business continuity is a top priority not just to us, but to all involved in the new world of work. Our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our global community of users, clients, and employees goes without question, and we want to thank you for your…

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Personalized onboarding

Say hi to our new personalized onboarding experience

At Hibob, we know that creating an engaged and committed team starts with successful onboarding and within our HR platform, bob, we believe it’s a core value and key function of the overall employee experience. We care about starting people off on the right foot and making them feel at home even before they have even entered the workplace. After all, the value of onboarding is insurmountable and is directly correlated with retention rates, as we’ve found that 64% of new hires leave after a negative onboarding process.   We hear…

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Hibob in the news: feelin’ our February coverage - hibob-in-the-news_-blog-1069X459.png

Hibob in the news: feelin’ our February coverage

We’re back with our monthly coverage report and we’re breaking down our favorite February headlines. Looking back at the month of love has us reflecting on mental health in the workplace and politics in the office. Our CEO, Ronni Zehavi, had two thought leadership pieces published on top UK publications, and Senior Director of Marketing Ali Fazal landed on top-tier outlets in the United States. Read on to learn more about February’s best coverage and how Hibob is making a name for itself in the new world of work… that…

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