In the world of HR, you never stop learning. 

Human resources is an ever-evolving industry. In order to be at the absolute top of your game, you need to keep up to date with all of the latest news. 

In the spirit of keeping you in the know, we’ve put together a list of some of HiBob’s best HR webinars from Q1 2022.

Check them out to learn about:

  • How to redesign the employee experience to fit the future of work
  • Innovative global hiring strategies for 2022
  • How to build an effective HR strategy in tech
  • How to streamline your recruiting and onboarding processes in 2022
  • How L&D and HR teams can keep people engaged and retain top talent

So strap in, listen to the experts, and start making 2022 your best year yet. 

1. Redesigning the employee experience to fit the future of work

Change can be hard. But as the working world changes, companies are focusing on keeping up with modern standards. Redesigning the employee experience isn’t an easy process, but it’s a critical part of running a forward-thinking business that wants to stay relevant. 

Meet the experts

To guide us through how we can redesign the employee experience for the future of work, we hear from:

What to expect

Karin and Alyx guide us through the inner workings of how to redesign the employee experience so that you can keep up with the demands of the modern workplace. Join them as they discuss:

  • Predictions and trends on what will shape the employee experience of the future 
  • What we can learn from the customer experience when creating a first-class employee experience
  • Steps you can take to start evaluating the employee experience within your organization
  • Top tips on how to modernize your candidate and employee experience with retention and growth in mind

Does that sound like something you’d like to prioritize? If yes, you can watch the full webinar here.

2. Innovative global hiring strategies for 2022

As we navigate a world still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing what’s become known as the Great Rehire. This has created a turbulent and somewhat manic market for talent. 

To make the most of this market, you need a strong strategy. But where can you start? 

Meet the experts

To walk us through some of the innovative global hiring strategies that you can implement in 2022, we hear from: 

What to expect

During this insightful webinar, our speakers cover several topics. You’ll learn about:

  • The latest remote and hybrid work hiring strategies 
  • What matters most to candidates, especially when it comes to company culture and DE&I
  • How to source quality candidates more effectively
  • Which hiring metrics you should be focusing on for consistent improvement 

Does this sound right up your alley? Check out the webinar here.

3. Building an effective HR strategy in tech

Modern HR leaders in the tech industry are confronted with a whole range of challenges. Whether it’s navigating the muddy waters of identifying top talent or embracing hybrid and remote workplaces, HR professionals in tech never have a quiet day. 

Companies must have an HR and recruitment strategy that works to stay ahead of the curve. 

Meet the experts

Building an effective HR strategy in the tech industry is no easy feat. To help tackle this, we hear from:

What to expect

HiBob and Codility come together to share the top tips on how to overcome all of the HR challenges that the tech industry faces. We discuss:

  • The most common challenges HR and people leaders face in the tech industry
  • How to recruit and retain top tech talent 
  • How to manage your people more efficiently and effectively in a remote and hybrid world
  • Scaling culture during growth and keeping the employee experience front and center

To get ahead of your tech challenges, watch the webinar here.

4. Streamlining your recruiting and onboarding processes in 2022

The recruiting and onboarding processes of a company can be make or break. And in 2022, there’s more competition for top talent than ever —especially with the shift towards remote and hybrid workplaces. 

How can HR leaders stay ahead of the curve and secure the best talent out there? 

Meet the experts

To get down to the basics of how to streamline your recruiting and onboarding processes in 2022, we hear from: 

What to expect

Join Annie and Natasha as they share their best tips on how to streamline your recruiting and onboarding processes in 2022 as they discuss:

  • Outlining your hiring priorities for 2022
  • Creating a positive and streamlined experience for your new hires
  • Emphasizing employer branding when hiring and retaining talent

Watch the webinar to learn more about streamlining your recruiting and onboarding processes.

5. How L&D and HR teams can keep people engaged and retain top talent

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw what became known as ‘the Great Resignation.’ People were re-evaluating what was important to them, and quitting jobs that no longer fulfilled or satisfied them.

Learning and development (L&D) is one of the primary responsibilities of any HR professional. But how can L&D help engage employees and retain top talent? 

Meet the experts

To help guide us through how L&D and HR teams can help to engage and retain top talent, we hear from: 

  • David James – Chief Learning Officer at 360Learning
  • Marc Douch – Talent Acquisition Manager in Europe at HiBob

What to expect

During this session, David and Marc take an in-depth look at how to promote internal mobility to retain your top performers. You’ll find out:

  • Why adopting peer-driven collaborative learning is critical for retaining talent
  • How upskilling from within can increase employee satisfaction and close skill gaps
  • How to develop an employer brand to keep people on board
  • Why motivating and engaging people is instrumental in decreasing quit rates

Check out the full webinar here if you think you might benefit from these pearls of wisdom.

The bottom line: The role of HR is evolving

To keep up with the changes in the modern business world, organizations and HR professionals everywhere need to be as flexible and progressive as possible. We hope you learn something new from our top five HR webinars of Q1 2022. 

Never stop learning, never stop caring, and keep striving to make your business a better place.

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