Complacency is a dangerous word in business management. To grow and succeed, companies need to be flexible, innovative, and continuously evolve in line with market needs and trends. If they fail to do so, even the most successful companies risk falling behind and eventually becoming obsolete, as was the fate of Kodak, Blackberry, and Blockbuster, previous household names that failed to move with the times.

According to a McKinsey Global Survey, the more transformation a company goes through, the greater its chance of success. But, change also has its challenges. Another McKinsey research revealed that companies that undergo large-scale transformations fail about 70 percent of the time. So what can a company do to increase its chances of success?

The answer lies in change management. Companies must continue to innovate and grow, but in a systematic and planned way that establishes trust and the buy-in of your people. This slow but steady approach is recommended when introducing any major change within an organization that will impact your people, from implementing a new HR platform to expanding into a new geography to undergoing an M&A. 

For companies that have made the decision to implement their first HR platform, change their existing system, or launch a new HR process company-wide, success hinges on your preparedness, accuracy, and gaining the trust of your people. As people are naturally resistant to change, it’s essential that you roll out the change smoothly and without hiccups.

We understand that building something new in a live HR platform environment can be daunting. That’s why we’ve created Bob’s Sandbox, a risk- and mess-free testing environment for you to use to experiment with Bob.

What is a sandbox?

Sandboxes are traditionally associated with the world of developers and QA engineers. They are isolated environments that enable users to develop new features, test, and detect vulnerabilities without risk to their production environment. 

Bob’s Sandbox uses the same principle of an isolated testing environment but is designed for HR professionals that use Bob. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any tech background or coding know-how.

Using Bob’s Sandbox to test processes across the employee lifecycle 

Customers that purchase Bob’s Sandbox will receive a duplicate of their specific Bob production environment, including all of the features they are using and all their current people data. 

Bob’s Sandbox can then be used as a testing environment of Bob’s capabilities, providing a safe place for you to optimize any changes and events, large or small, before going live. You can use the sandbox to experiment with any new process across the employee lifecycle, such as setting up performance cycles, running compensation events, creating task lists and workflows, sending out eSign requests, and for importing or changing data. The sandbox is also a great resource for training new admin users on Bob without fear of data loss or corruption.

Bob’s Sandbox is also invaluable for fast-growing and multi-national companies and companies undergoing significant change, such as adding new sites, going through an M&A, or preparing for IPO. Use the sandbox to test and view your changes without revealing any sensitive or confidential data and execute in your live environment when you are ready or when your proposals or strategies are approved. 

Another attribute of sandboxes is that they are temporary environments that are regularly refreshed, and Bob’s Sandbox is no different. Bob’s Sandbox automatically refreshes every 60 days, aligning with your current Bob environment and ensuring you stay compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations. You can also refresh the Sandbox anytime and start over with a clean slate.

Ensure success for your company and buy-in from your people

Your company’s success depends on its continuous innovation and the satisfaction of your people. Make sure to cover both of these by using Bob’s Sandbox to experiment with new features and processes in a safe testing environment before rolling them out company-wide. Whether you’re adding a new HR process or planning a company reorg, having a place to test and view your changes and processes before going live helps you feel prepared, ensures that everything works efficiently, and provides a great experience for your people.

Ruth Stern

From Ruth Stern

Ruth is a content manager at Hibob. When she isn't working, she spends her free time planting flowers in her garden and playing the piano.