Priortizing mental health and wellbeing

How companies can proactively improve their people’s mental health

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and is dedicated to raising awareness about the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of our community members. Reducing the stigma surrounding those living with psychological or behavioral health issues is key to cultivating healthy communities and company cultures.

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Mental health awareness

Let’s talk about mental health in the workplace and what HR can do

Even before the pandemic, in 2019, the World Health Organization labeled employee burnout a medical condition. As the number of people struggling with mental health continues to increase, employers and HR need to be proactive in their approach to helping people cope. Here are some best practices HR can consider to move the needle on mental health.

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Best HR webinars Q1 2022

HiBob’s top 5 webinars of Q1 2022

Human resources is an ever-evolving industry. In order to be at the absolute top of your game, you need to keep up to date with all of the latest news. In the spirit of keeping you in the know, we’ve put together a list of some of HiBob’s best HR webinars from Q1 2022.

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Main image

How to incorporate Bob's performance rating in your next review cycle

There are many tools available for managing performance, and companies should choose those that best fit their culture and business goals. Ultimately, the process should be a positive one for all involved, empowering employees, driving productivity, and encouraging growth.

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Great onboarding takes a village

10 tips for creating first-class onboarding processes

I’ve led onboarding program builds more times than I can count. What I’ve learned through these experiences is that creating a great onboarding program is hard. It takes time, immense cross-functional collaboration, and no matter how hard we try, the job is never done. As your company evolves, so must your onboarding program.

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Keeping cultures people-centric

The positive impact of people-centric approaches on the employee experience

“Who are you?” is a question that every professional receives at least once throughout their career, either during an interview, when meeting their manager for the first time, or when doing a company-wide intro upon starting a new job. The most common answer centers on professional achievements, skills, and experience. It's a well-known fact that candidates usually focus on their professional lives when replying to this question during the hiring process.

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Why career development matters at every stage of your team’s work lifecycle - Prioritizing-Career-Development_-Global-image-aspect-ratio-349-149.png

Why career development matters at every stage of your team’s work lifecycle

As the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation reshape the global workforce, many people believe that their opportunities for career development are drying up. In fact, between 2020 and 2021, Gallup polling trends show the percentage of respondents who say they are “completely dissatisfied” with their chances for a promotion doubled from 5 to 10 percent. Organizations looking to attract and retain top talent recognize that creating opportunities for advancement is no longer a luxury or a perk—it must become a priority at every stage of their team’s experience, from…

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Keep your people engaged

Does employee engagement rule the world of work?

Employee engagement is a key part of any HR strategy. But how effective has employee engagement been in addressing modern companies’ biggest challenges? Even with all the hype about improving employee engagement, 16 percent of professionals "were actively disengaged in their work and workplace" in 2021, according to a Gallup poll, and the percentage of engaged employees fell for the first time in more than ten years. Is all this chatter about engagement just a lot of sizzle with little substance? It turns out that beyond its feel-good appeal and…

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Celebrate Black History Month

4 ways to celebrate Black History Month in the workplace

February is Black History Month (BHM)—a time when the US celebrates African Americans’ contributions and achievements throughout the country’s history. This is an opportunity for HR to collaborate with their people to create thoughtful programming that celebrates Black culture and promotes inclusivity.

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DIJGTAL's Bob Olympic Games

Gamifying Bob onboarding: Queue the Bob-Olympics

Earlier in 2021, my innovation-led design and marketing agency, DIJGTAL, began the journey of setting up our team on Bob (full disclosure, I don’t own DIJGTAL, I have the pleasure of working for them ☺️). It wasn’t long into the process that our leader of the integration—Growth and Ventures Director, Donna White, an HR/Talent veteran of 15 plus years—figured out a pretty ingenious way to onboard our entire team at the same time.  DIJGTAL holds offices in Sydney, Vancouver, and Los Angeles (also soon to be opening a new office…

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2022’s 7 best HR podcasts

Up your HR game in 2022 with these top HR podcasts

Everyone loves a great podcast. And even though many of us no longer have hours of commute time dedicated to our favorites, we still make it a point to carve time out of our busy days to listen. For those of us in HR and people roles, podcasts can be an incredible professional resource, especially in today’s rapidly evolving world of work. The list of great HR podcasts has grown since last year, and there’s no way we can listen to them all. So, here are seven of the best…

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The perks of homegrown leadership

Promote from within: The perks of homegrown leadership

Is your company struggling to find the right people? Recruiting the best talent has become one of the biggest challenges for modern companies, from HR professionals to hiring managers. But incredible talent might be closer to home than you thought. It's just a matter of identifying the right high-potential professionals in your organization. Succession planning may be a long-term investment, and the pressure is on to find the right people NOW. But, when you invest in nurturing the talent you have and promoting from within, you foster loyalty, employee satisfaction,…

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How to scale a remote team successfully - remote-how-tos_07_Global-image.jpg

How to scale a remote team successfully

Since the pandemic, organizations around the world have had to shift to remote and hybrid work models fast–all while experiencing hypergrowth. We spoke with Sharon Koifman, the founder of Distant Job, about her thoughts on how companies can painlessly adjust to the new normal and successfully scale their remote teams. Before the pandemic, 7 million people in the US worked remotely. Currently, with most businesses embracing the idea of location-independent people, this number has significantly increased. While remote work has become the 'new normal,' many companies still struggle to adapt…

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Employee Lifecycle Feedback: How and when to check in with your people - Promoting-great-employee-manager-relationships_-Global-image.png

Employee Lifecycle Feedback: How and when to check in with your people

Checking in and regularly receiving feedback can make or break company growth. As people leaders, it’s necessary to bridge the gap between professional development and the milestones that shape people’s lives. Approaching your employees' needs, personal preferences, or life changes can seem intimidating. One of the best ways to help people succeed professionally (and in life) is to nurture a culture of trust at work. Lifecycle feedback programs are a great place to start. Cultures of trust begin with listening The new world of work requires a new relationship between…

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Best tips for managers to improve their remote leadership skills - remote-how-tos_06_Global-image.jpg

Best tips for managers to improve their remote leadership skills

In the last two years, organizations worldwide have permanently adopted WFH and hybrid work models. But do leadership and management teams have the right skills to lead their dispersed teams effectively? Companies are busy drafting policies on how to make remote and hybrid work a success. Meanwhile, managers across industries are navigating the space of remote leadership and upskilling themselves. We sat down with Dr. Laura Hambley Lovett, a workplace psychologist and president/co-founder of Work EvOHlution, to get an in-depth understanding of what tools and skills high-performing managers need to…

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