Very few people out there can say they have lived through and experienced the making of truly notable change, but I just call it 2021 at HiBob. Certainly, the global pandemic spearheaded the world into the future of work, whether it was ready to go there or not.

The global transition towards a more digital, efficient, and automated workplace happened almost overnight, but not without criticism. Many people believe the new world of work is less personal because we have less face-to-face interaction and more screen time.

How HiBob debunks the myth of “impersonal” remote work

Why does remote onboarding have to be impersonal? Why does recognition and talent management have to be stoic and formal? And why does this future of hybrid work we’re finding ourselves in have to equal the loss of the freedom to achieve excellent work-life balance? Does the world really need to return to the past, where everyone works in an office every day from 9:00 to 5:00?

From my experience working at HiBob over the last two years, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding “no.”

HiBob leads multi-national companies by example

Today’s global professionals have moved far beyond the traditional, archaic working structures of the pre-pandemic world. We’ve proven that the flexibility of remote and hybrid work translates into higher productivity and even higher employee satisfaction and engagement.

HiBob broke through the uncomfortable middle ground and beautifully demonstrated that dispersed teams can be just as close–or even closer–than teams who share a common office space. Bobbers are a testament that we can sustain our company cultures and excel at collaboration and productivity while working remotely, masterfully combining the best of the old and new worlds of work.

Reaping the benefits of Bob’s HR automation

In 2021 at HiBob, we walked the tightrope from traditional to new work models and helped hundreds of our customers’ global People teams walk it with us. Unifying growing, modern, multi-national businesses with structure, automation, process, and control can seem daunting, but Bob’s tech helps companies of all sizes easily achieve their goals and achieve them with heart. 

Together with our customers, HiBob spearheaded this unprecedented transition and the journey towards a lasting work-life balance using the groundbreaking HR tech in Bob’s platform. The entire HiBob team continues to tailor the Bob platform and customer experience to scale and support globally-oriented people-growth and retention strategies

Alongside each of our customers this year, I saw first-hand how we used Bob’s clever automation to move away from paper-pushing and manual tasks and towards efficient workflows scaled for growing, multi-national teams.

Bob excels at helping organisations build modern systems of engagement

Though the implementation of Bob can harvest great positive change at any size, the transformative benefits of the Bob platform really become evident when working with enterprise companies. These companies are reaching the 1,000-plus employee mark, either through organic growth or by mergers and acquisitions. The critical component to their success is implementing a new system of engagement that’s built to last. What does this mean?

Implementing new systems of engagement means building the foundations of an inclusive and trusting company culture that empowers People leaders and employees alike. This means including everyone equally in the organisation’s journey towards self-service and transparency of data and process. It’s not just a new tool that’s being implemented, it’s the foundation of cultural change and transformation.

If done well and done right, it means inspiring every single person at your organisation, no matter where they are in the world, to feel tethered to something strong, meaningful, central, and unique—and it starts with Bob.

Witnessing modern companies’ transformative journeys

As a Strategic Project and Change Manager working in HiBob’s Customer Success department, I feel like I sit at the most pivotal point in this transition for many of our customers. In my everyday work, I see the challenges modern, global companies face and feel the impact I can make with helping them navigate their journeys from the old world of work to the new. 

I see the implementation journey of Bob as pivotal to laying the foundations for our customers’ long-term success and global growth. If done well, the implementation of Bob directly influences these outcomes and we see how HiBob’s customers are able to boost employee engagement, productivity, loyalty, and happiness at locations all over the world.

My work at HiBob impacts the world of work and inspires me to thrive

I take HiBob’s success and our customers’ success very personally. This lies at the crux of what motivates me to try hard each day and go the extra mile. The company culture at HiBob motivates me more than anything else.

It’s a privilege to be surrounded by like-minded colleagues who genuinely believe in the vision of our organisation. We each have a purpose. We’re deeply dedicated to what we do and the impact our efforts have on the world of work and the people in it. Being a member of the HiBob team allows my creativity and passion for this mission to thrive!

Why I’m proud to be a Bobber

HiBob certainly drinks its own Merlot: The company facilitates company-wide policies for remote working, flexible hours, frequent communication with our People teams, and provides opportunities for all Bobbers to involve ourselves in any and all initiatives that can improve our work experiences. 

In 2021, professionals worldwide had to adjust to the new reality of remote and hybrid work and dispersed teams. HiBob stepped up for its own people and led the way forward by example. 

As a Bobber, I’ve seen first-hand how HiBob’s people power the company’s success. The company listens to each of us, gives us the tools to thrive, and provides the tools for organisations everywhere to do the same. Most of all, at HiBob, we lead with our hearts. And our people-first company culture lies at the heart of our success and the success of our customers.

Dessie Nedyalkova

From Dessie Nedyalkova

Dessie is an Agile Project and Change Manager with a strong passion for managing transformation, the HR space, people, and culture! When she's not building project plans, she can be found planning her next adventure to a foreign land, hiking or road-tripping, whilst diligently documenting the whole thing on her camera.