Onboarding is a delicate process, where every party—HR, managers, and employees—has work to do and something at stake. For HR and managers, onboarding is only one of one million things on your daily to-do list. 

How can you make sure onboarding tasks get done without keeping them top-of-mind? At Hibob, we recommend using Task Lists: an automation tool within the bob platform allowing you to create tasks, set triggers, and automate once-complicated processes.

Let’s meet the Task Lists feature and then understand how it can be used for onboarding remote and co-located teams.

Understanding Task Lists

Each Task List is comprised of a number of elements. Those include: 

Remote onboarding

Task List name: Remote onboarding 

Scheduling criteria: Selected once the employee works remotely 

Target group: All employees

Remote onboarding Task List 3.1-3.3

Remote onboarding Task List 3.4-3.6

Remote onboarding Task List 3.7-3.9

Remote onboarding Task List 3.10-3.12

Remote onboarding 3.13.15

Remote onboarding Task List 3.16

Office-based onboarding

Task List name: Onboarding 

Scheduling criteria: 14 days before the start date 

Target group: All employees

Office-based onboarding Task List 4.1-4.3

Office-based onboarding Task List 4.4-4.6

Office-based onboarding Task List 4.7-4.9

Office-based onboarding Task List 4.10-4.12

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From Shayna Hodkin

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