Onboarding is a process where every party—HR, managers, and individual contributors—has work to do and something at stake. For HR and managers, onboarding is only one of a million things on your daily to-do list.

How can you make sure onboarding tasks get done without keeping them top of mind? At HiBob, we recommend using Task Lists: an automation tool in the Bob platform allowing you to automate task creation, set triggers, and simplify complex processes.

Understanding Task Lists in Bob

Bob’s people-first Task Lists feature helps automate your processes and minimize human error so you can focus on building relationships with your people instead of getting buried in mountains of administrative work.  

Here are some Task List elements to make onboarding your teams easy and fun, whether they’re remote or on-site.

Remote onboarding

Task List name: Remote onboarding

Scheduling criteria: Selected once the team member works remotely

Target group: All employees

The remote onboarding Task List automatically sets onboarding schedules for all your team members, even if they’re off-site. Tasks include ordering and sending equipment and company swag, assigning new joiners buddies to make them feel more at home, giving them account access, and setting up training and meet-and-greet schedules.

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On-site onboarding

Task List name: Onboarding

Scheduling criteria: 14 days before the start date

Target group: All employees

The onboarding Task List automates onboarding schedules specifically for your off-based team members. It includes opening their company email and system user accounts, ensuring they receive a welcome kit, get added to relevant groups (emails, Slack channels, etc.), and inviting them to a welcome lunch.

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Task List name: Offboarding

Scheduling criteria: 5 days before separation 

Target group: All employees

It’s always hard parting with a team member, no matter what the circumstances happen to be. Offboarding Task Lists make it easier on HR and managers with automated tasks that help make the process smoother with prompts to inform the rest of the team, collect company equipment from the offboarding team member, sign forms, prepare a knowledge transfer plan, and schedule an exit interview.

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Automated onboarding helps keep everything organized and people-focused

Automation is the future of HR processes, and it all starts with onboarding new joiners. Now, instead of spending all your time and energy on manual administrative tasks, you can automate everything and invest in creating great connections and experiences for your people.

Tali Sachs

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