5 HR challenges in multinational companies

5 HR challenges for companies going global

Global companies have unique challenges, such as adhering to the local laws and regulations and building a cohesive culture among employees working in different countries.

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employee turnover magic number

Employee turnover: Four questions HR needs to answer

Turnover is a powerful indicator of the health of a company. The answers to these four questions can reveal a lot more about your company than how many people are leaving.

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HR surveys

3 surveys that can strengthen your HR team’s people analytics

Surveys are a great resource to understand employees' attitudes and perceptions. Coupled with the right data, surveys can yield surprising insights about your people.

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Cyber Security

5 HR challenges for cybersecurity companies

HR in the cybersecurity industry faces several challenges, particularly regarding hiring talent, diversity and inclusion, and the gender pay gap. Here's how to solve them.

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Upgrade your HR

5 HR processes that can use an upgrade

The new world of work doesn’t require an entirely new approach to HR. But a little upgrade can’t hurt.

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Small companies big ideas

3 HR essentials for finding and keeping great talent

The success of your growth story will depend on your people. Here’s how to attract the right people and bring out the best in them.

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Employee experience is everything

How HR and managers can avoid turnover and improve employee experience

Three HR pros chat about avoiding turnover, caring for employee well-being, and creating a winning onboarding process that can #WFH too.

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pay equity in the workplace

3 ways HR can address pay inequality right now

Pay inequality is the elephant in the room. Ready to do something about it?

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Industry Spotlight_ Gaming

5 HR challenges for gaming companies

While a very lucrative industry, there are several challenges that HR leaders face, particularly regarding employee satisfaction, attrition, and retention. Get our insider tips on how to create a workforce of happy, fulfilled employees.

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What drives Gen Z in the workplace?

A lot has been said about Millennials in the workplace. Now it’s Gen Z’s turn to shake things up. Here are five things you should know to help motivate them in the workplace.

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The importance of learning and development for your company culture - learning-and-development-_Blog-post-1.png

The importance of learning and development for your company culture

Learning and development (L&D) is a specialized HR function, empowering employees to gain skills to drive their business performance and, ultimately, their company’s performance. Learning and development programs include: Skill-based trainingCourses and seminarsConferences Learning and development is an essential part of the employee lifecycle which helps employees feel empowered and creates opportunities for growth in the workplace. Let’s discuss: The connection between learning and development and employee satisfactionHow learning and development can increase retentionIncorporating learning and development into company cultureHow to support employee learning and development using bob  The importance…

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5 types of employee benefits + 3 surprising statistics - employee-benefits-_Blog-post.png

5 types of employee benefits + 3 surprising statistics

Employee benefits vary across levels, industries, and countries, so it's no wonder it's hard to master the concept! While benefits are supposed to be nice-to-haves, they can be make-or-break for many candidates, especially when healthcare and pension are involved. To help you and your people navigate discussions about benefits and perks, we've explained five of the most common types of benefits. We've also shared three surprising learnings from our report about employee benefits that might help you and your people get what you really want. Five types of employee benefits This…

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What’s organizational network analysis? - Organizational-network-analysis-Blog-post-1.png

What’s organizational network analysis?

Are you in the 70% of companies naming people analytics and organizational network analysis as a high priority? If so, congratulations! It’s a discipline that’s receiving a lot of interest due to its huge potential to transform the way organizations manage their people resources. Somehow, however, only 9% of companies report understanding what drives performance in their organization. It seems that while we recognize the impact of investing in organizational network analysis, we're still not willing to do anything with the insights gleaned from these analytics. Why? Paul Leonardi and…

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How to create a more effective meeting culture using agendas (plus templates!) - Make-meetings-fun-again-Blog-post.png

How to create a more effective meeting culture using agendas (plus templates!)

HR leaders hold unique power. You can influence every part of your organization and its culture—and its processes, including meetings. Running effective meetings is always important, but especially in our new video-call-dependent work environment. Your influence on organizational culture puts you in the position to create an inclusive, productive meeting culture, one conducive to helping employees communicate, collaborate, and connect. Allow us to introduce the meeting agenda: a tool for reducing meeting creep and Zoom fatigue, ensuring that all voices in the meeting are heard, and keeping meetings on track.…

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HR metrics that matter: employee growth rate - A-metric-that-matters-growth-rate-Blog-post.png

HR metrics that matter: employee growth rate

In this strange world, where it can feel like we’re treading water trying to stay afloat day by day, it can be hard to imagine planning for the future. Lockdowns begin, lockdowns end, and after seeing our world come to a screeching halt once already, who knows what the future holds? But to keep our heads above water, we need to make an effort. We need to keep looking ahead and do our best to plan for an uncertain future. Employee growth rate is an HR metric measuring your company’s…

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