Is There a Cure for Employee Turnover? - Is-there-a-cure-to-employee-turnover__-Global-image.png

Is There a Cure for Employee Turnover?

This past April, job attrition in the U.S. reached its highest rate on record, ushering in what many are calling “The Great Resignation.” In this hyper-competitive job market, the cost of losing your best and brightest is soaring. Research reveals that replacing people can cost up to 40% of their salary. Losing key people limits productivity, damages morale, and requires companies to spend huge amounts of money and effort on finding and training replacements. Some turnover is healthy, but when it gets in the way of productivity or forces your…

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Six ways HR can build trust and improve company culture - Six-ways-HR-can-build-trust-and-improve-company-culture-_-Global-image.png

Six ways HR can build trust and improve company culture

Employees who work in a high-trust environment experience 74% less stress. Here are six ways to build trust and cultivate a work culture where employees feel less stress and more freedom.

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Six HR titles fit for the new world of work - R-titles-for-the-new-world-of-work_-Global-image.png

Six HR titles fit for the new world of work

Today’s job titles are beginning to reflect the increased importance of the employee experience. These changes have created new functions and titles for the HR department that reflect the new skills that today’s HR leaders possess.

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How goal-setting in bob empowers employees to succeed - Goal-setting-for-success_-Global-image-1.png

How goal-setting in bob empowers employees to succeed

When we set ourselves a goal, both in our personal and professional lives, we actively plan to achieve something. The more seriously we take the goal, and the more planning involved, the more likely we will follow it to completion. In psychology, goal-setting is an essential tool for self-motivation and achievement. Goal-setting is also associated with higher levels of self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence.

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“The Great Resignation” is an even greater concern for mid-sized companies - Insights-for-mid-sized-companies_-Avoiding-the-Great-Resignation-Global-image.png

“The Great Resignation” is an even greater concern for mid-sized companies

This past August, Hibob conducted a national survey to understand the current sentiment of the U.S. workforce. Amid what industry experts are calling “The Great Resignation,” we wanted to understand what employees want, why they might leave their current jobs, and what HR leaders can do to prevent the “turnover tsunami” from taking their star employees.  The study uncovers the reasoning behind the rise in resignations and shows that mid-sized companies (50-1,000 employees) are more likely to see employees quit compared to small (1-50 employees) and large companies (1,000+ employees). …

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CHROs making an impact

5 ways new CHROs can make an impact at work

A new CHRO has the power to drive change and make a meaningful impact at their new place of work, especially in areas that may not have been prioritized before.

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Talking hybrid work

6 hybrid work lessons from Vita Mojo’s Head of People

We sat down (virtually) with Karthika to hear how Vita Mojo's HR team is approaching the future of hybrid work and why they're taking a two-month pause on employee surveys.

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Working through a pandemic

The mental health effects of working through a pandemic

We conducted a global survey to understand the impact of the pandemic on employee mental health and productivity overall 49% of people say their mental health had a major effect on productivity. So much to do.

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5 HR challenges in multinational companies

5 HR challenges for companies going global

Global companies have unique challenges, such as adhering to the local laws and regulations and building a cohesive culture among employees working in different countries.

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employee turnover magic number

Employee turnover: Four questions HR needs to answer

Turnover is a powerful indicator of the health of a company. The answers to these four questions can reveal a lot more about your company than how many people are leaving.

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HR surveys

3 surveys that can strengthen your HR team’s people analytics

Surveys are a great resource to understand employees' attitudes and perceptions. Coupled with the right data, surveys can yield surprising insights about your people.

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Cyber Security

5 HR challenges for cybersecurity companies

HR in the cybersecurity industry faces several challenges, particularly regarding hiring talent, diversity and inclusion, and the gender pay gap. Here's how to solve them.

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Upgrade your HR

5 HR processes that can use an upgrade

The new world of work doesn’t require an entirely new approach to HR. But a little upgrade can’t hurt.

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Small companies big ideas

3 HR essentials for finding and keeping great talent

The success of your growth story will depend on your people. Here’s how to attract the right people and bring out the best in them.

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Employee experience is everything

How HR and managers can avoid turnover and improve employee experience

Three HR pros chat about avoiding turnover, caring for employee well-being, and creating a winning onboarding process that can #WFH too.

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