Best HR webinars Q1 2022

HiBob’s top 5 webinars of Q1 2022

Human resources is an ever-evolving industry. In order to be at the absolute top of your game, you need to keep up to date with all of the latest news. In the spirit of keeping you in the know, we’ve put together a list of some of HiBob’s best HR webinars from Q1 2022.

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Throwback to 2021: HiBob spearheads the new ‘norm’ of work - Leading-modern-workplaces-by-example_-Global-image.png

Throwback to 2021: HiBob spearheads the new ‘norm’ of work

Very few people out there can say they have lived through and experienced the making of truly notable change, but I just call it 2021 at HiBob. Certainly, the global pandemic spearheaded the world into the future of work, whether it was ready to go there or not. The global transition towards a more digital, efficient, and automated workplace happened almost overnight, but not without criticism. Many people believe the new world of work is less personal because we have less face-to-face interaction and more screen time. How HiBob debunks…

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How HiBob went permanently “Hi-brid” - How-Hibob-went-Hi-brid_-Global-image.png

How HiBob went permanently “Hi-brid”

HiBob research found that 56 percent of people felt productive working from home compared to 44 percent who reported the opposite. The same study also found that 62 percent of people find that hybrid work allows for a better work-life balance, and 36 percent say they'll quit if companies force them to go back to the office full time. As the world began emerging from the toughest COVID restrictions, we knew we couldn’t go back to the old normal. In the end, we decided to offer our Bobbers flexibility and…

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Bob’s 2021 product roundup - bobs-2021-product-roundup_-Global-image-1.png

Bob’s 2021 product roundup

To build Bob’s 2021 roadmap, we listened to our customers and HR leaders everywhere. We based it on their feedback and made sure our HR, Product, Customer Success, and Engineering teams were all closely aligned. We adjusted to the new world of work In 2020, companies were forced to go global and adapt to dispersed and remote workforces overnight. When we began preparing our roadmap for 2021 at the end of last year, we didn't know what to expect going forward, except that we needed to further develop our suite of…

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Attrition: How to identify your high-risk employees - Identify-attrition-risk_-Global-image.png

Attrition: How to identify your high-risk employees

Employee attrition impacts companies in several ways. It lowers morale, reduces productivity, and can negatively impact company culture. It also incurs high costs, including the cost of recruiting and costs associated with onboarding and training. Attrition is of particular concern for HR leaders today, as the “Great Resignation” has seen the largest turnover in 20 years.   According to Employee Benefit News, the average total cost to replace a single employee is equivalent to 33 percent of their annual salary. For all these reasons and more, companies should aim to limit…

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Creating an exceptional customer experience that drives success - Customer-first-CS-and-business-success_-Global-image.png

Creating an exceptional customer experience that drives success

Putting customers first has always been in HiBob's DNA. From the beginning, our overall business strategy has prioritized investing in our clients with a dedicated customer success strategy. Now that we've closed our Series C funding round, we're able to go full-force ahead to achieve our goal of creating even more exceptional customer experiences.  HiBob further demonstrated its dedication to a customer-first approach when I was promoted to Chief Customer Officer. Taking on this role is an absolute privilege for me. Leading Customer Success in a customer-first company like HiBob…

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Employee engagement in Australia and New Zealand: The mid-market’s key to growth - Bringing-Hibob-to-Australia-and-New-Zealand_-Global-image.png

Employee engagement in Australia and New Zealand: The mid-market’s key to growth

HR's role is more strategic and critical than ever in modern organisations. Attracting and retaining top talent increasingly challenges businesses as the workforce modernises and becomes more global. To thrive in today’s modern work environment, organisations must create an inclusive company culture that enables them to successfully manage dynamic working environments and the rise of dispersed teams. Over the course of my career, I have established multiple high-performing, cross-functional, and diverse teams from the ground up. To do this successfully, I’ve come to believe that leadership means understanding what drives…

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Hibob did it again: $150MM raised in Series C funding round - 150MM_Funding_Blog_Global-image.png

Hibob did it again: $150MM raised in Series C funding round

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job, but it is the most rewarding. Like seafaring explorers, entrepreneurs lead expeditions into completely uncharted territories. We deal with uncertainty, take huge risks, dare to think big, and break boundaries. It is only with a clear vision, strong DNA, reliance on past experience, and the amazing teams that support us that we can succeed.  I’m incredibly proud to announce that we’ve raised $150 million in Series C funding. This round was led by General Atlantic, with participation from existing investors, including Bessemer…

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Hibob named a leader in G2’s Fall 2021 Grid Report for core HR - Leader-in-G2s-Fall-2021-Grid-Report-for-Core-HR_-Global-image.png

Hibob Named a Leader in G2’s Fall 2021 Grid Report for Core HR

Over the past six months, Hibob customers have taken to G2 Crowd to share their experience with our product, service, and support.

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bob and Slack intergation

Bob’s Slack integration is here to make your (work) life easier

We want to meet employees where they work, so they can enjoy all of the bob features without logging on to a different platform or even a separate tab. Get to know all the great features of our integration with Slack.

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Cassiopeia joins Hibob

Cassiopeia joins Hibob, providing tools to support flexible work models

We're thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the Hibob family. Cassiopeia’s advanced technology will be added to the stack of features in the bob platform, giving thousands of companies the tools they need to maximize collaboration and team potential.

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Putting employee experience first is what Hibob’s all about - Put-employee-experience-first-blog-image.png

Putting employee experience first is what Hibob's all about

Josh Bersin's annual report, HR Technology 2021: The Definitive Guide, highlighted the need to put employee experience first. Read our CEO, Ronni Zehavi's, thoughts on the future of work and how Hibob does just that.

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Announcing bob’s integration with ADP Workforce NowⓇ - hibob-and-adp-integration-_-Blog-img.png

Announcing bob’s integration with ADP Workforce NowⓇ

Payroll is the definition of “necessary evil.” It’s arguably HR’s most important task, but the manual inputs and endless spreadsheets make it a painful one. Payroll is definitely an important part of the CFO/CPO working relationship. As part of bob’s quest to make HR tasks easier and more rewarding, we are happy to announce bob’s integration with ADP Workforce Now payroll services, and that the Hibob Connector for ADP Workforce Now is now available on ADP Marketplace. Integrating payroll into an HRIS lets you create a seamless, one-platform workflow that…

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2020 highlights in bob - TOP-FEATURES-2020-_Blog-post.png

2020 highlights in bob

To survive in 2020, we needed to learn to adapt fast. We left work one Friday afternoon in March—you know the rest of the story. Most of us haven’t been back since. To navigate this sudden, multi-continent transition to full-time working from home, we relied on bob’s remote-forward features, such as Shoutouts for communicating critical information, Kudos posts for keeping up morale, and Task Lists and personalized onboarding for easy onboarding. 2020 has been a pivotal year for the bob platform. We’ve incorporated remote and hybrid needs into every aspect…

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Hibob raises $70MM to define the future of HR

2020: the year HR took the wheel

COVID-19 highlighted the importance of powerful, skilled HR leadership, and there’s no better time than now to begin transforming the HR function. As we navigate unprecedented times and transitions, HR’s role has proven itself to be mission-critical for business success. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we had to rely on HR tech tools to pivot once-colocated teams to fully-distributed teams over the course of a few days, or even overnight.  We’re excited to announce our $70 million Series B round led by investors SEEK and IGP, bringing us to a…

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