One of the main values we believe in at HiBob is “bring me, win as we”. In simple terms, we believe that when each of our Bobbers brings their whole self to work, we win as a global team. I can say without a doubt that our success is directly linked to each and every one of our Bobbers showing up with diverse experiences, forging connections across our global village, and contributing their own innovative ideas. I have been shown this over and over again through the ups and downs of the last few years. 

Today, however, while other sectors are slowing down, HR tech is growing. In fact, the need for flexible HR platforms to manage people in times of uncertainty and change has become even more critical to business success. This has led to a boom in growth for the sector, and we’re right in the middle of an imperfect, perfect storm.

With that in mind, I’m beyond proud to announce HiBob’s latest round of funding—$150M—bringing our total funding to $424M. This round was led by General Atlantic (GA) and Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP) with participation from existing investors and came as an investment opportunity to double down in a huge market that continues to grow. 

The latest round of funding shows confidence in our capable and committed teams that continue to execute even in such precarious times. I’m incredibly proud of our Bobbers, who show up as themselves daily and contribute to building an exceptional product and company. It goes without saying, but I’m also thankful to all of our customers, partners, and investors for trusting us and believing in our vision for HR tech.

Flexibility is HR’s superpower

Modern businesses that value their talent know that an HR platform is not simply about headcount growth. It’s also about people management during periods of slowdown, providing an exceptional employee experience, and keeping all employees (no matter their role) engaged. In order to do that and be prepared to hit the ground running when hiring resumes, HR needs one major thing: flexibility. Flexibility in their programs and policies, flexibility in their retention practices, and flexibility in their HR tech.

We’ve seen this repeatedly as our customers seek to do HR the way that’s best for their organization—not the way traditional HR tech forces them to do it. Bob is specifically suited for this need. Global at its core, Bob’s configurability means HR can set up the processes they need, get the data and insights they need, and provide their people with an amazing UI/UX that fosters connection and camaraderie. 

Innovation through the eyes of our customers

The impact of a well-planned people-centric approach to employee experience is the new benefit people want. The competition for talent and retention is fierce, but HR professionals and leaders are stepping up to the challenge in spectacular ways.  

Acknowledging that people are at the heart of business success, HR professionals are asking how they can help create an engaging, high-performance culture that drives the whole business forward. It is no longer about where and when people work but about creating a consistently positive environment conducive to productivity and longevity. That means managing all types of work, flexible staffing models, and introducing all types of incentives that drive long-term engagement.  It also means injecting a little fun into the workplace.  

The next chapter in HiBob history

In October 2021, when I announced the last funding round, we were a company of  300 Bobbers with just over 1,500 customers. Today, less than a year later, we have 650 Bobbers and more than 2,500 customers. We have opened an office in Berlin to serve the DACH region, successfully expanded into new office spaces in London and New York, and have plans to continue expanding our reach in the US and Europe before the end of the year.  

We will use this additional capital to drive global expansion and innovation around the Bob offering. We will continue listening to our customers who trust us to deliver the digital tools for their business success. I’m incredibly excited for you to see how this next wave of growth will further support your goals and needs. 

To our Bobbers around the globe who take our platform and our culture to the next level, I want to say I am proud of each one of you. Let’s continue to “bring me, win as we” while building the exceptional. 

Ronni Zehavi

From Ronni Zehavi

Ronni has over 25 years of experience in multinational, hi-tech companies. Prior to setting up HiBob, he was an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Silicon Valley based Bessemer Venture Partners. He's the strategic advisor and co-founder of Team8 Cyber Security and CEO of Cotendo, a content delivery network which was acquired by Akamai for $300m.