Announcing bob’s integration with ADP Workforce NowⓇ - hibob-and-adp-integration-_-Blog-img.png

Announcing bob’s integration with ADP Workforce NowⓇ

Payroll is the definition of “necessary evil.” It’s arguably HR’s most important task, but the manual inputs and endless spreadsheets make it a painful one. Payroll is definitely an important part of the CFO/CPO working relationship. As part of bob’s quest to make HR tasks easier and more rewarding, we are happy to announce bob’s integration with ADP Workforce Now payroll services, and that the Hibob Connector for ADP Workforce Now is now available on ADP Marketplace. Integrating payroll into an HRIS lets you create a seamless, one-platform workflow that…

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The importance of learning and development for your company culture - learning-and-development-_Blog-post-1.png

The importance of learning and development for your company culture

Learning and development (L&D) is a specialized HR function, empowering employees to gain skills to drive their business performance and, ultimately, their company’s performance. Learning and development programs include: Skill-based trainingCourses and seminarsConferences Learning and development is an essential part of the employee lifecycle which helps employees feel empowered and creates opportunities for growth in the workplace. Let’s discuss: The connection between learning and development and employee satisfactionHow learning and development can increase retentionIncorporating learning and development into company cultureHow to support employee learning and development using bob  The importance…

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The future of compensation management is simple - Simplified-compensation-management-Blog-post.png

The future of compensation management is simple

When I joined Hibob as a product manager, that marked a shift in my career. Before that, I was in HR for fifteen years, specializing in compensation. I know the challenges of the compensation management process. I know the moment of stress before you send Excel spreadsheets to managers, the sleepless nights hoping nothing was missent or misplaced. And the long hours. The endless cycles. Pulling information from countless sources. This is why I moved from compensation management to product management at Hibob: so I could use my knowledge to…

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HR solutions need to support diverse teams - Same-experience-different-site-Blog-post-1.png

HR solutions need to support diverse teams

Building diverse and inclusive teams is a challenge for all scaling companies. Building diversity and inclusion processes across multiple sites is even harder. While companies employing HR leaders may already be working with HR systems supporting multiple sites, that’s not necessarily true for smaller organizations. The lack of flexibility and personalization that are unfortunate hallmarks of traditional HR solutions make it nearly impossible for growing companies to support multiple sites—and multiple cultures. The new, globalized world of work needs tools that transcend borders. We need multi-time-zone calendars, workflows built to…

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Time To Go Mobile

Why mobile apps are crucial when working from home

Are you working from home? We are too. The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has forced most tech employees to work from home—somewhere that, while reducing the risk of infection, raises the (significantly less dangerous) risk of distraction by children, dishes in the sink, and the extreme appeal of pajamas. Especially for employees who don’t have space for a proper work setup in their homes, getting into the office groove is a major WFH hurdle. Would you believe us if we told you that spending more time on your phone can help?…

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What can an employee experience platform do for your team? - pexels-helena-lopes-933964-scaled.jpg

What can an employee experience platform do for your team?

HR is no longer synonymous with human capital management. In fact, modern HR professionals see their people as humans instead, without the capital attached. With people in the workplace regularly having a quitting approach, HR leaders need to create a culture that not just engages and retains people but ignites a sense of belonging amongst the company. To do this, the best possible employee experience platform is required and should be employed to the full extent of its capabilities, surpassing traditional core HR functions and overcoming the challenge of helping…

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Event: Microsoft Ignite reflections - photo-1516259680870-b878830674f9.jpg

Event: Microsoft Ignite reflections

As the strategic partnerships lead at Hibob, I had the privilege of being invited to speak on stage at this year’s amazing Microsoft Ignite. This event is the main frontier of innovation and tech. I spoke about our vision and how our component with Microsoft Graph Toolkit plays into that vision. Our platform, bob, was built four years ago with a mission to help fast-growing companies to attract, excite, and retain their top talent. We are moving quickly and are always looking for ways to enhance our people management solution.…

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How AI Improves Workplace Communication - rawpixel-668346-unsplash.jpg

How AI Improves Workplace Communication

  Saberr has been exploring the future of work as AI starts to play a more prominent role in our day to day lives. Technology has immeasurably improved the way we work. We’re working faster, we have the opportunity to use data to make more accurate decisions and can communicate with colleagues across the globe at the touch of a button. This also means we now have the ability to get through much of our day to day lives without a single human interaction - from ordering food to hailing…

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Automation: First Step Towards Supercharging Your HR with Artificial Intelligence - mitchell-hollander-205956-unsplash-e1528279890217-1.jpg

Automation: First Step Towards Supercharging Your HR with Artificial Intelligence

According to HR tech expert Soumyasanto Sen, there are three distinct phases on your HR team’s journey towards applying AI: automation, augmentation and amplification. Within my area of expertise, talent acquisition, I’d like to focus on the all-important first step. HR automation provides the most opportunity for HR and talent acquisition teams today since the technology is easier to implement than machine learning or full AI. Technology can automate many processes within talent acquisition. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of many of the most common uses of automation in talent…

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Disengaged No More: HR Tech Creating Happier, More Productive Employees

Employee disengagement has escalated from disconcerting trend to full-blown epidemic. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, nearly 70% of U.S. employees are disengaged at work.   And several research studies have found a correlation between the level of employee engagement and company profits. Specifically, Dale Carnegie Training reports organizations with engaged employees outperform those with disengaged employees by 202 percent and Towers Perrin estimates that highly engaged employees boost a company’s net profit margin by 6 percent. Conversely, a recent Engagement Institute study suggests that workers who…

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Having Trouble with Employee Turnover? People Analytics Can Help Your HR – and Business - pexels-photo-240223-1.jpeg

Having Trouble with Employee Turnover? People Analytics Can Help Your HR – and Business

There is little doubt that every business experiences its fair share of HR struggles. From the frustration to having talent leaving for another company, to the difficulty in addressing the valuable question of why it happened, businesses everywhere are looking for a solution. Anybody who has been in this situation knows that employees who leave do not only take significant value with them, but that finding a new worker requires a great deal of resources. So how can you prevent employee attrition? The key answer is a new approach to…

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Kick HR Time Wasters to the Curb - Clock.jpeg

Kick HR Time Wasters to the Curb

The human capital landscape is changing radically and CEOs need HR departments to be orchestrators of business strategy and innovation. According to Deloitte, the role of Human Resources is evolving rapidly to cover business-critical talent agendas, such as ‘workplace redesign, wellbeing and productivity systems’, so how can you keep up? The future is here Technology breakthroughs are tipped to be the leading catalyst for workplace change, reveals PwC’s survey, ‘The future of work: A Journey to 2022’. Amid a lot of hype about emerging technologies stealing our jobs, rest assured…

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HR Professionals: AI in HR - startup-photos-1.jpg

HR Professionals: AI in HR

AI will not replace HR, it will enhance it. Without getting lost on the key distinctions of AI, it can vary from decision trees, automation, right through to replicable human intelligence. A recent paper by Narrative Science shows that 62% of businesses are looking to invest in AI by 2018. AI is here to stay and the need to embrace the oncoming wave of data and automation is key to the next generation of businesses. And the key to a successful business is satisfied employees, supported by an adaptable HR…

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