Signs you need a modern HRIS

4 reasons modern businesses need a modern HRIS

Strong company cultures are essential in the modern business world. They increase workplace satisfaction and help attract professionals whose values align with those of the business. They can even have a quantifiable impact on the business’s bottom line. But how do you measure the ROI of investing in your people? Modern HR tech.

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How to incorporate Bob's performance rating in your next review cycle

There are many tools available for managing performance, and companies should choose those that best fit their culture and business goals. Ultimately, the process should be a positive one for all involved, empowering employees, driving productivity, and encouraging growth.

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HRIS ROI calculator

HRIS ROI calculator: Is an HRIS worth it?

When you actually do the math, you’ll probably find that the numbers concretely demonstrate that an HRIS is, in fact, worth it. This HRIS ROI calculator will show you how to determine the real dollar impact of an HRIS on your organization’s bottom line.

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Modernize your HR processes

How to solve company growing pains with an HRIS

Implementing a solid HRIS (human resource information system) is more important than ever before. HR leaders now have to find ways to onboard, offboard, and manage people who may work entirely in the office, fully remote across the globe, or in a hybrid capacity.

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Bob 1-on-1 meetings

How to use Bob’s 1-on-1s to empower manager-employee relationships

One-on-one meetings between managers and their direct reports have always been important for aligning expectations and keeping an open line of communication. But with more and more people working hybrid or remote and with fewer face-to-face interactions at work, these meetings have become all the more crucial. One-on-one meetings can be done in person or via video conferencing and provide an opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics—current projects, general feedback, career aspirations, and more—while also enabling managers and employees to get to know each other better and facilitate…

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HiBob partners with 360Learning

HiBob and 360Learning partner to enhance L&D across the employee lifecycle

At HiBob, we believe in taking a people-first approach to every stage of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding, and from hire to retire. Over the past two years, the workforce experienced a paradigm shift. People are quitting in droves amid the Great Resignation, and job openings are at an all-time high. For modern companies to excel in today’s talent-driven market, they must adapt to support new work structures and employee expectations that prioritize wellbeing, flexibility, purpose, and professional growth opportunities. I'm delighted to announce the start of HiBob's…

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HiBob and Deel partner to cut through payroll bureaucracy for the global workforce - HiBob-and-Deel-partner_-Global-sharing-image-aspect-ratio-349-149-2.png

HiBob and Deel partner to cut through payroll bureaucracy for the global workforce

At HiBob, our number one goal is to make life for our customers and prospects as easy as possible. Whenever we develop a new module or update features in Bob, we make decisions based on conversations with our customers, industry experts, and market research. The same goes for who we build partnerships with. I'm thrilled to announce HiBob's partnership and integration with Deel, a payroll and compliance system for modern, global organizations. In today’s new world of work, this is a partnership that just makes sense: Both companies are committed…

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How to scale a remote team successfully - remote-how-tos_07_Global-image.jpg

How to scale a remote team successfully

Since the pandemic, organizations around the world have had to shift to remote and hybrid work models fast–all while experiencing hypergrowth. We spoke with Sharon Koifman, the founder of Distant Job, about her thoughts on how companies can painlessly adjust to the new normal and successfully scale their remote teams. Before the pandemic, 7 million people in the US worked remotely. Currently, with most businesses embracing the idea of location-independent people, this number has significantly increased. While remote work has become the 'new normal,' many companies still struggle to adapt…

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Payroll Hub: Making payroll simple - Simplify-payroll_-Global-image-1.png

Payroll Hub: Making payroll simple

Every company needs to run payroll to pay employees for their work. It’s so crucial that payroll software is often the first software that a company buys. Payroll can either be managed in-house using payroll software or outsourced to external companies such as payroll bureaus. However your company manages its payroll, it’s responsible for ensuring that all employees get paid the right amount and at the right time. Payroll is a time-consuming process as no two payroll cycles are the same. Every cycle requires changes to be made, like adding…

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Payroll integrations

Four reasons why your HRIS should integrate with your payroll system

If you are a modern mid-sized company, you are likely using both an HRIS for managing your people and processes and a payroll system for managing payroll. This is great—but these two systems should not work in silos.

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HR tech to the rescue: creating happier, more productive employees - HR-tech-to-the-rescue_-Global-image.png

HR tech to the rescue: creating happier, more productive employees

Streamlined communication between employees at all levels helps everyone feel connected and aligned—something especially important for those working from home, who are at increased risk of disconnection and disengagement.

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Will AI replace the “human” in HR? - Will-AI-replace-the-_human_-in-HR__-Global-image.png

Will AI replace the “human” in HR?

The question of whether AI will replace HR is admittedly a silly one. Machines can do a lot, but HR's role will always require human skill, knowledge, and above all, empathy.

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Suite vs. point solutions: 4 things to think about before you choose - Suite-vs-point-solutions_-Global-image.png

Suite vs. point solutions: 4 things to think about before you choose

With all of the systems available for HR teams, it's essential to assess the needs of your company and employees before choosing a solution. Here are four things to think about before settling on a point or suite solution.

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Meet bob's custom Workflows

Why your HR team needs automated workflows

Today's HR teams are tasked with a huge list of initiatives, making it hard to survive without automation. See how bob’s Custom Workflows keep your HR operations running smoothly while you scale and grow.

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Supercharge HR automation

Supercharge your HR processes with AI and automation

AI is fueling HR's transition from administrative to strategic—helping HR better recruit, onboard, and grow their people. Here's how to apply AI and HR automation to three areas of the employee lifecycle.

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