Payroll integrations

Four reasons why your HRIS should integrate with your payroll system

If you are a modern mid-sized company, you are likely using both an HRIS for managing your people and processes and a payroll system for managing payroll. This is great—but these two systems should not work in silos.

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HR tech to the rescue: creating happier, more productive employees - HR-tech-to-the-rescue_-Global-image.png

HR tech to the rescue: creating happier, more productive employees

Streamlined communication between employees at all levels helps everyone feel connected and aligned—something especially important for those working from home, who are at increased risk of disconnection and disengagement.

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Will AI replace the “human” in HR? - Will-AI-replace-the-_human_-in-HR__-Global-image.png

Will AI replace the “human” in HR?

The question of whether AI will replace HR is admittedly a silly one. Machines can do a lot, but HR's role will always require human skill, knowledge, and above all, empathy.

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Suite vs. point solutions: 4 things to think about before you choose - Suite-vs-point-solutions_-Global-image.png

Suite vs. point solutions: 4 things to think about before you choose

With all of the systems available for HR teams, it's essential to assess the needs of your company and employees before choosing a solution. Here are four things to think about before settling on a point or suite solution.

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Meet bob's custom Workflows

Why your HR team needs automated workflows

Today's HR teams are tasked with a huge list of initiatives, making it hard to survive without automation. See how bob’s Custom Workflows keep your HR operations running smoothly while you scale and grow.

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Supercharge HR automation

Supercharge your HR processes with AI and automation

AI is fueling HR's transition from administrative to strategic—helping HR better recruit, onboard, and grow their people. Here's how to apply AI and HR automation to three areas of the employee lifecycle.

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The future of AI and HR

3 ways AI can improve workplace communication

HR teams already use AI to automate processes, but there’s so much more that can be gained. Here are three ways humans and machines can "work together" to improve workplace communication.

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Elevate employee experience

3 ways HR tech can improve the employee experience

When organizations get employee experience right, they can achieve twice the customer satisfaction and innovation, and generate 25% higher profits, than those that don't.

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Industry Spotligh: Companies going public

Five HR analytics for public companies and those filing for IPO

The long road to IPO requires determination, innovation, and an understanding of these five HR metrics that speak volumes about the health and viability of your company.

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Compensation management 101

What are compensation management tools and why does your HR team need them?

For rapidly growing companies, compensation management tools are a game-changer—enabling organizations to elevate the compensation process to provide competitive packages and transparency.

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Hibob + Smart Recuriters integration

Hibob and SmartRecruiters announce strategic partnership

Today at Hibob, we’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with SmartRecruiters, a global leader in enterprise recruitment software. This integration allows our customers to close the gap between recruiting and onboarding, creating an exceptional candidate and employee experience.  SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Suite is used by high-performance organizations to attract, select, and hire the best people. Built on a modern cloud platform, it has full functionality for recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring, with a product that hiring managers and recruiters love to use. The Hibob and SmartRecruiters integration is a…

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company branding

Why branding your HRIS boosts engagement

We're thrilled to share that we've added company branding to bob. Customize bob’s look and feel with your company colors, logo, and background images and transform your HRIS into a company-branded experience for your employees.

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7 best tools for hybrid work

The best tech to support your hybrid workforce

Help your employees stay connected and productive outside of the office by giving them the tools to succeed.

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Having trouble with employee turnover? People analytics can help - Understand-your-people-image.png

Having trouble with employee turnover? People analytics can help

Your best chance at boosting retention is in understanding your people better. People analytics uses data-driven insights to help HR do just that. Here's how to get started.

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Measuring company growth

Growth rate: Is your company healthy?

Is your company growing? When you review your headcount over time, are there more employees that are leaving than joining? To answer this, you need to measure your company’s growth rate.

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