Industry Spotligh: Companies going public

Five HR analytics for public companies and those filing for IPO

The long road to IPO requires determination, innovation, and an understanding of these five HR metrics that speak volumes about the health and viability of your company.

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Compensation management 101

What are compensation management tools and why does your HR team need them?

For rapidly growing companies, compensation management tools are a game-changer—enabling organizations to elevate the compensation process to provide competitive packages and transparency.

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Hibob + Smart Recuriters integration

Hibob and SmartRecruiters announce strategic partnership

Today at Hibob, we’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with SmartRecruiters, a global leader in enterprise recruitment software. This integration allows our customers to close the gap between recruiting and onboarding, creating an exceptional candidate and employee experience.  SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Suite is used by high-performance organizations to attract, select, and hire the best people. Built on a modern cloud platform, it has full functionality for recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring, with a product that hiring managers and recruiters love to use. The Hibob and SmartRecruiters integration is a…

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company branding

Why branding your HRIS boosts engagement

We're thrilled to share that we've added company branding to bob. Customize bob’s look and feel with your company colors, logo, and background images and transform your HRIS into a company-branded experience for your employees.

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7 best tools for hybrid work

The best tech to support your hybrid workforce

Help your employees stay connected and productive outside of the office by giving them the tools to succeed.

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Having trouble with employee turnover? People analytics can help - Understand-your-people-image.png

Having trouble with employee turnover? People analytics can help

Your best chance at boosting retention is in understanding your people better. People analytics uses data-driven insights to help HR do just that. Here's how to get started.

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Measuring company growth

Growth rate: Is your company healthy?

Is your company growing? When you review your headcount over time, are there more employees that are leaving than joining? To answer this, you need to measure your company’s growth rate.

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5 HR challenges for fintech companies - Attract-engage-retain-Blog-post.png

5 HR challenges for fintech companies

In stark contrast to traditional financial companies such as banks and old-school insurance companies, fintech companies are innovators and disruptors that are revolutionizing the financial services industry.  With technology at the very core of these companies, HR needs to keep up with modern HR practices and platforms when attracting, engaging and retaining talent. With this in mind, we have defined 5 challenges faced by HR professionals working in fintech:  1. Hiring and retaining the best talent As the fastest-growing segment of the workforce, and as digital natives possessing the technological…

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The future of compensation management is simple - Simplified-compensation-management-Blog-post.png

The future of compensation management is simple

When I joined Hibob as a product manager, that marked a shift in my career. Before that, I was in HR for fifteen years, specializing in compensation. I know the challenges of the compensation management process. I know the moment of stress before you send Excel spreadsheets to managers, the sleepless nights hoping nothing was missent or misplaced. And the long hours. The endless cycles. Pulling information from countless sources. This is why I moved from compensation management to product management at Hibob: so I could use my knowledge to…

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How to automate onboarding tasks using Task Lists - Onboarding-made-simple-Blog-post.png

How to automate onboarding tasks using Task Lists

Onboarding is a delicate process, where every party—HR, managers, and employees—has work to do and something at stake. For HR and managers, onboarding is only one of one million things on your daily to-do list.  How can you make sure onboarding tasks get done without keeping them top-of-mind? At Hibob, we recommend using Task Lists: an automation tool within the bob platform allowing you to create tasks, set triggers, and automate once-complicated processes. Let’s meet the Task Lists feature and then understand how it can be used for onboarding remote…

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11 signs you need a good HR system + 4 benefits - HRIS-success-Blog-post.png

11 signs you need a good HR system + 4 benefits

What’s a good HR system got to do with it? What’s an HR system but- Okay, maybe Tina Turner isn’t applicable here. Because a good HR system can be everything. The data shows that company culture is good for business—and even has a quantifiable impact on the business’ bottom line. Retention, loyalty, even productivity are related to company culture, with companies that are culture-forward seeing meaningful ROI on those culture-building efforts. If you want to learn how to explain your need for great HR tech to stakeholders, plus twelve signs…

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HR solutions need to support diverse teams - Same-experience-different-site-Blog-post-1.png

HR solutions need to support diverse teams

Building diverse and inclusive teams is a challenge for all scaling companies. Building diversity and inclusion processes across multiple sites is even harder. While companies employing HR leaders may already be working with HR systems supporting multiple sites, that’s not necessarily true for smaller organizations. The lack of flexibility and personalization that are unfortunate hallmarks of traditional HR solutions make it nearly impossible for growing companies to support multiple sites—and multiple cultures. The new, globalized world of work needs tools that transcend borders. We need multi-time-zone calendars, workflows built to…

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Time To Go Mobile

Why mobile apps are crucial when working from home

Are you working from home? We are too. The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has forced most tech employees to work from home—somewhere that, while reducing the risk of infection, raises the (significantly less dangerous) risk of distraction by children, dishes in the sink, and the extreme appeal of pajamas. Especially for employees who don’t have space for a proper work setup in their homes, getting into the office groove is a major WFH hurdle. Would you believe us if we told you that spending more time on your phone can help?…

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Put people first

What can an employee experience platform do for your team?

HR is no longer synonymous with human capital management. In fact, modern HR professionals see their people as humans instead, without the capital attached. With people in the workplace regularly having a quitting approach, HR leaders need to create a culture that not just engages and retains people but ignites a sense of belonging amongst the company. To do this, the best possible employee experience platform is required and should be employed to the full extent of its capabilities, surpassing traditional core HR functions and overcoming the challenge of helping…

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How we hit refresh on bob: Say hi to our speedier, user-friendly platform - 2020-01-09_1730.png

How we hit refresh on bob: Say hi to our speedier, user-friendly platform

You may have already met bob, and that’s great! But, have you seen its new update? We’ve hit the refresh button on our HR management platform that sorts the people stuff, creating a more accelerated and user-friendly experience than ever before. Our design-led product embodies four key principles: clarity, efficiency, consistency, and beauty. We’ve shifted entirely to these concepts and taken a new approach to UX and UI, enhancing bob for all of our users.  Why did we refresh (the already amazing) bob?  The driving factors behind updating bob were…

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