Lunar office

Founded in
Aarhus, Denmark
240+ in 4 sites
What they do
Digital banking/ fintech
In a nutshell
Lunar is a 100% digital bank serving the Nordics and offering all the services you would associate with a traditional bank. With Lunar’s banking app, you can save, spend, invest, and get loans and insurance. “Things change, banks should too.”

Supporting a modern approach to HR with a flexible HRIS

Lunar is a digital bank based in Aarhus, Denmark, with additional offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo. A forward-thinking, modern tech company, Lunar knew that they needed an HRIS that would support their rapid growth, automate their manual HR processes, and integrate with the many tech tools they used daily. They were also seeking a platform that would fit with their unconventional approach to HR and unique company structure.

“We saw a need to implement an HRIS to support our rapid growth. But it needed to be intuitive, non-rigid, and align with Lunar as a company with a modern approach to HR. We also sought a platform that would integrate with all of our other systems. We found all that in bob.”
Nanna Kvist HR Coordinator at Lunar

Supporting Lunar’s growth

Lunar grew exponentially during the past year, increasing its employee count by over 100% during 2020. The company sought an HRIS that would support this growth, automate their HR tasks, integrate with their applicant tracking system (ATS) and other tech tools, and enable them to become a more efficient HR team.

Saving time with bob’s integrations and automated workflows 

Unlike traditional banks, Lunar is a modern company and, in its day-to-day work, uses many tools typically associated with tech companies such as Slack, Teamtailor ATS, and LMS platforms. bob integrates with many of these leading tech tools, enabling Lunar’s HR team and employees to seamlessly use bob within their regular flow of work. 

For example, bob’s integration with Lunar’s ATS, Teamtailor, has helped make Lunar’s recruitment team much more efficient. All applicants’ data is automatically updated from Teamtailor to bob after hiring, saving time and reducing errors. 

Once new hires are added to bob, HR can then set up automated workflows, such as onboarding task lists that help to get them acclimated before their first day. Lunar can seamlessly send a flow of communications welcoming them to the team and requesting information that will ease their onboarding process. This has been extremely significant for Lunar with its aggressive hiring during the past year. Using bob, Lunar was able to successfully onboard 14 new employees in one day. 


Finding an HRIS that would fit with their organization

Most HRIS platforms are built rigidly and designed for a traditional, top-down approach to HR. Lunar was looking for a flexible HRIS that would fit with the way that they choose to work because just like the rest of Lunar’s business, their approach to HR is non-traditional. This meant looking for an HRIS that was focused on two-way communication and the relationship between employee and employer.

bob is flexible and configurable

bob is built to be configurable to any company’s structure and culture. Lunar has a flat structure, with their teams working in multidisciplinary squads. Lunar was able to create a custom field in bob for squads allowing employees to easily check who is in each squad using bob’s dynamic Org Chart feature. For Lunar, the Org Chart has been very useful, enabling employees that are working remotely to get to see their colleagues and where they fit in the organization.

bob can also be personalized on a language and geographic level. Lunar is based in Denmark but has offices in Sweden and Norway. Lunar can choose to set up bob for all employees in English, their corporate language, or localize it according to site or language. 


“Even though we are working remotely, we try to maintain our vibe. Having a tool like bob helps us keep the communication going while everyone is remote.” 

Nanna Kvist, HR Coordinator at Lunar

Main takeaways:

  • Lunar values bob’s many integrations with the leading tech tools, helping them work more efficiently
  • bob’s integration with the Teamtailor ATS has helped support Lunar’s impressive growth, streamlining its recruitment and onboarding processes
  • bob’s automated workflows help Lunar to be more efficient and avoid errors
  • bob is a flexible HRIS that can be configured according to Lunar’s way of working
  • bob helps Lunar to maintain its unique company culture, even while its teams work remotely

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We believe that successful businesses have one thing in common: good people who feel valued.
And that fast- growing modern businesses need a better way of ‘doing HR’ to attract and keep real talent.

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