Nuvei is a fintech company with 950+ employees spread across offices in Montreal (HQ), Scottsdale, London, Tel Aviv, Sofia, Cyprus, and Milan. The company has undergone various M&As during the past few years, including the acquisition of SafeCharge, a European company of 400 employees, 18 months ago. SafeCharge had been using Bob since 2018, several years prior to their acquisition, and was very happy with its functionality as an HRIS. They particularly loved Bob’s people analytics and the capability to fully automate time-consuming HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, and performance management.

Founded in
Montreal, Canada
What they do
Payment technologies
In a nutshell
Nuvei is a payment technology company that enables businesses to accept local payments worldwide using a single point of integration. Nuvei supports 455 local and alternative payment methods, nearly 150 currencies, 40 cryptocurrencies, as well as cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.


What they do
Payment technologies

Taking an employee-first approach with a modern HRIS

As a modern tech company, Nuvei was seeking a modern HRIS that would innovate HR with its own platform designed to streamline HR processes, serve as a repository for employee docs, and achieve transparency within the organization. 

Automating HR processes and creating a paperless HR 

At Nuvei, now, instead of the previously manual processes used for recruitment, onboarding, and performance reviews, everything is automated using workflows and task lists in Bob. Nuvei uses bob for managing a 30:60:90 day review process for new hires, which guarantees a smooth, employee onboarding process and helps to align expectations with the new hire. Using Bob for administering performance reviews has also been very successful. A transparent process from beginning to end, managers can review employee data in Bob, which helps them to rate their teams fairly and impartially. Nuvei’s employees also have online access to their personal employment files, providing total transparency throughout the organization. 

Using Bob, Nuvei has seen a significant increase in their employee response rates to performance reviews, reaching a 99% self-assessment rate in 2020. They are also exploring the possibility of conducting quarterly performance reviews instead of annual reviews, as the entire process has become much more seamless using Bob.   

With Bob, Nuvei is advancing towards its goal of creating a paperless HR environment. Now, all employee and company docs, such as employee contracts, performance reviews, benefits, and equity agreements, are safely saved within the Bob platform. Nuvei recognizes Bob’s value as the single source of truth for HR, with all documents easily accessed when needed. 

“I strive to implement automation in every possible aspect of HR and Bob helped us to achieve this. I also felt that there was a great fit between the culture of our company and the culture of Bob, with its innovative, young, and fresh approach.”
Shemer Katz SVP HR, Digital Payments and MD Israel Nuvei

The value of HR insights and reports

As a publicly traded company, Nuvei is obligated to provide detailed company data relating to headcount, growth, retention, and attrition, both company-wide, per site, and per department. Having a tool to provide them with the data and to facilitate report making is a must for the company.  

Using Bob for people data and KPIs

Pulling people-related data and creating detailed reports is easy using Bob. Bob’s people analytics contain the data that HR needs for presenting to management and different shareholders. At the click of a button, HR can create detailed graphs and reports on common HR KPIs and filter them per site, team, or department. Collecting this data had previously been a time-consuming task, but is easily done with bob. 

“We have been able to automate many of our processes that were previously done manually like the entire onboarding process and annual assessments using Bob.”
Jocelyne GagnonVP, Human Resources at Nuvei
Nuvei’s workflow integrations

Main takeaways:

  • Nuvei chose to implement Bob company-wide as it recognized the significant value it brought to the company in creating an innovative, transparent, and friendly people management environment
  • Nuvei now has a paperless HR vision, with performance reviews, time off, employee files, and HR documentation centralized within Bob
  • With Bob, Nuvei is able to produce accurate and efficient reporting of all people-related KPIs to management