With its headquarters on the West Coast of the United States and additional offices in Portugal and Japan, Defined.ai’s employees are familiar with the challenges of working with peers across different locations and time zones. The company understood the significance of having an HRIS for managing its people and HR processes and historically used a well-known US-based HRIS to run its HR operations. However, over time, Defined.ai’s HR began to explore other platforms in the hopes of finding something more user-friendly, and with a robust talent module for running reviews and surveys. They looked into many different platforms and chose Bob.

Founded in
Seattle, WA
What they do
AI and machine learning solutions
In a nutshell
Defined.ai combines human intelligence with machine learning to provide world-class artificial intelligence training data and solutions for industry leaders. Defined.ai is committed to creating a natural interaction between people and machines for a smarter future.


What they do
AI and machine learning solutions

“In 2020, we doubled the size of our company. We couldn’t have hired as many people as we did without Bob. We can now automate all our processes, which saves us a lot of time and resources.”
Brunno Ribeiro Director of Talent Acquisition and Compensationat Defined.ai

Moving to a remote working model

When the pandemic hit in 2020, all employees at Defined.ai moved to a remote working model and they have been working this way ever since. For HR, not being able to see employees in person, especially during this difficult time, has made ensuring employee wellbeing and communicating with employees a challenge. 

Bob’s engagement tools keep HR and employees informed

For checking in with their employees and gaining their feedback, Defined.ai uses Bob’s Surveys, which have become even more significant now that they are working remotely and don’t get to see each other daily. HR runs Bob’s quick surveys to evaluate employee reaction to company decisions and events and they also run employee engagement surveys twice a year using Bob’s survey templates to gain valuable insights into their employees’ engagement. 

“Bob’s engagement survey was spot on. It was really nicely done, and we run it every six months”
Brunno Ribeiro Director of Talent Acquisition and Compensation at Defined.ai

Since moving to remote working, Defined.ai has also started to use Bob’s Shoutouts as a fun and convenient way to keep employees informed about company news and updates.

Enhancing performance management

Defined.ai’s HR was intent on improving their performance review process, which was top-down, and limited to managers reviewing their team members. They searched for a solution that supported a more holistic and objective approach to performance management, was easy to set up and use, and provided good value for money. 

Running 360-degree performance reviews in Bob

Defined.ai was very impressed with the versatility of Bob’s performance management module, and since its implementation has transformed the way they manage performance reviews at the company. They now run 360-degree performance reviews, which are easy to set up in Bob and include employee feedback from all directions; managers, co-workers, and direct reports, as well as self-reviews. Using this approach, all employees now experience an enhanced and more objective performance management process, which has been a huge success. 

Understanding people demographics

Defined.ai’s HR was searching for a solution that would provide them with up-to-date people data and analytics and enable them to seamlessly create reports on company growth and demographics.

Bob’s Analytics and reports 

Defined.ai is serious about people analytics and uses data from Bob to analyze employee demographics and trends. For example, HR created a report on attrition to see whether turnover was higher from a certain demographic. They also create regular reports on salaries to ensure pay parity across their sites. 

Having updated data is crucial for Defined.ai—both for creating effective reports and preparing for payroll. To ensure efficiency and accuracy, they use Bob’s self-service feature, which enables employees to update their personal information directly, and reduces the risk of error. The company even created a chatbot to support employees if they run into difficulties; if an employee has a query, they can submit it in Microsoft Teams, and they are then rerouted to the company Sharepoint which has a help center to support them.

With Bob, Defined.ai’s HR feels confident that their employee data is up to date and that they can find what they need simply and easily with just a few clicks. 

Defined.ai’s workflow integrations

Main takeaways:

  • Defined.ai uses Bob’s Surveys to collect feedback on employee satisfaction and opinion.  
  • With Bob, Defined.ai can run 360-degree performance reviews, including self-reviews, peer reviews, manager reviews, and reviews from direct reports.
  • Defined.ai uses Bob’s Shoutouts to make company-wide announcements.
  • Defined.ai’s HR uses Bob’s analytics to create detailed people reports.
  • Employees at Defined.ai can update their personal information directly using Bob’s self-service feature, reducing errors and saving time.