Ualá is a fintech company with the mission of modernizing financial services throughout Latin America. With a mobile application and an international Mastercard, Ualá offers a financial ecosystem with an innovative, integrated, secure, and 100% digital experience. Purchases can be made at any website or store in the world that accepts Mastercard, and a wide variety of financial transactions are supported such as transferring money, withdrawing cash from ATMs, paying bills, topping up transportation cards or cell phones. Applying for personal loans, converting consumptions made in installments, investing in mutual funds, and charging products and/ or services are also possible through mPOS and payment links. Ualá is available throughout Argentina and Mexico and has issued more than 2.7 million cards.

Ualá has 700 employees working across four sites in Buenos Aires and Mexico. The company has undergone considerable growth, having hired 400 new employees during 2020 and with plans to double its headcount in 2021. With this sizable growth, they couldn’t continue using their old method of creating complicated spreadsheets to record employee data. The company needed to implement an HRIS to help them get organized, centralize their data, create workflows, and automate their HR processes.

Founded in
Buenos Aires, Argentina
What they do
Financial services (fintech)
In a nutshell
Ualá is a fintech company with the mission of modernizing financial services throughout Latin America. With a mobile application and an international Mastercard, Ualá offers a financial ecosystem with an innovative, integrated, secure, and 100% digital experience.


What they do
Financial services (fintech)

The challenge: Accessing employee data and metrics 

Hiring managers and other decision-makers need access to employee data to benchmark salaries, check performance metrics and analyze people trends to make decisions that will help increase job satisfaction, help with effective onboarding, and much more. The Ualá HR team used complex spreadsheets with many fields listing vast amounts of data which was hard to track and use. Specific HR team members controlled this information, with other stakeholders needing to request access every time they had an inquiry, making it very inefficient. With a planned surge in new hires, the HR team needed to be more aligned, transparent, and efficient.

The solution: Bob as a centralized source of people data 

Ualá no longer uses spreadsheets stored in different locations for HR-related data. All people-related information is now saved in Bob and is easily accessible by everyone on the HR team. With KPIs defined and built within Bob, HR managers can easily extract data and create reports and graphs in just a few clicks for presentations on employee data at monthly management meetings. 

The challenge: Managing a surge in hiring and onboarding 

Ualá had a planned headcount growth of 200% for 2020, which meant hiring at least 50 people per month. A considerable task during regular times, but then the pandemic hit, and all hiring and onboarding had to be continued remotely, maintaining the same pace and standards.

The solution: Bob’s integration with the Comeet ATS system

With such aggressive hiring goals in place, Ualá wanted to streamline the process as much as possible. The company was already using an applicant tracking system (ATS) called Comeet for recruitment and welcomed its seamless integration with Bob, enabling Ualá’s HR leaders to easily onboard new hires as their data already existed in the ATS system from the recruiting and hiring process (contact information, CV, employment agreement and start date.) This integration has saved hours of data entry for their hundreds of new hires. Bob’s onboarding workflows have made remote onboarding professional, effective, and efficient.  

“The cost-saving benefit from the integration between Bob and our ATS systems is simple to prove. We needed one less person in our payroll team that was assigned to set up new hires, and this equals a 25% decrease in costs for the HR team.”
Diego Solveira Head of People Ualá

The challenge: Taking control of company growth

Ualá prides itself on being an organization with a flat hierarchy. As the company grew, HR was concerned about optimizing productivity and maintaining an employee-manager ratio that would keep the company balanced and ensure that teams would not become too large to manage effectively. 

Ualá’s workflow integrations

The solution: Bob’s Org Chart 

Bob’s Org Chart enables the HR team to view the company structure easily and plan how many managers they need to recruit. The Org Chart is also beneficial for employees, particularly new hires that are onboarded remotely, enabling them to look up people in the company, their titles, and departments.

“Incorporating Bob in our day-to-day work has helped us manage the company’s internal growth”
Diego Solveira Head of People at Ualá

Main takeaways

  • Ualá now has all of their HR data organized in one centralized system, with no more complex and inaccessible spreadsheets
  • Bob’s reports provide important company insights and data which can be regularly presented to management 
  • Bob’s integration with Comeet ATS has helped to streamline Ualá’s recruitment and growth
  • With Bob’s Org Charts, Ualá’s HR team can get an overview of the company structure, helping them to plan recruitment and keep team sizes manageable
  • Bob’s Org Chart also allows employees to get to know their peers, providing a visible picture of people’s titles, departments, and the organizational structure