Elation Health, a healthcare tech company based in San Francisco, was office-based and California-centric before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in early 2020, the company decided to close its physical office and transition to being fully remote. Since then, Elation has scaled, doubling in size in the past year, and hiring employees across 20 states. To support their rapid growth, the company wanted to replace the HRIS they had been using with a robust HR platform that could provide them with a fully customized performance management process, help build company culture, and support their people in multiple geographies. Following a detailed analysis of several platforms, Elation chose Bob.

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What they do
Healthcare tech
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Elation Health is dedicated to strengthening the physician-patient relationship. Its electronic health record (EHR) helps more than 14,000 clinicians across the US navigate medical challenges and provide comprehensive, personalized, and proactive care to their patients.


What they do
Healthcare tech

Enhancing performance management at Elation

Elation Health is very people-focused and takes employee feedback seriously. They ran an employee satisfaction survey in June 2021 and discovered that their people were not happy with the company’s performance management process. In response to this feedback, Elation decided to rebuild their entire performance management process and replace it with one that was more balanced between managers and direct reports. 

Customizing Bob’s performance management to Elation’s needs

Elation knew exactly what they wanted out of their performance management process and tasked HiBob with transforming their vision into reality. They wanted to build a more regular feedback and development process to create an open dialogue between managers and employees, develop skills for their people leaders, and focus on employee development and engagement. Elation was impressed with Bob’s flexibility as compared to other HR platforms. Rather than molding their needs to fit the platform, they could customize Bob to fit their vision and needs. 

“One of the reasons Elation decided to go with HiBob, was that we wanted to customize the performance management process. said Sonia Clark, Interim VP of HR at Elation. We did a detailed analysis on several companies, and HiBob’s ability to be customizable was phenomenal. 

As part of their new performance management process rollout, the company offered manager training sessions to ensure that they fully understood the objectives of the process. They received very positive feedback following the first feedback and development round, with 70 percent of employees being very excited about the new feedback mechanism and enquiring about the next round. 

“We love Bob’s flexibility. The other HR systems tell you how to manage performance. That was not our objective. We wanted to create and develop skills for leaders and allow employees to have a voice and a dialogue with their managers. Bob gave us the flexibility to do that.”
Sonia ClarkInterim VP of HR Elation Health

Building culture and engagement in a remote company

As a fully remote company with employees working from across the US, it was challenging for Elation’s people to keep track of who was working, on vacation, or sick. They wanted to find a solution that would help them build a community and sense of belonging across geographies. 

Bob supports a sense of community among Elation’s people 

Elation uses Bob’s homepage as a central place for their people to see who is working, who is out sick, or on vacation. They love using Kudos and Shoutouts to celebrate employee achievements and milestones and have integrated Bob with Slack so that their people can see announcements within their flow of work. 

With everyone working remotely, getting to know their peers was challenging for Elation’s people. Now, they can use Bob’s People Directory to simply search for people, view their titles, departments, and direct managers. They also make good use of the Org Chart, which provides a visual guide of Elation’s structure and hierarchy. 

Creating a sense of community doesn’t only mean connecting employees to one another. Because Elation uses Bob as their single source of truth for their people data, they don’t have to worry about data discrepancies when supporting company culture by sending out gifts to people’s homes or building virtual company events around an activity. Everything they need is up-to-date in Bob.

All of these culture, engagement, and connection tools help drive retention and play a part in ensuring that Elation’s people feel they belong, are happy, and productive. 

Elation Health’s workflow integrations

Main takeaways

  • As a rapidly growing company, Elation Health wanted to replace the HRIS they had been using with a platform that could provide them with a fully customized performance management process, help them build company culture, and support their people in multiple geographies, and they found all that in Bob. 
  • Bob and Elation Health worked together to build a customized performance review process that fit Elation’s vision and needs.
  • Bob’s People Directory, Time Off visibility and Org Chart help Elation’s all-remote workforce stay connected and learn more about their peers.