Cyber-Duck is an established, independent digital transformation agency with clients including the Bank of England, Cancer Research, and Compare the Market. The company has two offices in the Greater London area and additional employees working remotely from across the UK, the US, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Malta, and Israel. During the past year, the company has grown significantly and wanted to replace its HRIS with a solution that would better support the HR team with their daily tasks; help build company culture, and integrate with their tech stack.

Founded in
Elstree, Hertfordshire, UK
80+ in two sites and remotely
What they do
Digital transformation agency
In a nutshell
Cyber-Duck is a leading digital transformation agency that works with global brands and helps clients to produce new products and services through superior user experience (UX) strategies and open source technology like Laravel and Drupal.

80+ in two sites and remotely

What they do
Digital transformation agency

Finding an HRIS to fulfill their needs

Cyber-Duck was looking for an HRIS to replace the platform that they had used previously. The company had a list of requirements, including onboarding and offboarding workflows, performance management, goal setting and tracking, scheduling and reporting vacation and sick days. Cyber-Duck set out to review several platforms to see which measured up. 

“I love that Bob has the capabilities to do so many different things in one platform. You also have the bonus of added integrations with external platforms such as Slack and ATS. There are fun parts for staff too, such as kudos, which gives it that fun twist that people enjoy.”
Danny Bluestone Founder and CEOCyber-Duck

Cyber-Duck chose Bob for its ease of use and wide range of capabilities

As an innovative tech company, Cyber-Duck was impressed by Bob’s modern look and feel and intuitive UX. With bob, all of Cyber-Duck’s HR functions are centralized on one platform.

They were also attracted to Bob’s seamless integrations with the many tech tools they use daily, such as Slack, their internal communication tool, and the Teamtailor ATS platform. These integrations enable the Cyber-Duck team to use bob within their flow of work.

Cyber-Duck had been searching for a user-friendly time tracking system, and they found it in Bob’s Time Off capability, where they can easily track employees’ vacation and sick days, wherever they are working. The onboarding and offboarding workflows and goal-setting capability are also favorites of the company and particularly helpful while their employees work remotely. 

Building culture at Cyber-Duck 

Cyber-Duck sought an HRIS that would be engaging, promote collaboration, and help build and maintain a strong company culture—no easy feat when working with remote teams.

Cyber-Duck’s workflow integrations

Bob’s engagement tools create a sense of belonging 

Cyber-Duck makes good use of Bob’s surveys to check in with their employees and find out if they have any specific needs. This tool has been essential throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns to identify any employees that require additional support. 

The company also enjoys using Bob’s Kudos feature to recognize and celebrate outstanding employees or teams and announce these achievements company-wide. Cyber-Duck also communicates Kudos through the Slack integration.

Main takeaways:

  • Cyber-Duck employees enjoy working with Bob, with its modern look and feel and seamless UX. 
  • Cyber-Duck appreciates Bob’s integrations with the leading tech tools, such as Slack, helping them work more efficiently.
  • Bob’s Time Off feature enables HR to easily track when their employees are working, on vacation, or out sick.
  • Bob’s automated workflows help Cyber-Duck to be more efficient. 
  • Cyber-Duck loves Bob’s Kudos feature, enabling them to recognize and celebrate outstanding employees or teams.