VaynerMedia is a midsize marketing and advertising agency based in New York City and with additional offices in Los Angeles, London, Singapore, and Mexico City. As a growing global company with more than 1,000 employees, VaynerMedia was looking for an HRIS that would help them manage the entire employee lifecycle, from preboarding and onboarding to performance reviews, company culture, benefits, and offboarding. The company’s People and Experience Team also sought a flexible and user-friendly platform that would help them ease their day-to-day processes and support their global teams. They wanted one powerful platform that would do it all, and they found that in Bob.

Founded in
New York City, NY
What they do
Marketing and advertising agency
In a nutshell
VaynerMedia is a global creative and media agency focused on driving business results for brands. Rather than using a single, generic message served to a mass audience, they drive relevance and growth by speaking to people based on who they are.


What they do
Marketing and advertising agency

Upping their performance management game

Back when they were a company of 800 employees, VaynerMedia managed their performance reviews using Google Docs, which was neither efficient nor effective. As the company grew, VaynerMedia’s People and Experience Team’s number one priority was to find a solution that would help them run seamless review cycles for their global teams.

Running seamless performance reviews using Bob

Using Bob, VaynerMedia runs its performance reviews in one centralized system that is easy to use and documents the entire process for all stakeholders—from the People and Experience Team to managers and employees—providing complete transparency and insightful data. 

Following the company’s first performance review cycle using Bob, VaynerMedia’s People and Experience Team received extremely positive feedback from managers and employees alike, commenting that it was easy to use, seamless, and saved everyone so much time due to its simplicity. VaynerMedia is very mindful of its employees’ time and the number of projects they need to juggle at once. They were very happy that Bob enabled them to create a much more streamlined performance review process—a world away from the Google Docs they had been using before.  

“Bob made sense for us as a one-stop-shop and solution. We didn’t want to go to five different systems to find out when an employee’s start date was, find a photo of them, and their email address. We can grab all of that information in one screenshot in Bob.”
Jennifer Ruza VP People and Experience Team VaynerMedia

Creating a positive onboarding experience

VaynerMedia puts its people at the front and center and understands the significance of a smooth onboarding process for new hires. As a growing global company, VaynerMedia wanted to create a personalized onboarding experience that would cover all touchpoints while providing a positive experience for new hires. 

Saving hours while personalizing onboarding

Using Bob, onboarding has become a much more structured and personalized experience for their new employees. VaynerMedia’s onboarding process includes preboarding to collect relevant paperwork, meetups with various employees, a 45-day check-in, a new hire survey, and a 90-day check-in. VaynerMedia now schedules all of these items using Bob’s automated onboarding task lists so that no detail is overlooked. 

VaynerMedia’s People and Experience Team also uses Bob to get to know their new employees, including their passions, talents, and which pronouns they use—all of which are collected within each employee’s profile. The team uses this data to provide a more inclusive work environment for their employees. In addition, they use information on employees’ interests and passions to choose more personalized gifts, from baseball cards to gifts related to eGaming, food, and wine. 

Bob’s integration with VaynerMedia’s applicant tracking system, Greenhouse, helps ease VaynerMedia’s workload when onboarding new hires. Once an employee is hired, all of their data can be easily transferred from Greenhouse to Bob with just a few clicks, saving the People and Experience Team hours of inputting time. 

“Bob is so easy to use, which is important as people’s time is so precious and everybody has so much on their plate—so much that they’re always juggling…it’s information that’s at your fingertips. It’s easy to log into with just a single sign-on and easy to find what you need. It also looks really nice, which is another great benefit.”
Jennifer Ruza VP People and Experience Team at VaynerMedia

Enhancing the employee experience

VaynerMedia is passionate about providing employees with a positive culture and work environment. Therefore, they looked for a solution that would complement their efforts to build a warm, engaging, and inclusive company culture. 

Building an inclusive company culture

VaynerMedia loves Bob’s Kudos and Shoutouts that celebrate employee achievements, as well as milestone events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Bob’s employee profiles containing personal information on each employee, such as their passions and pronouns, have helped create a more inclusive and friendly workplace. Employees can get to know each other, even if they are not working in the same location. It has also enabled the People and Experience Team to create initiatives that speak to the needs of their employees, which has had a very positive impact on the company culture, as people feel that they are part of an organization that genuinely cares about them.  

VaynerMedia also uses Bob to send out a variety of surveys to see how their people are faring, which has been an invaluable tool while most employees have been working remotely during COVID-19. VaynerMedia’s People and Experience Team is now using Bob to send out surveys about returning to the office and has set up a process where employees can request to work from the office directly within Bob. VaynerMedia uses Bob’s flexibility to its advantage, tailoring its functions to support its work and vision. 

VaynerMedia’s workflow integrations

The value of employee insights

VaynerMedia’s People and Experience Team understood that to be successful, they needed to gain insights into their employees, understand their needs, and provide opportunities for their growth. They also knew that to achieve this and be efficient, they needed a single platform that could collect and process employee data and present it in a user-friendly way, in just a few clicks. 

Igniting change with employee data

Using Bob, VaynerMedia’s People and Experience Team has easy access to all of their employee data. Plus, the data can be used and connected to additional processes they have in place. For example, they can use feedback from a new employee’s 90-day survey to learn more about improving the company’s onboarding process, and an employee’s smart goals for the next 12 months can tie in with their performance review.  

Bob’s data supports VaynerMedia in many ways and helps them to drive new initiatives for the company. For example, they created reports and other features that support various DE&I and compensation initiatives. VaynerMedia also uses the data they collect from various engagement surveys and goal setting to plan learning and development opportunities for their employees. All of the data found in Bob enables the People and Experience Team to get to know their employees better and learn what they need to succeed throughout the employee lifecycle. 

“I researched different HRIS for about 18 months—I was searching for a system that would give me what I like to call a baseball card of information…extremely user-friendly, good looking and able to give me the information I needed in just one or two clicks. When I saw bob it was slam dunk! It was attractive, easy to use, and I felt like I was in a place that I could stay for a while.”
Claude Silver Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia

Main takeaways:

  • Using Bob, VaynerMedia has all of its employee data stored in one centralized location.
  • VaynerMedia now manages performance reviews using Bob, rather than the inefficient Google Docs they had used previously.
  • VaynerMedia uses Bob’s onboarding to discover more about their new hires and create a more personalized experience for them.
  • VaynerMedia loves Bob’s Shoutouts and Kudos to create a warm and engaging company culture.
  • Using Bob, VaynerMedia has access to employee data, enabling them to understand their employees’ needs and create more opportunities for their growth.