Vita Mojo is a growing tech company based in London, with additional offices in India, Moldova, and Romania. As part of their growth strategy, the People Team looked for a powerful HR platform that could provide them with solid people data for strategic decision-making, support 360-degree performance reviews, and help to align and engage their dispersed teams. Instead of implementing several different tools, they wanted one platform that could do it all. They found all that and more in Bob.

Founded in
London, UK
What they do
Hospitality tech
In a nutshell
Vita Mojo powers the best food and drink businesses in the UK and Europe with their award-winning digital ordering and back-of-house solutions designed for restaurants, pubs, and cafés.


What they do
Hospitality tech

Understanding their people, trends, and outlook 

Vita Mojo’s People Team is serious about data. They wanted real-time analytics on their headcount, growth, turnover, retention, and salaries to help them pinpoint trends and create action plans to drive their business.

Bob’s KPIs provide easy-to-understand people analytics

Vita Mojo uses Bob’s People Analytics and KPIs to understand their people and trends. For example, while they succeeded in hiring diverse teams, their attrition rate data revealed higher rates of women and minorities leaving than other groups. To remedy this, Vita Mojo’s People Team uses Bob’s People Analytics to build retention strategies that emphasize DE&I, pay gaps, and more. 

Another effort by the People Team has been encouraging people to take time off, which has been a challenge during COVID but is crucial for wellbeing and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. They created a KPI within Bob for holiday time so that they could easily view and measure time off, and they asked HiBob to enable their managers to pull their own reports on holiday time. They also transferred the responsibility of encouraging and tracking time off from the People Team to the managers. This has proven effective, as they have seen more people taking time off company-wide, and a positive correlation between those people taking time off and performance. 

As part of this initiative to encourage their people to take time off, Vita Mojo also introduced mental health days, which are listed on Bob’s homepage together with sick days and vacation days. This has helped co-workers be more mindful of their peers, removed stigmas, and created an honest and supportive work culture around mental health. 

While Vita Mojo’s People Team uses Bob’s data on a daily basis, the company’s recent application for Series B funding really shined a light on its value. Without Bob, collecting the data the executive team needed for due diligence would have taken considerable time and effort. Bob’s KPI dashboards provided all the data they needed, saving hours of searching and collating.

“My Finance and Strategy Director asks me all the time, ‘Can you pull up this?’ ‘Can you pull up that?’ ‘Do you have any dashboards for this?’ Because going through a series round funding, that’s when the CFO cares and is also very much involved. And at the year-end, when things become greater, I get asked, ‘What is the cost of the hire?’ ‘What did we spend this quarter?’ ‘What is our target headcount?’ Why spend a million hours on an Excel spreadsheet figuring that out? Because ultimately Bob offers an easier way for Finance and People teams to collaborate.”
Karthika BaijuHead of PeopleVitaMojo

Creating a more interactive performance review process 

Vita Mojo wanted to run performance reviews based on 360-degree feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports. Rather than purchasing a point solution, they wanted something that could be part of their HR platform, too. This way, their people would be more engaged, and they could store all of their people data in one place. They also understood that building performance reviews from scratch is complicated and creates additional challenges in storing responses and gleaning valuable data. 

Vita Mojo loves Bob’s 360-degree performance reviews 

Bob has provided Vita Mojo with an easy-to-use, attractive-looking performance tool that supports 360-degree performance reviews, providing a much more engaging review experience for their people. While there is a defined structure, Bob’s performance reviews are also customizable so that Vita Mojo’s People Team can change the questions according to their needs and tone of voice. They can also seamlessly track progress and manage the cycle from within the platform without the need for spreadsheets or external communication. 

At the end of the cycle, all performance reviews are stored and easily accessible within Bob, together with results data and insights. Having their performance review data and other KPIs within their HR platform makes it easy for the People Team to analyze the data and make equitable decisions about their people without using multiple tools that may not integrate well with each other. 

Building a culture of recognition and celebration

With their people spread across four sites, and some of them working remotely, Vita Mojo wanted to find a way to increase engagement company-wide and create a warm, family-like environment to communicate and connect. 

Celebrating milestones and recognizing accomplishments

Bob’s homepage provides a central place for all Vita Mojo’s employees to interact with each other, wherever they are based. Now, everyone can see when someone has a birthday or work anniversary and respond with a congratulations or birthday wish. 

The homepage also provides a place for employee recognition. Managers and employees regularly post Kudos and Shoutouts to recognize their peers’ hard work and achievements. These messages are posted simultaneously on Slack, which ensures that everyone sees them through their preferred channel, and no milestone or announcement is missed. 

With Bob’s homepage, Vita Mojo has a place for its people to collaborate, recognize, and celebrate their peers, which has boosted morale and helped them build a warm and inclusive company culture.

Vita Mojo’s workflow integrations

Main takeaways

  • Vita Mojo uses Bob’s data and KPIs on metrics such as headcount, growth, turnover, retention, and salaries to help them define trends and create action plans to drive their business. 
  • Bob’s KPIs provided Vita Mojo with the data they needed for due diligence during their recent application for Series B funding, saving them hours.
  • Vita Mojo can simply run 360-degree performance reviews using Bob, providing a positive employee experience, and enabling the People Team to easily access results and analyze data. 
  • Vita Mojo uses Bob’s homepage to celebrate employee milestones and achievements, which has created a celebratory, family-like environment among their people and across sites.