BigID is a data intelligence company headquartered in New York City and with offices in Austin, London, and Tel Aviv. In addition to its physical sites, the company has remote employees in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, India, Singapore, Switzerland, and across the US, with plans to hire in additional locations as they continue to expand. BigID has grown exponentially during the past three years—increasing its headcount from 80 to 400 people, with no signs of slowing down. BigID used spreadsheets and managed HR manually as a smaller company, but it wasn’t sustainable as they grew. The company looked for a powerful HR platform that could automate their day-to-day processes, provide real-time employee insights, and help manage and measure employee KPIs. They implemented Bob and haven’t looked back.

Founded in
New York City
What they do
Actionable data intelligence
In a nutshell
BigID’s data intelligence platform helps organizations to know their enterprise data and proactively discover, manage, protect, and gain more value from their regulated, sensitive, personal, and critical data across their data landscape.


What they do
Actionable data intelligence

A central place for people data

BigID is serious about its data. The company needed an HRIS that could provide real-time employee data on KPIs such as headcount, attrition, salaries, and diversity and inclusion metrics, plus analytics on their best performers and employees at risk of attrition. They needed this data to report to the CFO/COO and analyze their current situation, plan for the future, and find ways to improve. 

Keeping an eye on KPIs

Having accurate data is key to measuring employee KPIs. BigID’s People Team has rigid rules regarding who has access to Bob’s data, and they run audits every two weeks to ensure data integrity. 

The People Team uses bob’s Analytics to view KPI dashboards on the company’s growth and retention, drilling down to measure attrition rates by department, site, manager, and tenure for a deeper understanding. They also keep a close eye on employee diversity. While their headcount is predominantly male, 25% are women compared to 15% three years ago, and they are committed to hiring an ethnically diverse workforce across their sites. 

Bob’s people data uses different metrics and visual formats that keep BigID’s People Team mindful. The attrition indicator creates attrition-risk scores that alert them about employees who may be at a high risk of attrition. Having this information enables the People Team to take action to retain their people. 

They also use Bob’s performance mapping, which creates a 9-box visual representation of their employees following their performance reviews. bob’s performance mapping plots BigID’s people according to any two criteria from the performance review, providing a visual representation of where each employee stands and enabling them to identify outstanding employees to earmark for promotional opportunities and retention. Creating a 9-box grid had been requested from the CEO in years past, and it had taken hours to create manually. Now, it is automatically generated in bob. 

These tools provide the People Team with valuable data on their people and alert them to any issues they should be aware of. 

“Bob is different today than it was two and a half years ago. Every time I go in, I see enhancements to the look and feel or a new feature. I love that. We are growing, and the tool is growing with us”
Inbar Dayan Global VP People BigID

Improving the employee experience

BigID’s People Team works hard to provide a positive work environment for their people. Before implementing Bob, they ran several surveys to gain employee feedback using Google Forms. However, collating the responses was a time-consuming task. They aspired to build a positive company culture that listens, reacts, and provides the best employee experience for their people.  

Boosting employee engagement, recognition, and collaboration

Bob provides BigID with the tools to create a better working environment for their employees. bob’s surveys provide HR with valuable employee feedback on a wide range of topics. They create company-wide surveys and surveys that focus on smaller groups—by site, department, or to a specific group of employees. 

The People Team runs company-wide employee engagement surveys twice a year using bob’s survey templates to gauge employee satisfaction—see what is working and how they can improve. One of these surveys revealed that their people wanted opportunities for career advancement, so the People Team reacted by introducing LinkedIn Learning courses for career training. When they saw concerns with work-life balance, they started to offer flexible working hours and the option to work part of the week from home.

Sometimes the People Team runs quick surveys for specific groups of people to gain feedback on various projects and initiatives. For example, when they were planning to open a new office, they surveyed employees from that area, asking them for the best location for the office and how many days a week they planned to work onsite. 

The People Team also uses surveys as part of their employee recognition program. They run a company-wide survey every quarter asking employees to nominate three employees who have made a big impact at work. The five people with the most nominations are given a generous recognition reward and publicly recognized at the company all-hands meeting.

BigID is passionate about employee recognition and engagement. As a rapidly growing global company with people working from many different countries worldwide, they wanted to find a way to bring everyone together. bob’s homepage fills that need, providing a forum for company announcements and employee collaboration. The People Team announces every new hire with a photo and a bio, and people react with welcome wishes and emojis. BigID’s people also post Kudos and Shoutouts that recognize their peers for their hard work and achievements. Every post to Bob’s homepage is also communicated to employees via email and through Bob’s Slack integration, reaching every employee through their preferred communication channel. 

Bob provides BigID with all the tools they need to create a better workplace for their people. It is a place where diversity is celebrated, people’s needs are met, and employees are engaged and recognized for their hard work and dedication. 

BigID’s workflow integrations

Main takeaways:

  • BigID uses Bob’s Analytics to view dashboards on a wide range of KPIs such as company growth, retention and attrition, and DE&I metrics. 
  • Bob’s performance mapping automatically creates a 9-box visual representation of outstanding employees, saving BigID’s People Team hours of work.
  • BigID’s People Team runs regular surveys to gain valuable feedback from their people on a wide range of topics.
  • Bob’s homepage provides a central place for company-wide announcements, which is invaluable for BigID as a global company with many remote employees.
  • BigID’s people love to post Kudos and Shoutouts celebrating employee achievements, and their peers respond with comments and emojis, creating a culture of celebration and collaboration.